A strife specibus, many of these weapons used to be part of instrumentkind

Basic ItemsEdit



"A blatant ripoff of a guitar. Except it's only played by southerners. You're not quite sure why you own one."

  • Code: TEX4S413
  • Cost:5 Build
  • Strength: 1
  • Abstratus: stringskind


"A bowed musical instrument that goes by numerous names depending on the location. It looks kind of awkward to play. How do you even hold this thing?"

  • Code:eP3am?Kw
  • Cost:5 Build
  • Strength: 3
  • Abstratus: stringskind


"A lovely string instrument, capable of producing great music. Or bashing in some minion skulls. It's up to you, really."

  • Code:WP0n4E?d
  • Cost:8 Build
  • Strength: 3
  • Abstratus: stringskind

Alchemized itemsEdit

Electric GuitarEdit

"A modern stringed instrument that is the meat of most rock and roll music. It also makes for a very expensive bludgeon."

  • Code: hh3MaEs5
  • Cost: 6 Build
  • Strength: 5
  • Aggrieve: 5
  • Abstratus: stringskind

Acoustic GuitarEdit

"A standard wooden guitar. Light enough to carry, sturdy enough to cave in your enemies' skulls with a few swings. Or one if you happen to be an engineer."

  • Code: EgBdFACE
  • Cost: 4 Build
  • Strength: 6
  • Abstratus: stringskind

Acoustic GuitoarEdit

"Warning: Moisture from use as oar may render use as guitar impossible."

  • Code: A812820C
  • Cost: 33 Build, 66 Amber
  • Strength: 22
  • Aggrieve: 7
  • Abstratus: oarkind, stringskind

South Carolina Zombie Basher Edit

  • Code: TEXLSqHF
  • Description: Y'all gon' be smashin' in them zombie heads faster than they'll be comin' at ya wif this thing!
  • Type/abstratus: stringskind
  • Size: large (40)
  • Base power: 30
  • Highest active bonus: 5

Flying Guitar Edit

"It's a guitar with wings! Just make sure it doesn't fly away when using it."

  • Code: 180M4EK0
  • Cost: 60 Chalk, 10 Tar
  • Strength: 45
  • Abstractus: Stringskind

Laser Guitar Edit

"This is so fucking metal. It shoots lasers AND you can really headbang with it." Code: hhpUq!sd

Base Power: 24

Abstratus: Laserkind/stringskind

Redneck's SledgeHuEdit

"As if the sledgehu wasn't annoying enough to carry, now it's got spikes all over it!"

  • Code: !Vxt!?t!
  • Strength: 58
  • Aggress: 12
  • Abjure: -4
  • Abstain: -4
  • Abstratus: stringskind, hammerkind

Shinigami Guitar Edit

A guitar with grim reaper motif. Black, emblazoned with a skull and scythe. It seems to be accompanied by a strange background noise every time a string is plucked. This gives new meaning to the term "death metal".

  • Code: hxd!?V?!
  • Cost: 33000 Build Grist, 13000 Caulk, 43000 Jet
  • Strength: 201
  • Abstratus: stringskind

Seven String Hagia RifleEdit

"A very wide golden barrel with a Sutton Hoo styled lyre on the side. Apparently the sound from the lyre is amplified by the barrel or something? Whatever, you hold it to your shoulder with one hand and play with the other and it fires tremendous shortwaves with surprisingly little recoil."

  • Code: 180M4AK0
  • Cost: 5000 Chalk, 5000 Gold, 1000 Quartz
  • Strength: 275
  • Abstratus: stringskind, riflekind

Daxophone Edit

Code: 0P0H48Mc

You put the violin bow to the backscratcher and discover music.

Abstratus: stringskind

Cost: 126000 Build Grist, 84000 Gold, 42000 Titanium

power 990
abjure +900

Grim Angelic LamentEdit

"A dark harp glowing a sickly white. Its music is almost entirely composed of otherworldly shrieks, the angel's song from before twisted to a fallen angel's dying scream."

  • code: gR5tVVk!
  • cost: 269180 Gold, 739906 Jet, 128627 Obsidian, 34194 Opal
  • Strength: 2100
  • Abstratus: stringskind

Cerberhu SlencherEdit

"A terrifying demonic erhu covered in bloody thorns. Simply looking upon it instills a feeling of deep mortal fright."

  • Cost: 300000 Build, 166000 Caulk, 260000 Obsidian, 200000 Polychromite, 66600 Tar
  • Code: gP0nUMW!
  • Strength: 6666
  • Abstratus: Stringskind Hammerkind

Cosmic Apex Edit

An obsidian lyre, coloured by bright ripples that look much like colourful nebula clouds. Each note is gorgeous to the player's allies, but horrific to their foes.

  • Code: eR3btUK!
  • Strength: 2500
  • Aggrieve and Abstain +25
  • Agress and Abjure +20

Snow Strings Edit

With each note played the area becomes colder and colder. A note of desolation might even cause an explosion of cold. Be sure to wear gloves!

  • Code: WP0m4C?c
  • Strength: 17
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