SBurb Devices

Please note that this is a page about deployable SBurb devices. for a list of SBurb upgrades go here



One of the machines that marked the start of this whole mess. You can't help but check it every now and then to make sure that there isn't a new countdown to some other terrible catastrophe.

  • Code: txtm40h9
  • Cost: 100 Build Grist
  • Usage: Spawns an unlimited amount of cruxite dowels, Needed for punch card based alchemy.

Totem lathe

Totem Lathe

You can insert up to two cards in the device's slot, carving a blank cruxite dowel with a code.

  • Code: C9XzgTYX
  • Cost: 100 Build Grist
  • Usage: Carves patterns into cruxite dowels. Needed for punch card based alchemy.



You can place a cruxite dowel on the smaller platform, and the device will scan its surface and produce the item with that code. If you have the grist, that is.

  • Code: 86emIFP8
  • Cost: 100 Build Grist
  • Usage: Materialises items using different types of grist. 
  • Upgrades?: Yes

Punch Designix

 ===Punch Designix=== You can use this to punch a captchalogue card with a given 8-digit code.

  • Code: 2!I4XIdC
  • Cost: 100 Build Grist
  • Usage: Punches Captchalogue Cards with holes for use with the Totem Lathe
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