A strife specibus available on the Overseer Project.

Base Items




Once used for turning screws, the stalk of this basic instrument now disassembles imps instead of wood furniture. Remember, righty-tighty, lefty-loosey.

Code: TuRNw4y2

  • Strength: 3
  • Aggrieve: 2
  • Abstratus: Toolkind

Cost: 2 Build Grist




An astounding combination of birds and alcoholic beverages. Useful for opening boxes and bludgeoning parasitic aliens to death.
  • Code: hL2MAkwz
  • Strength: 4
  • Abstratus: Toolkind
  • Cost: 4 Build Grist

Swiss Army Knife


Swiss Army Knife

A Pocket Knife / Multitool that can be quite usefull in a multitude of situations.
  • Code: GId6BuPI
  • Strength: 4
  • Assail: 1
  • Abuse: 1
  • Abstratus: Knifekind, Toolkind




A wrench commonly used for engineering jobs. Curiously, the primary function of repairing complicated machinery is performed in the same way the combat usage is: whack the object in question as hard as you can.
  • Code: WL0PQ?ez
  • Strength: 4
  • Abstratus: Toolkind
  • Cost: 5 Build Grist




It's a yardstick, to measure the pain.
  • Code: lE4nKas2
  • Strength: 5
  • Abstratus: Staffkind, Toolkind
  • Cost: 6 Build Grist




Do you see what I saw?
  • Code: tqglRm!U
  • Strength: 6
  • Aggrieve: 4
  • Abstratus: Toolkind
  • Cost: 10 Build Grist, 5 Rust




  • Code: 2Qu47Z!!
  • Strength: 9
  • Abstratus: Hammerkind, Toolkind
  • Cost: 10 Build Grist, 5 Titanium



A rake, generally used for scratching your back and gardening.

  • Code: ZkTJ7xUN
  • Strength: 10
  • Abstratus: Backscratcherkind, Gardeningkind, Toolkind
  • Cost: 6 Build Grist, 1 Tar

Alchemized Items

Metal Chicken

You're not sure if this is an improvement over its rubber counterpart. Will honk loudly when struck.

Code: 81060224

  • Strength: 10
  • Aggrieve bonus: +2
  • Aggress Bonus: +3
  • Assail Bonus: +1
  • Assault Bonus: +3
  • Abuse Bonus: +1
  • Accuse Bonus: +2
  • Abjure Bonus: +2
  • Abstain Bonus: +2

Cost: 10 Rust, 10 Sandstone, 20 Mist

Doctor Who Screwdriver

Description: It's a literal Philips-headscrewdriver with a handle patterned like an old-timey blue phone box. There's nothing sonic about it at all...

Code: zu!NwSyd

  • Power: 11
  • Aggrieve: +1

Cost: 6 Build Grist, 12 Cobalt

Sonic Screwdriver

  • Code: P0HHA4q2
  • Description: It looks more like a small flashlight than anything. Still, the buzzing little light light is very handy for taking apart whatever needs breaking. Unless it's made of wood. In that case, God help you.
  • Type/abstratus: toolkind, sciencekind, laserkind
  • Base power: 20
  • Bonuses: abstain +10

Guilmon Grapher

  • Code: !FVvKitk
  • Description: A bright red yardstick with a dragon head at the end. Classy.
  • Type/abstratus: staffkind, toolkind
  • Base power: 26

Soldering Iron

Description: The metal tip of this hand tool produces a low level of heat, typically used to melt solder and join workpieces together.

Code: WotN3W7m

  • Base power: 35
  • Highest active bonus: 5

Spectral Pain

Description: A ghost Wrench!... Are Wrench even alive? How can it have a ghost without have been alive?? Well, it can smash Imp, who cares the anomalous nature of this thing. The bad part is that sometimes they come back...

Code: YtPPw?k!

  • Power: 38
  • Aggress: +5
  • Accuse: +3

Brazing Torch

Description: The added power of acetylene gas fuel creates a much hotter flame for melting metal and imps.

Code: bptN3WFm

  • Power: 75

Cost: 2500 build_grist, 1500 copper, 500 sunstone, 75 titanium

  • Shared Specibus: flamethrowerkind

Drunken Double Screwdriver

  • Code: TyVV?MyN
  • Description: Why does this thing reek of orange juice?
  • Type/abstratus: Toolkind
  • Base power: 340

Hephaestus' Tools

The tools of the god of blacksmithing!... or at least a decent replica of them.

Code: WG0H088O

  • Strength: 6000

Cost: 100,000 Diamond, 200,000 Garnet, 120,000 Obsidian, 10,000 Quartz

  • Shared Specibus: Hammerkind

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