Yoyokind is one of the available Strife Specibus in the Overseer Project. There are currently 70 different weapons for this specibus.

Base Items Edit

Yo-Yo Edit

Description: A wooden toy yo-yo. Not an ideal weapon, but it'd do in a pinch.

  • Strength: 2

Alchemized ItemsEdit

Yo of Myth Edit

Description: An ancient yo-yo used by children of a past era. Somewhat primitive, but not all that different from a modern yo-yo. What, you didn't think it contained the power of the gods, did you?

Alchemiter input: [Yo-Yo || Book of Mythology] or Code:13zt!rft

  • Strength: 7

Cost: 18 Build Grist, 20 Copper.

Motored Yo-Yo Edit

Description: With charged batteries, this yo-yo can hit faster than any conventional yo-yo. Code: xo!T!iz!

  • Strength: 13

Cost: 18 Build Grist, 20 Copper.

Vio-yo Edit

Description:This yo-yo produces a note when flung, much like that made when a bow is strung across a violin, but you're not entirely sure how. Maybe the yo-yo string is made of horsehair...

Alchemiter input:[Violin || Yo-Yo] or Code: W00H448d

  • Strength: 19

Cost: 20 Build Grist, 10 Iodine.

Forges Oscillator Edit

Description:You'd think that an anvil on a string would make a killer weapon, but it's actually far too heavy for you to even use properly.

Alchemiter input:[Yo-Yo && Anvil] or Code: 008L0W13

  • Strength: 20

Cost: 20 Build Grist, 20 Rust

Blue Ecto-yo Edit

Description: "You wonder if this could be empowered with the power of some legendary blue ghost, or just got dropped in something nasty."

Alchemiter input: [Blue Ecto-slime || yo-yo] or Code:hIVt!lP!

  • Strength: 28

Cost: 30 Build Grist, 35 Cobalt

Yo-Yoyo Edit

Description: A steel Yo-Yo with a picture of Bo-Bobo on one side and Don Patch on the other. The string is actually an incredibly strong nose hair.

Alchemiter input: [Yo-Yo || Bobobo-bo Bo-Bobo DVD] or Code: !QvN!zf!

  • Strength: 25
  • Aggress: +2
  • Assail: +2
  • Assault: +2
  • Accuse: +2
  • Abjure: +2
  • Abstain: +2

Cost: 40 Build Grist, 15 Cobalt, 15 Tar, 20 Titanium.

Friendship Yo-yo Edit

Description: You can't actually remember if there were any Yo-yos besides this one in Mother 3. If there were they must not have been very useful.

Alchemiter input: [Yo-Yo && Mother 3 Cartridge] or Code: 329H6a9m

  • Strength: 30
  • Aggrieve: -5
  • Agress: -5

Cost: 31 Build Grist, 49 Frosting.

Meteor Hammer Edit

Description: An ancient Chinese weapon that is quite similar to a yo-yo. If you build up enough speed with the two weights on opposite sides of the chain, it can be quite deadly.

Code: Y001n49s

  • Strength: 36
  • Assault: +5

Cost: 700 Build Grist, 400 Jet, 100 Malachite

Shared Specibus: Chainkind

Hammer, Yo Edit

Description: A yo-yo. That's a hammer. Good for smashing imp faces, or your own if you're not careful.

[Claw Hammer || Yo-Yo] or Code:xZVV!cBt

Abstratus: hammerkind

  • Strength: 40
  • Aggrieve: +2
  • Assail: +2
  • Abstain: -4
  • Cost: 600 Build Grist, 300 Cobalt, 300 Copper

Chain-Yo Edit

Description: A yo-yo with a slim and strong chain. Heavier and more durable.

Formula: [Chain || Yo-Yo] or Code: lJTL!b!!

  • Strength: 47

Cost: 101 Build Grist, 47 Titanium

Snow-Yo Edit

Description: This yo-yo releases a small flurry of snowflakes whenever used. Hope you brought a scarf!


  • Strength: 50
  • Abstain: +2

Cost: 400 Chalk, 150 Marble.

Lil' Spitfire Edit

Perfect for the playful arson in you. Strike down enemies with the hot gyrating inferno produced by the spin of this tricked out yo-yo. The sharp thorns on it only add insult to injury, or in this case, injury to injury.

Code: h2PHjW9X

  • Strength: 85
  • Assault: +3 
  • Abjure: +2

Cost: 1000 Build_Grist, 500 Redstone, 2000 Sunstone

Trick Yo-yo Edit

A surprisingly easy to wield Yo-yo. This one rocks for sure!

Code: 321H2a1m

  • Strength: 110

Cost: 800 Build_Grist, 1000 Sulfur, 400 Tar, 1000 Titanium

Yo Yo Ma's Yo-Bow Edit

Description: Not yo yo ma ma's yo yo.


  • Strength: 153
  • Aggrieve: +50

Cost: 24000 Iodine, 50 Rainbow, 7000 Sulfur

Shared Specibus: Stringskind

Yoyorang Edit

A boomerang on a string. Seems kinda redundant since it comes back anyway, but it's easier to control, and surprisingly powerful.

Code: f21L!49t

  • Power: 233
  • Assail: +12
  • Abuse: +8

Cost: 2000 Mercury, 1000 Quartz, 30000 Rust.

Shared Specibus: boomerangkind

Thorned Yo Yo of Past. Edit

Description: Quivering as though it would break apart at any moment this grimdark Yo-Yo smites your enemies to the furthest ring where it should have been left.

Code: xKT3!YN!

  • Power: 273

Cost:  2500 Caulk. 5000 Mercury. 3750 Obsidian. 250 Rainbow. 3000 Tar.

Sacrificial Planet on a String Edit

Description: It looks like a glass bubble on a string. Are those little people running inside? More importantly - why do some of them look like you and your friends?!

Code: xTzV!YV!

  • power: 411

Cost: 25000 Build Grist, 10000 Blood, 10000 Obsidian, 100 Opal, 100 Quartz, 100 Rainbow

Astro Star Slider Edit

The embodiment and very essence of space all jam packed into one lustrous, jet black sphere that sparkles like the stars in the endless void. The blades orbiting it are reminiscent of Saturn's famous rings. If you can pick up a yoyo with the mass of Jupiter, it should serve you well in battle. Welcome to the Space Jam. Alright?

Alchemiter input: [Alpha and Yomega || Telescope] or Code:hLpt!bQt

  • Strength: 696

Cost: 42000 Obsidian, 1000 Rainbow, 10000 Shale, 10000 Tar


Cleansing Fires Edit

Description: You have introduced the power of fire and have created the ultimate cleansing weapon. So strong that nothing is left in its wake.

Code: hKPJ!YT!

  • Strength: 2766

Cost: 111111 Build Grist, 500000 Blood, 150000 Diamond, 10000 Rainbow, 150000 Ruby, 150000 Sunstone

Ultim8 Yo-Yo Edit

Description:A really powerful weapon that it's supposed to give you ALL the luck, even when it doesn't. It may or may not be the more powerful Yo-Yo.

Alchemiter input: [Astro Star Slider || Fluorite Octet] or Code: 80HHE0OH

  • Strength: 4444

Cost: 88888 Build_Grist, 888888 Amethyst, 88888 Cobalt, 88888 Polychromite, 88888 Star_Sapphire

Green Sun Slicer Edit

Description: A bright green yoyo fueled by an unknown but infinite power.

Alchmiter Input: [Astro Star Slider&&Magic Cue Ball] or Code: gHnnt50c

  • Strength: 4500
  • Assault: +400
  • Abuse: +400

Cost: Obsidian 500000, Shale 500000, Tar 500000, Uranium 2500000

Solar Flames Edit

"Did you... Did you just set Jupiter on fire?"

Code: h0HHjW8X

  • Power: 969
  • Assualt: +16

Cost: 200000 Blood, 50000 Ruby, 25000 Sulfur, 100000 Sunstone

Green-flamed Infinitely-sparkling Yo-yo of Og'Og Edit

Description: This is it: the pinnacle of Yo-Yos. The raw natural and arcane power coursing through this sparkling, deep yo-yo is insurmountable. Raw existence is yours to command, with gentle oscillations.

[Astro Star Slider||Green-flamed Wwhite Baton of Og'og]

Code: hNtt!bwt

  • Strength: 9999
  • Aggrieve:+3333
  • Aggress: +3333
  • Assail: +3333
  • Assault: +3333
  • Abuse: +3333
  • Accuse: +3333
  • Abjure: +3333
  • Abstain: +3333

Cost:20000000 Build Grist,4500000 Diamond, 4100000 Emerald, 4200000 Garnet, 4000000 Opal, 5000000 Polychromite, 5000000 Quartz, 4000000 Rainbow, 1400000 Sunstone, 1300000 Topaz, 1500000 Uranium

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