strife specibus available on the Overseer Project.

Base ItemsEdit

Long-Handled Billhook
You found this gardening tool in the back of your garage. At least it helps keep the imps at a distance.

  • Code: kZAxa0BX
  • Strength: 8
  • Accuse 2
  • Abstratus: Polearmkind, Sicklekind
  • Cost: 7 Build Grist

Alchemized ItemsEdit

Long Sharp-Hooked Crow Bar Staff

A very long, crowbar-like staff that possesses sharp, clawed hooks. Useful for opening just about anything from doors to imps.

  • Code: g12I00AX
  • Strenght: 24
  • Highest active bonus: 1
  • Abstratus: Polearmkind
  • Cost: 20 Build_Grist, 20 Cooper


The extent of the blade allows you to give your attacks more force through the power of momentum. And you're safer, since you're attacking from further away. Whoever calls this a woman's weapon with get stabbed right in the family jewels.

  • Code: ?ZhxaXVX
  • Strenght: 50
  • Highest active bonus: 5
  • Abstratus: Polearmkind
  • Cost: 500 Build_Grist, 200 Amber, 500 Blood, 500 Rust

Special Halberd

The axehead of this halberd glitters like stars. It makes you feel very unique and special.

  • Code: 110W3wuK
  • Strenght: 55
  • Highest active bonus: 10
  • Abstratus: Polearmkind
  • Cost: 100 Build_Grist, 100 Amethyst, 50 Obsidian

Empress\'s Naginata

A gaudy weapon of bright gold and lined with glittering purple gems, it is nonetheless effective for defending the castle from ninjas.

  • Code: !dlxdbVj
  • Strenght: 75
  • Highest active bonus: 15
  • Abstratus: Polearmkind
  • Cost: 2500 Build_Grist, 1800 Amethyst, 2000 Gold, 1000 Rust

Special Orbital Halberd

This high-tech halberd can float around its owner in a defensive pattern. It would be useful if it was a shield or something, but at least it parries attacks well.

  • Code: vTmwRwyT
  • Strenght: 210
  • Highest active bonus: 50
  • Abstratus: Polearmkind
  • Cost: 1500 Build_Grist, 1500 Amethyst, 500 Obsidian, 50 Titanium

Reaching Cross-Ripper

This oversized lacrosse stick has a long blade on its other end and seems to emit a ghostly aura. There's no way is this legal in any decent sports venue, anywhere.

  • Code: a5roXNLP
  • Strenght: 520
  • Highest active bonus: 80
  • Abstratus: Polearmkind
  • Cost: 30000 Build_Grist, 30000 Iodine, 30000 Jet, 30000 Tar, 3000 Titanium

Shining Naginata
Made of pure gold, this thing sure is heavy. You can barely swing it around.

  • Code: UdlwdbUb
  • Strength: 800
  • Abstratus: Polearmkind
  • Cost: 180,000 Build_Grist, 200,000 Gold

Galactic Polearm \'Valkyrie\'

The sharp end of this polearm leaves a beautiful, slowly fading trail of glimmers in the air wherever it moves. They're not quite as beautiful when enemies stumble into them.

  • Code: v5mOBwqS
  • Strenght: 1550
  • Highest active bonus: 200
  • Abstratus: Polearmkind
  • Cost: 125000 Build_Grist, 125000 Amethyst, 75000 Obsidian, 25000 Titanium
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