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Staffkind is a type of Strife Specibus in the Overseer Project. Its weapons are mostly two-handed, with a few exceptions. There are currently 200 weapons available for this specibus.

Codes are whitened out to minimize spoilers.

Base Items


  • Strength: 5
  • Description: It's a yardstick, to measure the pain.
  • Bonuses: None
  • Code: IE4nKas2


  • Strength: 6
  • Description: It seems to have some sort of hidden power. Then again, given that it appears outwardly to be entirely mundane, this may be wishful thinking.
  • Bonuses: None
  • Code: YZmP1LaL

Bo Staff

  • Strength: 6
  • Description: A long cylindric piece of wood with some cloth wrapped around the centre for increased grip and protection from splinters.
  • Bonuses: Aggrieve 2; Abuse 1; Accuse 1; Abjure 1; Abstain 1
  • Code: D6tmntLP

Kolhii Stick

  • Strength: 8
  • Description: The proper item for playing Kolhii.
  • Bonuses: None
  • Code: g53KL8Gn

Microphone Stand

  • Strength: 3
  • Description: You've recently discovered that this stand is just as useful for clubbing imps as it is for holding your sound-recording equipment.
  • Bonuses: None
  • Code: I8E5ElxZ

Hockey Stick

  • Strength: 6
  • Description: A generic wooden hockey stick, designed to be used to clock someone in the head.
  • Bonuses: Aggress +4, Accuse -1, Abjure -1
  • Code: gWQQKRP0

Alchemized Items

Skull on a Stick

  • Strength: 35
  • Description: If you need a description for this your IMAGINATION stat is too low.
  • Bonuses: None
  • Code: ZZpTztkN
  • Recipe: Staff || Skull
  • Cost: 10 Build Grist, 20 Blood, 20 Cobalt.


  • Strength: 63
  • Description: A staff, with a chain connected to the top and a burning axe head connected to that. Be careful not to hit yourself.
  • Abstratus: staffkind, axekind, chainkind
  • Code: c3fx15lK

Staff of Mythological Dead

  • Description: This staff is rumored to hold many powers of all the Dark Gods. You read it on the internet once, it must be true!
  • Strength: 50
  • Assault: +2
  • Abuse: +4
  • Abstratus: staffkind
  • Code: dZt!ztlt
  • Cost: 100 Amethyst, 500 Blood, 50 Obsidian, 50 Tar

Red Hot Skull on a Stick

  • Strength: ???
  • Description: All the metallic action, NOW WITH THE ADDED HEAT!
  • Bonuses: ???
  • Code: Fp3MSluT

Battery Staff

  • (Staff && Battery)
  • Strength: 18
  • Description: It seems to emit an small electrical charge. Surely it could be of use.
  • Bonuses: None
  • Code: 0YWP10aL

Voodoo Bristler

  • Code: 1W38OW4K
  • Description: A simple wooden broom-staff with an eerie skull at its tip. Hidden potential thrums when it's gripped. A basic weapon for any fledgling magician who wants to make a grim mess and then clean it up afterwards.
  • Abstratus: staffkind, broomkind
  • Size: large (40)
  • Base power: 21
  • Highest active bonus: 3

Oversized Paintbrush

  • (Staff || Paintbrush)
  • Strength: 25
  • Description: From the artist who prefers to paint the world from a distance - literally and figuratively.
  • Bonuses: None
  • Code: tZuVTVqN tZuVTVqN
  • Strength: 43

Kitty's Revenge

  • Description: It appears the alchemiter simply stuck the Kitty's Bane inside the telescope. The light refracting from the telescope's lens DOES make a pretty sweet laser beam, though. Pew, Pew!
  • Bonuses: Aggrieve +9
  • Code: fNogXrUr

Thorny Staff

  • (Rose && Staff)
  • Strength: 23
  • Description: Ouch! Prickles everywhere! This is sure to hurt someone.
  • Code: W3WP050K

Bow Staff

  • (Archer's Bow && Bo Staff)
  • Strength: 22
  • Description: A combination Bo Staff and Bow. It looks a bit odd. It is designed for more defensive fighting than some other weapons. It has a relatively long reach.
  • Bonuses: Aggrieve +3, Assault -5, Abuse +2, Accuse +2, Abjure +2, Abstain +2
  • Code: D20WmNG1

Flame Staff

  • (Lighter || Staff)
  • Strength: 40
  • Description: This staff is on fire. Literally. Try not to get burnt.
  • Bonuses: Assault +5, Accuse -5, Abjure -7, Abstain -9
  • Code: !Zvx1rlL

Spirit Staff

  • Code: 2tPPoTkt
  • Description: Now you can summon ghosts to your heart's content.
  • Type/abstratus: staffkind
  • Size: large (40)
  • Base power: 80
  • Cost: 400 Amethyst, 400 Mercury

Fabled Fightingstick

  • (Book of Mythology || Staff)
  • Strength: 99
  • Description: With every great wizard or warlock comes a kickass magical rod. And a less than flattering beard.
  • Bonuses: Assail +5, Assault +9, Abjure +5, Abstain +9
  • Code: rcZr!LLbt!LLbt
  • Cost: 3000 Gold, 3000 Marble

Epimagic Staff

  • Code: 42W0n000
  • Base Power: 155
  • Costs 1500 build grist, 100 diamonds, and 50 jet.

Dungeonmaster's Staff

  • Strength: 11
  • Description: The dungeonmaster's staff is a weapon as old as roleplaying itself, and is intended to create the ultimate escape. Mostly what it really does is make you look slightly sadistic and look like you are the one in charge at role-playing sessions
  • Bonuses: None
  • Code: ohyvxztT

Staff of Blue Lightning

  • Strength: 30
  • Description: This staff is blue. And it shoots lightning. Did I mention blue?
  • Bonuses: None
  • Code: 0efeede00G0001

Time-Screwin' Babe-Doin' Universe Bifuricator

  • Strength: 9999
  • Description: This staff, outfitted with an axe on the end, has been imbued with insane amounts of time magic. Add to that it's ability to chop a hole through the space-time continuum itself and you've got one hell of a weapon.
  • Bonuses: All +9999
  • Code: 0208100K
  • Cost: 10,000,000 Build Grist, 5,000,000 Amber, 5,000,000 Amethyst, 5,000,000 Gold, 5,000,000 Iodine, 2,500,000 Opal, 5,000,000 Polychromite, 2,500,000 Rainbow, 5,000,000 Ruby, 5,000,000 Sulfur, 5,000,000 Titanium, 5,000,000 Topaz

Sovereign Sceptersword

  • Strength: 9999
  • Description: With this sleek, dark scepter that transforms into an immensely powerful blade that can shoot bullets, it's no wonder your friends will envy you as you slice, dice, bash, slash, and shoot your way through to victory.
  • Bonuses: All +9999
  • Code: dNUlNkz!
  • Cost: 20000000 Build Grist, 7000000 Amethyst, 2000000 Diamond, 1000000 Emerald, 2500000 Gold, 10000000 Jet, 10000000 Obsidian, 1000000 Rainbow, 10000000 Tar, 5000000 Titanium

Horrorterror Speak Sceptre

  • Strength: 2500
  • Description: This staff draws its power from the gods of the furthest ring. You'd be surprised how much evil drives in the monsters still today.
  • Abuse, Accuse, Abjure, Abstain +50
  • Code: kR4pUNe!

Black King's Staff

The staff of an unprototyped Black King, while not as powerful as one that has been prototyped, it can deal massive amounts of magic or blunt damage, depending on how you wield it.

  • Code: cNABLkrd
  • Strength: 500

Flashy Crystal Sceptre

This jewel encrusted stick is sure to get you all the ladies! Assuming there are any in your session that is.

  • Code: 675634G1
  • Strength: 1027

Extendable Daedric Wabbajack

This staff has wacko majyyk AND you can adjust it to reach the other side of the room if you want it to. Yowza! This baby has super-rad secret-weapon written all over it.

  • Code: l!!!HTyt
  • Strength: 2495
  • Aggrieve, Aggress, Assail, Assault +75
  • Has a 20% chance to invoke a random effect with an effectiveness of 3.

White King's Staff

The staff of an unprototyped White King is, while not as powerful as it could be, is a force to be reckoned with.

  • Code: 42A2HiXZ
  • Strength: 450


A powerful staff that once belonged to Sheogorath, Daedric Prince of Madness. The powerful magic in this weapon has a different effect every time you use it, so you never quite know what will happen.

  • Code: l!zzHTit
  • Strength: 1818
  • Aggrieve, Assail, Abuse, Abjure +80
  • Aggress, Assault, Accuse, Abstain +10
  • Has a 20% chance to invoke a random effect with an effectiveness of 3.


A waste for Boonies.

  • Code: !F!xzttR
  • Power: 325
  • Abuse, Accuse, Abjure, Abstain -50