Roletechs are skills available once you pass a certain Echeladder rung. Different roletechs are available to you depending on your class, aspect, or specific classpect combination. New roletechs are still being added to the game, so not all classpects will have roletechs available to them. In 2.0 They have been re-dubbed as "Abilities."

Roletechs for ClassesEdit

Class Name Rung Effect
Bard Chaotic Assault 397 The Bard's power modifier fluctuates wildly whenever the Assualt command is used.
Bard Capriciousness 1 All use of Aspect Patterns is subject to completely wild variation, from obscenely powerful to backfiring.
Sylph Lifebringer 93 Uses highest aspect modifier (not necessarily healing) to heal your allies.
Sylph Hey! Listen! 135 Increases quality of buffs used on allies.
Mage Aspect Connection 57 Provides additional Aspect Vial restoration on resting.
Knight Aspect Fighter 83 Grants combat bonuses based on how good your aspect is at general offensive or defensive patterns.


Passive Aggress

7 The Seer may now benefit from their passive mutiplier whenever they use the Aggress command, even if it is used actively.


Siphon 37

When in strife, your damaging aspect patterns heal you porportionately, your power draining patterns boost you porportionally, and vice versa.


Aspect Obliteration


You can manipulate your aspect to wreak destruction on all. As a Prince, you use your Aspect's highest modifier in place of that Aspect's direct damage modifier.




Your damaging and power-reducing aspect patterns have a chance of inflicting an aspect-specific status effect on your enemies when used.

Roletechs for AspectsEdit

Aspect Name Rung Effect
Mind Blockhead 29 Removes an amount of negative power effects every round
Breath Dissipate (retired) 205 Gives a random chance to dodge regular attacks by dematerializing around them. This chance increases with rung.
Breath Dissipate: Focus


400 Guarantees that Dissipate will go off for one round, avoiding all regular damage for that round. Costs ??% of the aspect bar. (Possibly depending on Echeladder rung?)
Life Life's Bounty 17 You receive 85% damage from regular attacks.
Rage Battle Fury 67 Things hitting you understandably make you very angry, which then lets you hit them harder. There's only so angry you can get, but the higher your rung, the angrier this is.
Space Spatial Warp 239 Space bends around you, causing your enemies to be struck by just a little bit of their own attacks.
Time Temporal Warp 1

All of your cooldowns are reduced to 90% of the normal values.

Time Temporal Doppelganger 31 A version of you from the very recent future or past or even a doomed timeline appears, strikes your enemies, and vanishes just as quickly. This roletech costs an encounter to activate.
Time Make a Killing


55 Your time travel powers enable you to exploit the Stock Exchange - you can always see the projected change in price for all grists, and you may spend an encounter to buy or sell grist using last update's prices.
Void One With Nothing 1

You do not need equipment in order to be dangerous. Your offense and defense have a minimum value according to your level, and their base values will never be below this regardless of the strife commands you choose.


Inevitability 108 Your attacks deal bonus damage based on the target's missing health.
Blood Blood Bonds 78

Enhances your bonds with your allies. Your unarmed power recieves a multiplier equal to the number of players in the strife.


Light's Favour


Passively makes you luckier.

Heart Strength of Spirit 87 THE HEARTY THING (doesn't exist in v2) costs 15% less of your Aspect Vial to use.
Hope Hope Endures 306 You have a chance to survive fatal attacks with a sliver of health remaining. This chance is equal to the percentage of your Aspect Vial remaining. When this occurs, your Vial is decreased by a flat amount.

Roletechs for specific ClasspectsEdit

Title Name Rung Effect
Seer of Light Seek Fortune’s Path 137 Grants a small luck bonus to all allies with computers.
Mage of Life Esauna 113 Soothing steam cleanses the target, removing all debuffing effects from them.

Heir of Light

Fortune's Protection 259 You gain a passive critical hit chance. In addition, enemies have a random chance of striking you for less damage.

Heir of Time

Broken Record 327 Your attacks have a chance of repeating themselves
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