Currently, not much is known about the Skatekind strife abstrata, so I made this page. I will be updating the list as I play (hopefully).

Base Items Edit

Inline Skates Edit

Code: ?7O4lHpf

Description: Shoes. With wheels. Just kick. Go fast. What could possibly go wrong?

Power: 2

Skateboard Edit

Code: em5rFQ?d

Description: Your basic "fuckin' wheelie" tool, it also finds many important applications in the field of ollie-ing outie.

Power: 4

Alchemy Edit

CD Skates Edit

  • Grist: 5 Build, 1 Quartz, 3 Shale
  • Code: A7O4XGpf
  • Description: A set of inline skates that glide along on what look to be miniature CDs instead of wheels. They also look really fragile.
  • Power: 8
  • Aggrieve: +2
  • Aggress: +2
  • Abjure: -1
  • Abstain: -1

Disco Derby Skates Edit

  • Code: y2041HW1
  • Description: These inline skates now have afros perched on their toes. Have fun getting laughed at.
  • Power: 6

Mithril Skateboard Edit

  • Code: 8m016Isa
  • Description: Rest easy in the knowledge that you took the skateboard feat back in middle school.
  • Power: 14
  • Assail: +3
  • Assault: +4
  • Abjure: +1
  • cost: 33 build, 27 cobalt, 10 uranium

Magnetic Skate Edit

  • Code: MwWE?1xw
  • Power: 65
  • Cost: 300 Build Grist, 200 Jet, 300 Rust
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