The Woodwindkind strife specibus consists of the clarinet, recorder, alto saxophone, harmonica, kazoo, and flute weapons. It was formerly known as Instrumentkind, before that kind was removed and split into 5 different weapon types. (Woodwindkind, Brasskind, Percussionkind, Batonkind, and Stringskind.) There are currently 40 weapons available for this abstratus.

Base Items[edit | edit source]

Alto Saxophone

The smoothest of grooves can be played on this marvelous horn. Only the saxiest of the saxy play this beauty of an instrument.

  • Base Power: 6
  • Two handed
  • Costs 4 build grist
  • Code: Cn7AL1Di
  • Other Abstratus: N/A


The clarinet is a type of woodwind instrument that has a single-reed mouthpiece, a straight cylindrical tube with an approximately cylindrical bore, and a flaring bell. Just make sure it never falls into the hands of an anthropomorphic squid.

  • Base Power: 3
  • One handed
  • Costs 4 build grist
  • Code: 2Lsy1mpK
  • Other Abstratus: N/A


Flutes are highly effective to damage opponent's ears. Or you can just smash their heads in with the metal tubing.

  • Base Power: 2
  • One handed
  • Costs 2 build grist
  • Code: cQ3ZNgs!
  • Other Abstratus: Clubkind


Nothing like an old metallic mouth organ to feel like you are in the Old West, or maybe a prison cell. In either situation, you really need a heavy metallic tool to protect your rear.

  • Base Power: 2
  • One handed
  • Costs 2 build grist, 1 titanium
  • Code: 8l0wm3KK
  • Other Abstratus: N/A


If you went to school, you probably played this in a dingy music classroom to the wheezing tune of twenty other students attempting to make music.

  • Base Power: 1
  • One handed
  • Costs 4 build grist
  • Code: dm2q3nvI
  • Other Abstratus: N/A


Bzzz? Bzzz! Bzzzzzzzz!

  • Code: oRd5H6wr

Alchemized Items[edit | edit source]


It's an unusually long clarinet, and if you detach the head, whoops, it's actually a sword. Guess you won't be playing that any time soon.

  • Base Power: 6
  • Clarinet || Rapier
  •  ???
  • Costs 8 build grist, 6 jet, 1 rust
  • Code: 00IK0WY0
  • Other Abstratus: Bladekind


The musical maestro's weapon of choice. It'll create a great tune if you can double task and cause some massive haemorrhages if you can't.

  • Base Power: 28
  • Clarinet ?? Violin
  • One handed
  • Costs 25 build grist, 10 amber, 10 copper
  • Code: YTsz5?!t
  • Other Abstratus: Stringskind

Godly Flute of Restoration

This flute has been used during gatherings on Mount Olympus, and has an otherworldly healing effect.

  • Base Power: 300, Generates 300 Health Vial every round
  • Unknown Alchemy combination
  • One handed
  • Costs 4000 build grist, blood, and gold; 2000 rainbow
  • Code: cQ7ZNgs!
  • Other Abstratus: N/A

Poisonous Clarinet

Now the deadliest part about it isn't the horrible sounds it makes! Only trained professionals should play this instrument. Don't breathe in through it, or else...

  • Base Power: 21
  • Clarinet ?? Unknown Item (Most likely Bottle of rat poison)
  • One handed
  • Costs 47 build grist and amethyst; 9 titanium
  • Code: 2Lsm1GYG
  • Other Abstratus: N/A
  • Can poison enemies (50% chance, 3% severity), can inflict recoil damage on user. (5% chance, will deal 55% of the dmg)

Tenoar Flute

Tuned a bit lower than your average concert C flute to give you that deep, burly, sailor tone.

  • Base Power: 34
  • Oar ?? Flute
  • Two handed
  • Costs 50 build grist and mercury
  • Code: YO1202mS
  • Other Abstratus: Oarkind

Hard-boiled Flutevolver

This gun's revolving chamber is filled with six miniature flutes. Whenever you blow into the mouthpiece, one of the flutes shoots an abstraction of a musical note at your target, with lethal effect.

  • Base Power: 12
  • Hard-boiled Revolver || Flute
  • One handed
  • Costs 20 build grist and copper
  • Code: cxNZNl!!
  • Other Abstratus: Pistolkind


A soggy clarinet with a faint smell of squid from under the sea. Seems to be clogged with seaweed, but works well enough.

  • Base Power: 8
  • Clarinet && Spongebob Squarepants Movie DVD
  • One handed
  • Costs 1 build grist; 5 marble; 20 obsidian
  • Code: 25IG1mn4
  • Other Abstratus: N/A

Holly Jolly Flute

A flute covered in red and green stripes, with a curved crown, giving the appearance of a peppermint stick. It tastes delicious, but the downside is it can only play Christmas songs.

  • Base Power: 12
  • Flute && Fancy Santa
  • One handed
  • Costs 5 chalk, malachite, redstone, and titanium; 10 frosting and rock candy
  • Code: 0O3YH8Yo
  • Other Abstratus: N/A

Spear Fluted

This extra long silver flute's a bit hard to hold, you have to admit, but it serves two functions. One, it CAN play beautiful music (though you may not know how...?), and two, it's got a spear head on one end of it, allowing for maximum stabbity. Don't try to do both at the same time, though!

  • Base Power: 20
  • Flute && Spear
  • Two handed
  • Costs 25 amethyst and 5 gold
  • Code: 0G12HAcs
  • Other Abstratus: Spearkind

Spear Tipped Flute Wand

Play the song of death as you run through your foes and cast spells of destruction!

  • Base Power: 24
  • Spear Fluted || Homemade Wand
  • One handed
  • Costs 10 build grist and topaz; 30 copper
  • Code: 0uLorgts
  • Other Abstratus: Wandkind

Auto Spearing Flutophone

This saxophone... flute... thing stabs you through with spears in time with its rap lyrics.

  • Code: 0P1BHEkt
  • Type/Abstratus: Woodwindkind, Spearkind
  • Power: 45
  • Cost: 90 Build Grist, 60 Gold, 120 Shale

Quantum Clarinet of Space Time

Playing a song on this clarinet can send you through dimensions and time, allowing you to dodge attacks and stab imps much more effectively.

  • Base Power: 178
  • (Unknown Recipe)
  •  ???
  • Costs 5 000 Build Grist, 8 000 Redstone, 5 000 Amethyst
  • Code: ATsy1mpK
  • Other Abstratus: Soundkind

Demonic Instrument of Pain

This instrument, forged by the ashes of the evil and unholy, has a structure like no other. The soundthat floods out of it can only be heard by the most dreadful of beings, as it is the last thing they hear before they perish and are banished to the deep fiery pits of hell

  • Base Power: 666
  • (Unknown recipe)
  • (Unknown one handed or two handed)
  • Costs 11 000 Build Grist, -11 000 Artifact Grist, 11 000 Blood, 11 000 Gold, 11 000 Obsidian, 11 000 Quartz, 11 000 Ruby, 11 000 Rust, 11 000 Tar
  • Code: cJJZJuqx
  • Other Abstratus: Soundkind

Greenlit Items[edit | edit source]

Items that aren't yet in the game, but will likely be added later.

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