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Wearables are items that aren't weapons or consumables that can enhance your fighting abilities. They can give ability or defense bonuses. They are separated into four categories: headgear, facegear, bodygear and accessories. The maximum defense bonus they can give is either 333 (for headgear, facegear or accessories), 666 (for headgear that covers the face) or 1000 (for bodygear). The total command bonuses provided by the item can't be higher then the maximum defense bonus either. Negative command bonuses do not count for this.

Some items are listed below.


Name Code Bonus Description Cost
Afro Wig zQvt1zW7 Def: +1 A bonafide blonde afro wig straight from the funkiest decade of the 20th century. Outta sight! 7 Build Grist, 1 Frosting
Amethyst Wig zUzt7zuF Power: +10

Abjure: +6

A hair piece that makes your head look like some amethyst. 180 Build Grist, 250 Amethyst
Baseball Cap p3JuNP31 Def: +1

Keeps the sun out of your eyes and whatever team you liked on display.

10 Cobalt
Bicycle Helmet zLu2n1DD Def: +1 This might protect your head if you crash your bike, but it won't do you much good against terrible monsters. 5 Build Grist
Beanie TmyRDWzu Def: +0

You look like one of those hip happers.

2 Build Grist
Cherry Blossom B105s0mm Def: +0 Pink flower that grows on several trees, also called sakura after the Japanese. 2 Frosting
Chocolate Crown 0elJLf30 Def: +15

Accuse: +7 
Abjure: +7 
Abstain: +7 

This chocolate crown has little golden coins set into the sides. You feel like it's going to melt in your hair... 48 Frosting; 96 Gold; 24 Rock Candy
Cowboy Hat yE33HA4W Power: +1 An old ten-gallon hat. Just wearing this makes you wanna saddle up and head on down to the saloon. 6 Build Grist
Dragon Helmet !TuQnPDV Power: +12

Aggress: +5

Abuse: +5

It's like you're wearing a real dragon's head! Rawr. 30 Build Grist, 10 Amethyst, 10 Ruby
Faygo Helmet zNzAtLjT Def: +9 A red bicycle helmet with the Faygo logo on it. 51 Build Grist, 19 Ruby
Fedora rQLX3M9z Def: +0

A plain fedora. It looks like it could be rather Hard-Boiled.

5 Build Grist
God's Circlet b3htYLJd Def: +32
Luck +5%
A faint glow shimmers from this royal headpiece. It makes you feels as if someone is protecting you. 100 Build Grist; 20 Chalk; 120 Gold; 50 Opal; 50 Polychromite
Golden Tiara 021G003Y Def: +10 Now you can feel royal AND ostentatious! 200 Build Grist, 50 Chalk, 250 Gold
Hat of Unceasing Eldritch Animosity rOYfkwjB Def: +50

Aggress: +4
Assail: +8
Assault: +12
Abuse: -1
Accuse: -1
Abjure: -1
Abstain: -1

It is not often that one bears the resemblance of the denizens of the Furthest Ring on themselves- and even fewer are the times where that individual is even slightly sane. 66 Amethyst, 66 Cobalt, 66 Garnet, 66 Jet, 666 Tar


Def: +0 A plastic headband with dual headbands and a microphone. You can use it for easy communication at your computer. 3 Build Grist
Headtop W4W1G0kX

Def: +5

Abuse: +10

Accuse: +10

A portable computer that makes hands-free communication and computation a breeze! 200 Build Grist, 50 Copper
Lacrosse Helmet 5R7ucV6V Def: +3
: +2

A pretty standard Cascade lacrosse helmet. Able to absorb a pretty decent amount of shock without paralyzingly the wearer.

6 Build Grist
Lily QEoJxLc8 Def: +0 A beautiful flower, symbolizing innocence and pureness. According to legend, lilies grow where the pure of heart are buried. 2 Build Grist, 2 Rock Candy
Mascot Head jpEAhD3W Def: +2
All Actions: -1

Some kind of novelty costume head? Looks like something you'd see at a baseball game.

6 Build Grist
Medusa Wig !Rxt3!wN Power: +12

Accuse: +5

Abjure: +5

Abstain: +5

Petrify your friends and foes

with this lovely collection of snakes growing out of your head! Note: May not actually turn anything to stone.

350 Build Grist, 50 Blood, 50 Jet, 20 Mercury, 50 Obsidian
Panty Sniffer 4101cDAB Def: +0

Enjoy breathing through a pair of- wait, why the hell would you want that!?

10 Frosting
Red Mage's Hat XQLX2M8z Power: +30

All Actions: +12

The hat of a Red Mage, it has a

fancy gold rim and a feather, designed to make you look awesome when casting spells or dicing monsters with your sword. It looks especially good if you have long hair!

800 Blood, 10 Gold, 600 Ruby
Revolution Pin !dMbkVR! Highest passive: +5 CAN YOU HEAR THE PEOPLE SING 50 Build Grist; 20 Blood; 20 Cobalt; 20 Diamond
Rose r3dR053s Def: +0 They say that every rose has its thorn. You beg to disagree, you did a very good job removing those. 6 Build Grist
Snuggie hhTi!wll Def: +1 A blanket with sleeves, useful for keeping warm. It's a shame it looks so ridiculous. 2 Build Grist, 1 Cobalt, 1 Silk
Top Hat Y4jZ?Xd8 Def: +0 Pip pip doodly! 6 Build Grist, 1 Mercury
White Bear Hat BypxNWPS Def: +0 The hat is so soft and warm, perfect for keeping long flowing locks of golden hair tucked away and hiding from man-eating rainicorns. 2 Build Grist, 1 Chalk
Wizard Hat R2DY78?O
power: +5

aggrieve: +1

accuse: +1

With this master conjurer's hat you will look like the most dapper mage in the wizarding world. I mean, if magic existed.
Party Hat 8aMysmKA Def: +0
Abjure: +1
Happy birthday to you. Hooray. 2 Build Grist
Droid Headset
rWe92YcX Def: +5 Bzzzzt 5 Build Grist, 4 Amber
Rosy Fedora rRtx3NB! Def: +5
Aggress: +2
Aggrieve: +2
Abuse: +2
Accuse: +2
This fedora glows a bright red and has an incricate rose pattern on it. 50 Blood, 10 Rose Quartz, 30 Ruby
Cosplay Bunny Ears 8UnNY34r Def: +0 Fake white rabbit ears. Very easily makes you look cute, attractive or maybe just creepy. 4 Build Grist
Noise-Cancelling Headphone-Earmuffs WCvKW8e0 Def: +0
Abstain: +20
The powerful computers in this set of noise-cancelling headphones allow you to instanstly escape from the heat of battle with some relaxing music - and look stylish, to boot. 500 Build Grist, 5 Diamond, 100 Jet, 200 Ruby
Freelance Witch's Hat n0a30030 Def: +90

Aggrieve: +10

Abuse: +10

A massive staple-top bonnet adorned with a length of ribbon, string of pearls, and two roses. A dressed up look for the working witch with an "independent" sense of style. It smells of hemlock oil. 417 Amber; 417 Blood; 417 Chalk
Proto-Helmet K28000m1 Def: +100 It's always been on your mind... what it means to be born with weapons in our hands. You haven't found the answer yet, but with the powers you've been given, you will crush their tyranny. 10,000 Chalk; 10,000 Gold; 10,000 Rust; 20,000 Uranium
Abraxas's Helm bc!u0lnx Def: +666
Highest active: +333
Highest passive: +333
A large, green, bird-like skull, themed after the Denizen of Hope. It has a hollow inside for your head. It's pretty much guaranteed to make your foes start to give up. 66,666 Amber; 66,666 Gold; 66,666 Malachite; 66,666 Sulfur
24-Karat Gold Bo-Bobo Wig !QvtXzWl aggrieve +1

Abstain +10

An exact replica of Bo-Bobo's legendary golden afro. If you open it you find two squirrels having a tea party inside. 400 gold;

1 Rainbow

Echidna Crown KFjpLhRi Power: 333

Assault: +333

Made of the fabric of space, this crown is great for absorbing any attacks. Of course, no one ever really attacks the area above your head unless they miss, so this is only really good for headbutting enemies and watching them teleport fifty feet away. 123000 Build_Grist, 50000 Caulk, 85000 Rainbow, 111111 Uranium
Cue Ball Beanie zpyRljzu Def; 333

Active: 50

Passive: 50

This beanie seems to be just white cloth, but maybe there's something more to it...? When you wear it, you can vaguely hear the sound of water sloshing, and you are decidedly more decisive. 120000 Build Grist, 220000 Chalk, 10000 Rainbow.
Helm of the Shadow Bro 1000m085 Def; 333

Active: 56

Passive: 111

Bro. BRO. Don't even trAYYYYY to Alchmeizerhcs this. this is some eandgaaame shiat riaght here. 121212 Caulk, 212121 Chalk, 21212 Emerald, 121212 Obsidian, 21 Opal, 21212 Rose Quartz, 21212 Star Sapphire, 212121 Tar
UAC Spectral Spherehelm AG801400
power 666
aggrieve -45
assault +75
accuse +50
abstain +150
With the added manliness, the constant spinning, glowing, and wisp vortex around your head that gives you that terrible helmet hair has increased in power, making hits directed to your head easily deflected. 150000 Build Grist, 200000 Cobalt, 60000 Malachite, 90000 Marble, 100 Sunstone, 10000 Titanium


Name Extra Abstratus Code Bonus Description Cost
Bandit Mask None oLuI5SVP Def: +0 You'd call it the domino mask, but you're pretty sure most bandits don't know shit about dominoes. 2 Build Grist
Golden Shades None ERVNmilt Abuse: +3

Accuse: +3
Abjure: +3
Abstain: +1 Def: 20

You can't see anything but everyone else can see how incredibly gaudy you are. 3000 Amber, 200 Obsidian, 200 Tar
Desutop Computer e00040w1 Def: +0 Pierce the heavens with your astounding internet speed! 100 Build Grist, 28 Shale
Eyeglasses None ?d5MwkI1 Def: +00
Aggrieve Bonus: 2
Standard correctional eye-wear. 4 Build Grist
Eyepatch None p1r4T3s! Power: +2 Wearing this eyepatch makes you feel like a real pirate! Now swab the poopdeck! 6 Build Grist
Fake Mustache None UwvkkhYp Def: +0 You can't help but wiggle your eyebrows with this on. 3 Build Grist
Gasmask None bBZ1sTAh Def: +2
Abstain: +3
The perfect accessory to any adventure-seeking wasteland survivor and/or fetishist. 5 Build Grist, 2 Jet
Googles None Def: +1 Glasses, but only not. They just about google your mind.
Compu-Googles Computer(?) h20GWPHA Def: +3 Not just the goggles you needed, but most certainly the goggles deserved too. They function as both a computer and a snazzy set of mind bogglingly awesome goggle modules. 50 Build Grist

8 Diamond

50 Marble

Googly Glasses None E5bjjLdT Def: +0
Abuse: -1
A pair of goofy-ass eyes on springs that jiggle with every step. 2 Build Grist
Handsome Jack's Mask None m8I02m4C

Def: +20
Abuse: +10

You have a sudden urge to talk a lot of trash. While looking handsome of course. 130 Build Grist, 140 Topaz, 400 Uranium
Pointy Anime Shades None yAPG4mwL Def: +0 A pair of pointed, easily recognizable sunglasses. Makes you want to fight the power. 2 Build Grist, 1 Obsidian
Sunglasses None EPK3mWlq Def: +0 A pair of shades that are nonprescription and whose intended function is instead to block UVAB rays and make the user look cool, either sincerely or ironically. 5 Build Grist, 2 Jet
Santa-vision Glasses !!lsx?xp Power: +2 Aggrieve:+2 Aggress: -3 Assail: -4 Assault: -5 These glasses make everything appear more festive and jolly to the wearer. It even makes imps look like elves! Build Grist 20, Garnet 12, Chalk 25
iShades Computer E0K0m04G Def: +0 Now, you can look cool and have a huge array of apps at your fingertips! Er, eyeball tips. are you even operating this thing? Telekinesis? 50 Build Grist, 5 Amber
iStache Computer E2uegA0G Def: +2 Less mainstream than a phone, less user friendly, totally stylin'. The power of a downgraded PC at the bow of your lip! 10 Rust
Malfunctioning Laser Shades None 81G2GW4a Def: +8 While the concept of "laser shades" sounds cool in theory, it just turns out to be a shitty pair of shades that shoots lasers INTO YOUR EYES. 10 Build Grist, 2 Jet, 5 Ruby
iFortune Goggles Computer !p!v!A4q Def: +25

Aggress: +2

The manufacturer claims these are able to predict the future with 100% accuracy, but you don't believe that garbage for a minute. Instead you use them to browse the net and pester your chums. 75 Amethyst, 20 Cobalt, 200 Mercury, 200 Opal, 100 Uranium
Sunglasses of JUSTICE Nonw !TVdzklt Def: +44 You can just feel the justice pulsing through these red shades, you can't actually see anything out them, but justice is blind, anyway. 100 Build Grist, 413 Garnet, 413 Ruby
Laser Eyeglasses Laserkind 0Qd0Kwk2 Def: +333

Highest active: +333

Now you can live out your dream of shooting laser beams from your eyes! ...well, not directly from your eyes of course, but it's the same basic effect. 100,000 Build Grist, 40,000 Sulfur, 65,000 Sunstone
Eyes of Sherlock None S14IG800 Def: +333

Highest active: +33

Highest passive: +150

As you wear these glasses, you see the world as the great Sherlock Holmes does. You see every clue, and every action, of every creature. 100,000 Build Grist, 30,000 Emerald, 30,000 Garnet, 50,000 Obsidian, 50,000 Polychromite, 75,000 Uranium


None xdN!Ttc? Def: +333

Abuse: +333

This mask is a rather dark green with red dots on the cheek. When the dot is solid red, it fills you with anger for some reason. Malachite: 50000





RAZR Specs None yY4I2YI1 Def: +2

Aggrieve: +2

With this mobile phone technology in your eyewear, the world has never looked so sharp. 50 Build Grist, 25 Jet
Rose-Tinted CompuShades Computer eHW1m4kY Def: +18 Hands free computing solution. Awesome looking. And guaranteed to cheer up anyone. A must have. 100 Copper, 100 Rock Candy, 100 Rose Quartz
Auto-Responder Shades computer !hxNyvx! Def; 15 This nifty doodad can now talk to people for you whenever you are taking legendary showers... Or just about anything else! 100 Build_Grist, 1000 Jet, 100 Ruby

Stone Mask

None !!!!!?VV Def: 35

Aggrieve: +10

Aggress: +10

Assail: +20

Assault: +15

Try not to bleed on this thing while you're wearing it. Unless you want to become a vampire, but that's a whole different story. 1800 Blood, 2250 Chalk, 3000 Marble
Scouter of Temporal Tactics None kIVSvcnE Def: 30

Aggrieve: +15

Accuse: +15

A red headset with a dark red tinted screen that covers an eye. The built-in computer is capable of displaying the stats of the person or underling you're looking at, running advanced tactical analysis in case you find yourself commanding forces and acting as a communicator. The last function sadly might end up being the most used. 250 Build_Grist; 50 Blood; 100 Garnet; 12 Quartz; 75 Redstone; 80 Ruby; 100 Rust; 20 Titanium
Giygas Mask xAVzQ!t! Def; 333

Passive: 333

A horrifyingly disturbing mask with the face of the main antagonist of Earthbound. 145000 Build_Grist, 130000 Blood, 41000 Garnet, 45000 Ruby, 55000 Sunstone
Perfect BreezeVisor t!!z!V!! Def; 333

Actives: 165

Passives: 165

This cyber-clockwork gasmask's time-altering gears are controlled by the air moving through the pyxis-like filter cartridge on the front of the mask. 24444 Diamond; 22222 Quartz; 13000 Rust; 60000 Tar; 60000 Titanium; 20000 Topaz
Proto C'tri-Code Visor !FlLu?!l Def; 333

Active: 60

Passive: 50

This would be the ultimate of visors for the mysterious loner, if it weren't also a computer. The social networking you do on this thing kind of ruins it.

Type/abstratus: notaweapon, facegear, computer

40000 Gold; 20000 Obsidian; 20000 Polychromite; 40000 Rust; 60000 Uranium


Name Code Bonus Description Cost
Ballet Leotard QxGvPweB Def: +1 A plain pale blue leotard. Not recommended for males, liches and Aperture Personality Cores. 10 Build Grist
Barkley's Basketball Jersey X114JAM9 Def: +0 A mesh b-ball jersey worn by famous baller and herald of the cyberpocalypse, Charles Barkley. Incredibly valuable as memorabilia, but not very effective as armor. 3 Build Grist
Bathrobe TeL54rB6 Def: +0 For the aspiring hustling royalty, or for anyone just trying to get out of the bathroom. 3 Build Grist
BlazerMail a141G170 Def: +20 Similar to a chainmail tunic worn in Ye Old Days, but so much more snazzier. Look at you, champ. 24 Build Grist
ButterPlush Dress Xa0A5100 Def: +8 With this dress, you'll

certainly be the cutest, most fluffy person around. Though the wings do look a little obnoxious at times.

12 Build Grist, 20 Frosting
Coca-Cola Dress 71mA500G Def: +12
Abstain: +1
A short red dress wih the Coca-Cola logo running vertically up the front. 9 Build Grist, 9 Blood
Cod Piece UrCOTfV9 Def: +0 You've done it. You've reached Cod Tier. 6 Build Grist

Crow Suit


Def: +10

A creepy-looking suit with tattered-looking edges which, upon closer inspection, appear to be made of a large number of crow feathers. Ability to fly and accompanying murder of crows not included.

10 Build Grist, 31 Jet
Death's Suit W8014O26 Def: +8 Fitted perfectly for your classy Death needs. 5 Blood, 75 Jet
Derse Pajamas !V!!Rg?! Def: +0 These magical pajamas stay permanently clean, and are also really comfortable. Now you can wear them even when you're not asleep! 15 Build Grist, 15 Amethyst
Dress djxBD36l Def: +3 A typical dress for women and men. 5 Build Grist
Fusion Exoskeleton 0024a006 Def: +1000

Aggrieve: +100
Aggress: +100
Assail: +100
Assault:+ 100
Abuse: +100
Accuse: +100
Abjure: +100
Abstain: +100

An orange and gold suit, fueled by incredibly long-lasting power cells. This suit augments your body's natural attributes, effectively making you stronger than a body builder and faster than an athlete. Host to dozens of in built systems and functions - essentially a second body. 100,000 Blood, 200,000 Gold, 50,000 Titanium, 500,000 Uranium
Gamelon School Blazer m3So0JrW Def: +123 You feel like a Japanese school boy wearing this, one who might also be a princess taking matters into her own hands and exploring a foreign kingdom to rescue her father, uncle, and main love interest. Anime sure is weird. 3333 Build Grist, 3333 Amber, 3333 Emerald
Hoodie 3ycZzDw9 Def: +0 A snuggly hoodie. It has pockets for you to put your hands into when they get cold. It also has your symbol on it. 8 Build Grist
Kendo Armour HKZ9KSj4 Def: +5 It took you a year to earn the right to wear this armor. You feel the spirit of bushido coursing through your veins when you put it on. That, or the smell of unwashed fabric after years of arduous, sweaty training is getting to your head. Probably the latter. 10 Build Grist
Leather Jacket QP9kxLww Def: +4 A leather jacket, The epitome of biker fashion. 8 Build Grist
Midnight God Suit VCk7N9iV Def: +50 A black suit patterned after your god tier outfit that makes you feel like a hero of a very high degree. 1000 Build Grist, 75 Diamond, 75 Emerald, 75 Jet, 75 Obsidian, 75 Opal, 75 Quartz, 75 Rose Quartz, 75 Star Sapphire, 75 Tar, 75 Topaz
Midnight's Warmth a10G0Gm4 Power: +20 A hoodie as black as night, yet surprisingly comfy and warm. 20 Shale, 20 Tar, 20 Silk
Night Owl Suit M0C7H804 Def: +6

Assail: +3

Abjure: +3

These new duds make you look super sleek, not to mention super badass. You feel like a smooth swinger... or a smooth assassin. 460 Jet, 140 Tar
Overcoat Qd6kKn2G Def: +1
Accuse: +1
At least they won't get raided with you wearing them... right? 10 Build Grist
Spare Set of Clothes DIzQR2M? Def: +0 Just some clothes you had hanging up or lying around, no biggie. 4 Build Grist
The Stylish Samurai tTZDq?!7 Def: +7
Highest active: +1
Highest passive: +2
Not only was it crafted with the blood and tears of 1001 elite monks, it also looks pretty DAMN good! 28 Build Grist; 33 Blood
Swimsuit tzujt!VV Def: +0 A plain one-piece swimsuit. Maybe one of the Lands in your session has a nice beach you can relax on in between beating up imps? 10 Build Grist
Thong S18fcjkV Def: -2
Aggrieve: +2
Did someone call the meat packaging plant? 1 Blood
Trenchcoat 5h1NJiR0 Def: +2 A long ankle-length trench coat. 6 Build Grist
T-shirt NokVHw2S Def: +0 Description: A plain old t-shirt. 4 Build Grist
iSuit !R?z??VN Def: +1 This sleek suit comes with Apple goodies aplenty. In built capacitive surfaces, and a5 processors give this suit incredible internet capability. 35 Copper, 10 Jet
Palkiarmor G01K0GKK Def: 650 Aggrieve:+50 Assault: -50 Abuse: +50 Abstain: -50 Although this armor modeled after the Pokemon god of space STILL doesn't give any wibbly wobbly spacey wacey powers, it does amplify your aspect's in addition to being very protective! Make sure you have something to power the suit with. 5000 Built Grist, 10000 Nitrogen, 41300 Lux
Dogmatic Sun Armour W124W404 Def: +1000
Aggrieve: +135
Aggress: +155
Assault: +195
Abuse: +155
Abjure: +100
Abstain: +260
This armour is nigh-unstoppable, swords, dragons and magiks, all smacked down by the plate and chain-mail adorned by the coat of arms of a large sun on the front, and a griffin on the back 2,730,000 Build Grist; 450,000 Gold; 910,000 Sunstone; 910,000 Titanium.
Old Maid Outfit gaU7vUW3 Def: +80 You now look like the Maid of Hope, but ancient and hobbled. Hence the cane. 300 Amber; 300 Gold; 200 Quartz
T51b Armor of Love PwZ1Mptq Def: +51Abjure:




A mechanised breastplate of vibrant pink hue. Confers +2 to BALLS (but not really) 2,000 Build Grist, 1,000 Rose Quartz
MK8 Errant Power Armor 00XXGHOP Def: +500
Highest active: +15
Highest passive: +15
An upgraded version of the previous power armor. It also works as a sign of rank. 50,000 Obsidian; 23,500 Opal; 75,000 Sunstone.
Shinra Robe 3u6N0m2S Def: +215

Highest active: +150

Highest passive: +250

A magnificent robe made of the finest materials. 80,000 Build Grist,

40,000 Amethyst, 40,000 Blood, 15,000 Emerald, 2,500 Star_Sapphire

Seer\'s Robe p?dp!V?9 Power: +15 You have combined your silly cards with a hoodie, and now you look like a badass seer. Actually, you just look depressed... 15 Build Grist, 15 Ruby
Temporal Trenchcoat VxV!x!x? Def: +30
Highest active: +15
Highest passive: +15
A scarlet trenchcoat with a gear symbol on the back which unnervingly rotates. It automatically slips the wearer slightly forward or backward in time to evade a close blow. Doing so can, at times, prove deleterious to the wearer's combat efforts though. 500 Build Grist; 250 Blood; 500 Garnet; 2 Quartz; 250 Redstone; 250 Rose_Quartz; 250 Ruby.
Cat von Tausend Hute t!KVz!x7 Def: +175
Highest active: +50
Highest passive: +15
This magical cloak will give you great pleasure: its gadgets and gizmos bring fun without measure! 33,333 Build Grist; 83,238 Chalk; 38,283 Garnet.
Dress of the Green Sun cXx95302 Def: +1000 This green, radiant ensemble shows that you're always the life of the party. And the universe. 177,520 Malachite; 253,982 Opal; 1,330,124 Sunstone; 271,983 Titanium; 2,970,390 Uranium.
Aversion Armor Z LA9BIHpC Def: +1000
Highest active: +125
Highest passive: +125
Robotic armour of a bright red hue, it flicks you through time to avoid attacks. You'd think the gear designs on it - somehow moving? - would clash with the futuristic theme, but they blend surprisingly well. 330,000 Blood; 100,000 Garnet; 150,000 Gold; 99,000 Polychromite; 100,000 Redstone; 220,000 Ruby; 110,000 Titanium.

Kawaiiron Man Heart-Throb Armor

!n!TVR!q Def:


Highest Active:


Highest Passive:


A highly advanced suit of armor complete with repulsor rays and pink titanium alloy bows. 55,555 Frosting;

22,222 Rock Candy;

55,555 Rust;

22,222 Titanium

Plutonic Friends ?71mMh6G Power: +40

Passives: -20

A dress decorated with all the symbols of the quadrants. Said symbols also happen to be glowing radioactively. All those gamma rays can't be very healthy for you... 40 Build Grist, 160 Uranium
Chaos Reignmaster Armor of the Dragon VI!OxcrE Def:


Assault: +100

Abuse: +50

This armor tugs at the threads of reality, of space and time. Seemingly random things tend to happen, ranging from the incredibly bizarre to the even more incredibly bizarre. Luckily, there are some crazy time powers built into the armor that act simply as a safeguard. 40,000 Emerald;

62,000 Iodine;

10,000 Opal;

56,000 Rust;

40,000 Sulfur

Grace of the High Seas ytzlR!ll +11 You've got a blazer with a British flag on it that belongs in Vegas. Well done, you are truly utilizing the mystical powers of alchemy well. 80 Build Grist;

40 Chalk;

40 Cobalt;

40 Rust

Ticking German Funeral Frockcoat JFfJJUBr Def; 140 With the dust of time comes despair, with despair comes pressed funeral attire. The class on this Frockcoat could re-dignify even the sobbingest of old gents. 100000 Build_Grist, 60000 Jet, 20000 Quartz, 50000 Rust, 40000 Tar
Thorned Steel Starry Space Cloak 100ZqM0K Def; 400

Passives: 350

fantastic cloak of thorns complete with a sewn rose centerpiece. Looking into the cloak mesmerizes as it displays changing starry patches of actual space that cycle every waking moment. 25000 Cobalt, 50000 Obsidian, 25000 Rose_Quartz, 50000 Star_Sapphire
Armor of Sea Bane !!!VVVj! Def; +350

Active: 200


Purple. Decorative Wings. Actually, as silly as this armor looks, it's pretty effective. 45000 Build_Grist, 30000 Mercury, 10000 Rainbow, 17000 Star_Sapphire, 30000 Titanium
Z-Armor LA9AsLZC Def; 254 An truly powerful piece of equipment with a red and white color scheme... You just have to be able to handle the booblights. 50000 Build_Grist, 35000 Blood, 20000 Chalk, 10000 Emerald, 25000 Gold, 35000 Ruby
Powered Power Armor G0ZLKGKK Def; 500

Actives: 60

Passives: 150

This power armor has been upgraded with a nuclear power pack. The hydraulics and servo-motors inside keep the weight off you and provide added defense somehow. 175000 Copper, 6500 Mercury, 15000 Titanium, 250000 Uranium
Deathwing Cosplay VQPR8ujR Def; -10

Actives: 40

Passives: 10

All will burn beneath the shadow of your wings! Not really, but this Deathwing the Destroyer costume certainly makes you feel ready to bring destruction upon your foes. 100 Jet, 100 Sulfur
Judgement Aversion Armour VhRBRpx? Def; 360

Active: 80

Passive: 80

Bright red armour decorated with actual, moving gear designs, advertised as skipping you through time to avoid killing shots 99.99% of the time! Unfortunately, with the amount of enemies you fight, the 0.01% can come in pretty often. 50,000 Blood, 15,000 Garnet, 25,000 Gold, 25,000 Redstone, 30,000 Ruby, 30,000 Titanium
Cairo Armor of the Dark Sun wdN!rtY? Def; 1000

Active: 500

Passive: 500

This armor has a very... depressing aura, along with this feeling that you can't shrug off of it being a certain someone else's... 40'000 Build Grist, 30'000 Emerald, 30'000 Gold, 30'000 Jet, 30'000 Malachite, 40'000 Opal, 40'000 Polychromite, 40'000 Uranium
Blue Eyes White Dragonskin Suit !VGTq!!! Def; 100

Passive: 50

This suit is made of the skin of one of the rarest dragons ever. Wearing one just screams, "Screw the rules, I have money!"
Tricksterlicious Blanky g0ap73Z? Def; 800

Active: 200

Wow this thing is cozy. And colourful. Wow. You think you'll lie in bed with this cozy sheet, or marry it. Carry it around on your back like a turtle shell.
Sailor Scout Uniform B1V4FB2q Ability to fascinate watchers with unnecessarily revealing transformation sequence not included. 5555 Build Grist, 3000 Diamond, 20000 Frosting, 10000 Marble, 1515 Rainbow
Magical Girl Outfit !!!VFB7? Def; 40

Active: 10

A bit frilly for battle, but hey, it seems to fix itself everytime you put it on. 300 Diamond, 800 Cobalt
Art of the Dress ll!RThtJ Def: 12

Aggress: -10

Assail: -10

Assault: -10

Accuse: +10

Abjure: +10

Abstain: +10

Beautifully laced in while cloth, covered in fabulous purple patterns, and fake diamonds in the corner. This dress is absolutely fabulous, darling! 3 Diamond, 1000 Ruby
Reflective Dress lzxxT76p Power: 2

Accuse: +3

This dress doesn't actually have any fibers, but is instead one stylish sheet of mirror draped around you in a way that's sure to dazzle all your enemies, and quite possibly your friends, too! 15 Marble
All-In-One Survival Clothes 1YG0WOYW Power: 5

Accuse: +1

Abjure: +1

Abstain: +1

Need to jump out of a plane? No problem! Going to be stranded at sea afterwards? No problem! This set of clothes will help you survive in any dangerous natural situation! 50 Build Grist, 10 Iodine
Vigilante Armor 1011GC90 Def: +8

Aggrieve: +2

Abuse: +3

This coat has been treated like it has been to a fight club and took first, second and third place. 20 Build Grist, 10 Tar


Name Code Bonus Description Cost
Flame Pendant 100p0030 Def:+0 This necklace glows with an inner light, as if a flickering flame were encased within the pendant. 16 Amber

10 Sulfur, 14 Sunstone

3D glasses tCDaUodB Def: +0 A pair of glasses with red and blue lenses. You find the multicolored lenses to be a bit strenuous on your eyesight, so you decide to wear them on your forehead. 6 Build Grist
Amethyst Ring 165075OC Def: +0 A pretty gold ring adorned with a majestic amethyst gem. It'd fetch a pretty penny on Earth, but it's kind of worthless in the Medium. 10 Build Grist, 10 Amethyst, 10 Gold
Amulet Lk2!mP3a Power: 2 A charmed magical object that seems to give off a strange aura... 5 Build Grist, 1 Amethyst
Amulet Of Power L?x!xPpa Def; 50,

Passive: 20

There is something dark in this amulet. Probably because it's carrying the fucking ring of Mordor. Throw this in Mount Doom or something. 830 Build Grist, 420 Blood, 830 Gold, 420 Obsidian
Backpack qPKm3ssK Def: +0 Just your regular old backpack. Handy for storing things, unsurprisingly. 5 Build Grist
Belt p3K?w9M6 Def: +0 A simple belt. Keeps your pants from falling down when applied properly. 5 Build Grist
Boot Charm 4mIZGY0i Def; 123

Passively increases luck by 4% when equipped.

You've carried this boot with you for so long, that you can't quite remember where you got it in the first place. Still, it's kept you out of trouble, so there must be something lucky about keeping it with you! 3,000 Amber; 3,000 Gold; 3,000 Rainbow; 5,000 Tar
Boston Blade Scarf z?FrDLRT Def: +40 You should probably never actually wear this on your neck. It's pretty sharp. 400 blood, 300 Frosting, 500 Rust
Bracelet rgtYHbwP Def: +0
Abstain: +1
Makes you wash your wrist with excessive use. 2 Build Grist
Cape wH00oo5h Def: +3 A long, plain cape that hangs from your shoulders. 8 Build Grist
Chrono Bracer kpVPzdqk Def: +70

Aggrieve" +16  Aggress: +16  Assail: +16  Assault: +18  Abuse: +11  Accuse: +11  Abjure: +11  Abstain: +16 

A red bracer with inlays reflecting those of the powerful Time Gears, which allow the manipulation of time- particularly that of freezing it. 968 Blood, 745 Cobalt, 339 Diamond, 503 Emerald, 968 Garnet, 823 Jet, 881 Quartz, 339 Star Sapphire
Computer Lenses x!!brs!Z Def: +0 A functional way to have computing power in your eyes! Extended usage may lead to blindness, though. 150 Build Grist, 100 Gold, 2 Quartz, 150 Redstone
Computerpack a10G0Gm4 Def: +0 Of course, you should never NOT have a computer on you. This handy - actually pretty cumbersome - computer backpack will keep you connected nearly everywhere! 100 Build Grist, 50 Shale, 50 Copper
Cosplay Wings 1C4N7FLY Def: +0 A small set of white feathery wings worn for cosplay, or just for fun. Doesn't do much but weight you down, but still looks cool. 6 Build Grist
Darkspectrum Lich Wings SMc111H0 Def: +333
Active: +222
Passive: +111
These strange cosplay wings glitter with every colour of the rainbow, and yet are surrounded by an ominous dark aura. 220,000 each Emerald, Obsidian, Opal, Polychromite, Quartz, Rainbow, Rose Quartz, Shale, Tar, Topaz
Flame Style Wizard Ring Replica 57FK!Fv? Def: +0 Recreation of Haruto Souma's main transformation ring. No, it will not actually turn you into Wizard. 300 Build Grist, 200 Garnet, 500 Redstone, 400 Ruby
Flickering Rocket Scarf of the Midnight Melody !zn?!?VT Def; 333

Active: 40

Passive: 40

Not only can this near-insubstantial yellow scarf grant you invisibility and play music, it can now also allow you to fly. This is absolutely preposterous! 150,000 Amber;

100,000 Jet;

60,000 Mercury;

50,000 Ruby;

100,000 Tar

Gold Ring 6Q!YBnyd Def: +0 A plain ring made out of pure gold. 1 Gold
Green RIng 7R!cBp!1 Def: +0 A sturdy green-colored ring. That's all there really is to say on the matter. 10 Emerald
Hourglass Necklace 88W0ZWd2 Def: +3 A necklace with a small hourglass as the pendant. A trendy accessory. 16 Build Grist, 8 Sandstone
Lingerie ttJe?tt? Power: +4 Black lace panties and stockings with a garter belt. 5 Build Grist, 5 Tar
Orange Ring NR!cFt?l None A sturdy orange-colored ring. That's all there really is to say on the matter. 10 Redstone
Rose Cape !JdRot7! Def: +5 A cape is good but a rose cape is better. Sure you look like a flower and have thorns on your back but at least you look like one no one wants to touch. 4 Build Grist; 4 Blood; 4 Rose_Quartz
Time Gear C0N0H2mE Def: +40

Aggrieve: +15 
Aggress: +15 
Assail: +15 
Assault: +15 
Abuse: +10 
Accuse: +10 
Abjure: +10 
Abstain: +10 

A pendant made from a time regulating gear from Temporal Tower, domain of Dialga. This powerful artifact is imbued with the powers that govern the flow of time. 100 Cobalt, 750 Diamond, 2000 Emerald, 50 Quartz, 1000 Star Sapphire, 10 Uranium
Timetraveler's Pocketwatch Gsg!54Tm Def: +4

Abuse: +1

A red glowing pocketwatch with a constantly moving time aspect symbol carved on top. It actually creeps you out a bit, considering it's a metallic object and its carving is moving without any gears or complicated contraptions attached. 150 Blood, 1000 Garnet, 250 Redstone, 250 Ruby, 250 Star Sapphire, 1000 Titanium
Wristwatch P2n8AlrK Def: +0 A digital timekeeping device worn around the wrist. Well, if you want to be boring about it and NOT headbutt some time into your enemies, anyway. 2 Build Grist
ZA WATCHUDO s!zzd?d! Def: +10
Active: +1
After you turn the time-stop off, you REALLY want to ram a finger into your skull and shout "The strongest has arrived!" Try not to do that first one. 20,000 Build Grist, 7,500 Amber, 10,000 Blood
The Locket VkV!vRRk Def: +99

Assault: +10

You can feel it beating. 350 Lead, 550 Iron, 750 Gold
Eldritch Skull of the Outerwinds VNlrvpvz Def; 333

Passive: 266

Breath affinity: 36%

This charred skull has strange eldritch symbols carved into it, and a rather large blue gem set into its forehead. It gives off chilling breezes.
Precious Black Magic Skull Ring VV!b!pz! Def; 333

Active: 150

Passive: 150

It's a necromancer's ring of power, capable of some of the most influential black majyyks. Plus, it is some stylish shit. 75,000 Blood,

60,000 Garnet,

25,000 Gold,

90,000 Obsidian

25,000 Redstone

30,000 Sulfur

50,000 Tar

Lich's Phylactery UNl1v1n9 Def; 333

Active: 111

Passive: 55

What a nice piece of jewelry you have there... You most certainly didn't have to destroy any being of dark power to obtain it, right?
Omni-Skull Pocket-Watchtop M7htnH1b Def; 94

Abjure: +4

Passive: 100

Power: 2800

An intricate and eloquent floral skull design marks a slick white casing, smooth as a cue ball and as hard as diamond. The funny thing is you can't actually open this pocket watch without making like that Nazi in Indiana Jones who got his face melted, but you can check your email with just the outside. Note: Requires Clockkind Abstratus to equip. 250000 Build Grist, 450000 Chalk, 150000 Gold, 100000 Mercury, 8000 Opal, 1 Quartz, 8000 Rainbow, 50000 Star Sapphire, 50000 Sulfur, 50000 Titanium
Echidna Cloak G1CHGY3e Def; 333

Active: 222

Passive: 111

This cloak is seemingly made of the fabric of space, displaying thousands of stars and nebulae on its black surface. What's more important, however, is the fact that all attacks are absorbed upon contact. 300000 Caulk, 60000 Polychromite, 20000 Sunstone, 300000 Uranium
Quantum Rocket Wings 900G08G0 Power: 15 Now you can fly and compute complex equations at the same time, just hope you don't stall while the wings are calculating the ten trillionth digit of pi! 100000 Build_Grist

100000 Jet

1 Quartz

20000 Ruby