Base Item

Weapon: Spear


A pretty ordinary spear consisting of a pointy end and a non-pointy end. Being able to tell the two apart is the mark of someone not about to have themselves a nasty accident.

  • Code: 9LP2nQls
  • Type/abstratus: spearkind
  • Base power: 8
  • Cost: 6 Build Grist
  • Abjure penalty: -2
  • Abstain penalty: -4

Torn Banner

This two sided banner is red and black on one side, and blue and gold on the other... You can't quite make out the coat of arms on either side though.

  • Code: ???
  • Type/abstratus: spearkind, flagkind
  • Base power: 5
  • Cost: ???

Alchemized Weapon 

Weapon: Tazpear (Spear||Battery) Abstratus: spearkind Strength: 18 Aggrieve bonus: 8  Description: Nasty combination of electric and long pointy object. Deadly potential.

Weapon: Spear of the Force (Spear||Star Wars : The Complete Saga) Abstratus: spearkind Strength: 200 Aggrieve bonus: 12  Assail penalty: -5  Abuse bonus: 5  Description: A mystical energy spear that seems to gleam with life energy and power.

Weapon: Drill Spear (Spear&&Drill) Abstratus: spearkind Strength: 62 Assault bonus: 5  Description: It's just a spear with a drill at the top. A big old stabby drill. Added bonus of drilling whatever you stab!

Weapon: Giga-Drill Spear (Drill Spear||Gurren Lagann DVD) Abstratus: spearkind Strength: 120 Description: A spear truly fated to pierce the heavens. Comes with two modes: Dig and BREAK.

Weapon: Bolt of Zeus (Code: 3IisnREt) Abstratus: spearkind Strength: 5500 Description: A silver and gold lightning shaped spear, it crackles with unimaginable energy. It's too bad you can't hit the same spot twice with it...

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