All About MoiEdit

Hello everyone! Call me Isa ^u^ 

I am an avid fan of the PJO series, Harry Potter, Homestuck and a pinch of Doctor Who comic books to top it all up. B-day is on July 31 (I kid not, this is the reason why I was introduced to HP). I like love Japanese food and chocolates. 

PJO SeriesEdit

A daughter of Athena perhaps? It gives me quite a valid excuse to shriek whenever a little spider would suddenly drop out of nowhere. Ant Man, the movie may have changed my view on ants, but nothing, and I repeat NOTHING, shall change my view on the hellish arachnids. That inclues you too scorpions.

Harry PotterEdit

Ravenclaw ftw! I apparently possess a 10 inches oak wand, phoenix feather core, and a massive interest in magical beasts. Not complaining.


Zodiac trolls: The Leijons

Patron trolls: The Amporas

Chumhandle: imperfectIllustrator (find me on Msparp! :33)

I got into cosplay thanks to this fandom.

That's all you gotta know. If you make me say any more than that, this thing will never end.

Doctor WhoEdit

I don't know much. Tbh, I only read a few comic books of it all. I am hoping to be able to watch the series however, *u*

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