Whipkind is one of the Strife Specibi in The Overseer Project. Whipkind weapons are usually one handed.

There is a quest involving a circus that rewards a small whipkind weapon

{Note: To avoid spoilers, some weapons have the materials next to the name but are whited out. Codes are also whited out!}

Base Weapons

Weapon: Towel

  • Abstratus: Whipkind
  • Power: 3
  • Description: The real reason the words "hit the showers" strikes fear into the heart of any man.

Weapon: Archaeologist's Whip

  • Abstratus: Whipkind
  • Power: 3
  • Description: A whip favored by archaeologists. What's that? Archaeologists don't need whips? Quiet, or they'll whip you!

Alchemized Weapons

Weapon: Whip of Thorns [Archaeologist's Whip || Rose]

  • Abstratus: Whipkind
  • Power: 9
  • Description: Thorns run down the side of the whip, and a rose sits in the handle for decoration.
  • Code: b00G043c

Weapon: Cat-o-nine-tails

  • Code: c000X4Rk
  • Multiple whips with a single handle tipped with scraps of broken chains. Ain't no kitty got time for that!
  • Abstratus: Whipkind
  • Power: 19  
  • Assail: +9

Weapon: Whip Scythe

  • Power: 20  
  • Assault: +3
  • Code: WW0mh414
  • A long, segmented whip with a curved blade at the end. You're not sure if it's a scythe or a whip, but does it matter if it kills the imps?
  • Abstratus: Scythekind, Whipkind

Weapon: Tesla Whip [Archaeologist's Whip ?? Tesla Coil]

  • Abstratus: Whipkind
  • Power: 24
  • Description: A whip infused with the electrical power produced by a tesla coil. A long, silver whip that occasionally flashes with violet electrical discharges.
  • Code: X004c0R0

Weapon: Paradoxical Whiplash

  • Abstratus: Whipkind
  • Power: 275
  • Code: !p!!!lzV
  • By adding this strange ever-turning gear, it appears that the whip can now affect time, which makes it about 100 times cooler than the other one, though historical records seem to indicate that this whip came before the other one... and before historical records were a thing. Wait they still aren't a thing in this game. Huh.
  • 20000 Build Grist, 25000 Redstone, 20000 Uranium

Weapon: PSI Defense Whipstorm

Abstratus: Whipkind

  • Power: 999
  • Aggrieve bonus: 30

Aggress bonus: 30

  • Assail bonus: 30
  • Assault bonus: 30
  • Abuse bonus: 20
  • Accuse bonus: 20
  • Abjure bonus: 20
  • Abstain bonus: 20
  • Description: Causes particularly stubborn foes to rue the day they became defense lawyers.
  • Cost: 50 PP.
  • Code: ZbjNk7xv
  • Cost: 150000 Build Grist, 150000 Amber, 150000 Cobalt, 30000 Quartz


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