Whipkind is one of the Strife Specibii in The Overseer Project. Whipkind weapons are usually one handed.

There is a quest involving a circus that rewards a small whipkind weapon

{Note: To avoid spoilers, some weapons have the materials next to the name but are whited out. Codes are also whited out!}

Base Weapons

Weapon: Towel

Abstratus: Whipkind

Power: 3

Description: The real reason the words "hit the showers" strikes fear into the heart of any man.

Weapon: Archaeologist's Whip

Abstratus: Whipkind

Power: 3

Description: A whip favored by archaeologists. What's that? Archaeologists don't need whips? Quiet, or they'll whip you!

Alchemized Weapons

Weapon: Whip of Thorns [Archaeologist Whip || Rose] === Abstratus: Whipkind

Strength: 9

Description: Thorns run down the side of the whip, and a rose sits in the handle for decoration.

Code: b00G043c

Weapon: Tesla Whip [Archaeologist Whip ?? Tesla Coil]

Abstratus: Whipkind

Strength: 24

Description: A whip infused with the electrical power produced by a tesla coil. A long, silver whip that occasionally flashes with violet electrical discharges.

Code: X004c0r0

Weapon: PSI Defense Whipstorm

Abstratus: Whipkind

Strength: 999

Aggrieve bonus: 30 Aggress bonus: 30

Assail bonus: 30

Assault bonus: 30

Abuse bonus: 20

Accuse bonus: 20

Abjure bonus: 20

Abstain bonus: 20

Description: Causes particularly stubborn foes to rue the day they became defense lawyers.

Cost: 50 PP.

Code: ZbjNk7xv

Cost: 150000 Build Grist, 150000 Amber, 150000 Cobalt, 30000 Quartz

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