Pistolkind is one of the strife specibi available in the Overseer Project.

Codes for the weapons are DOWN BELOW and are WHITED OUT to avoid spoilers.

Base ItemsEdit

Weapon: Hard-Boiled Revolver
Abstratus: Pistolkind
Code: avMW5FRk
Strength: 4
Description: Does the name refer to the fact that this gun is commonly used by hard-boiled detectives, or to some obscure manufacturing process involving boiling the gun itself? We may never know.

Requires: 4 Build Grist, 1 Rust

Weapon: Pistol
Abstratus: Pistolkind
Code: p3WLqanu
Strength: 6
Description: A basic sidearm. Pew pew!

Requires: 6 Build Grist

Weapon: Squirtgun
Abstratus: Pistolkind
Code: 5p1A5hEm
Strength: 0
Description: Why are you using a squirtgun when you could be using an actual firearm?

Requires: 2 Build Grist, but why would you want to spend it on this?

Alchemized ItemsEdit

Weapon: Laser Pistol (Pistol || Laser Pointer)

Cost: 50 Build, 300 Copper, 16 Redstone

Code: x3mVqrr!

Abstratus: Laserkind,Pistolkind

Strength: 32

Assail Bonus: 2

Description:A normal Laser Pistol that you can find in every Sci-Fi B-movie. Still, you can't deny how cool it is!

Weapon: 0.AD Pistol

Abstratus: Pistolkind

Stength: 46

Code: xHrtzzwL

Cost: 200 Copper, 200 Rust

Description: This Pistol is from the Ye' Olde Days. It seems to be quite effective, disregarding the fact that, in the time that this pistol is from, gunpowder hadn't been invented yet.

Weapon: Adagio Pistolina (Violin || Pistol)

Cost: 500 Build, 4,000 Topaz, 4,000 Chalk

Code: pRWrqk!!

Abstratus: Pistolkind

Strength: 100

Description: The bullets for this pistol vibrate in your hand. If you hold them to you ear, you can faintly hear a sub-par high school orchestra playing                                                                                                                

Weapon: Angelic Handgun

Code: j!tt7!V!

Cost: 123245 Diamond, 603900 Marble, 12324 Opal, 12324 Rainbow

Abstratus: Pistolkind

Hope Affinity: 12%

Aggrieve bonus: 390

Aggress bonus: 115

Accuse penalty: -115

Description: It's more than just holy - what you see is a handgun full of God's power. White as snow, it serves the righteous death to sinners.

Weapon: Arcus Diabolus: Bolverk (Hard-light Holo-Pistol && BlazBlue Game Disk)

Abstratus: Pistolkind

Strength: 4000

Assail Bonus: 80

Abjure Penalty: -40

Abstain Penalty: -50

Description: A set of dual pistols that bends space around its shots, allowing them to go through obstacles on their way to the target.

Code: pJGXWXmo

Cost: 100000 Build Grist, 60000 Polychromite, 100000 Quartz

Weapon: A Shady Surprise (Hard-Boiled Revolver || Fedora)

Abstratus: Pistolkind

Strength: 47

Assault Bonus: 2

Description: A dark revolver that gives a vibe of trustworthiness, and smells faintly of cigar smoke. Whoever this belonged to must have been a gangster, or maybe a detective.

Code: rxNX7VR!

Cost: 12000 Build Grist, 6000 Amber, 200 Redstone, 200 Sunstone

Weapon: Batvolver (Hard-Boiled Revolver || Baseball Bat)

Abstratus: Pistolkind, Clubkind

Strength: 39

Assail Bonus: 4

Description: This badass bat allows you to lay down the beating by using it as a bat and a baseball shooter.

Code: rvsZ5Fx!

Cost: 100 Build Grist, 50 Rust, 50 Topaz

Weapon: Blaster (Laser Pistol && Star Wars: The Complete Saga)

Abstratus: Pistolkind, Laserkind

Strength: 70

Description: How uncivilized. Effective for gunning down untold numbers of Imperial Stormtroopers, but watch out for people with glowing sticks.

Code: p0W8aqmU

Cost: 1138 Build Grist, 1138 Rust, 10 Star Sapphire, 327 Uranium

Weapon: Blazing Stallion (Bronco .44 || Flamethrower)

Abstratus: Pistolkind, Flamethrowerkind

Strength: 750

Description: Remember all those people that told you incendiary rounds were useless save for piercing armor? Prove them wrong with this revolver's scorched barrel.

Code: XtLL2dB?

Cost: 150000 Copper, 50000 Ruby, 45000 Sulfur, 35000 Sunstone, 25000 Tar

Weapon: Broseidons Barker

Code: Y0000000

Description: yo bro wanna play some halo i got the natty ice and dewritos

Base power: 840

Grist: 160000 Build Grist, 36000 Caulk, 42000 Malachite

Weapon: Bronco .44

Abstratus: Pistolkind

Strength: 144

Description: Even if this thing could drop a Bulldozer, there will ALWAYS be a stupid Shield in your way.

Code: WH4007Bk

Cost: 300 Copper, 2500 Jet, 600 Titanium

Weapon: Candy Pop Gun (Candy Corn || Rifle)

Abstratus: Pistolkind

Strength: 22

Aggrieve Bonus: 6

Description: Victory is sweet.

Code: g00Z530S

Cost: 18 Build Grist, 13 Frosting

Weapon: Commemorative Second Amendment Pistol (Pistol && American Flag)

Strength: 13

Aggress Bonus: +3

Assault Bonus: +2

Description: Celebrate your right to bear arms with this trendy pistol! Fires miniature American flags. The ends are quite pointy.

Code: p1WH00nG

Cost: 281 Build Grist

Weapon: Dimensional Warper (Arcus Diabolus: Bolverk && Tesseract)

Abstratus: Pistolkind

Strength: 5000

Assault Bonus: 120

Abjure Penalty: -50

Abstain Penalty: -60

Description: This pistol is powerful enough to tear and bend local space, allowing you to rend your target into billions of pieces with ease- assuming you don't completely obliterate them.

Code: pJGXWXWo

Cost: 150000 Build Grist, 80000 Diamond, 70000 Opal, 70000 Polychromite, 120000 Rose Quartz

Weapon: DEUDLY FIREARMS..... (Hard-Boiled Revolver && Picture of Hella Jeff)

Abstratus: Pistolkind

Strength: 1000

Aggrieve penalty: -1050

Aggress penalty: -1200

Assail penalty: -1500

Assault penalty: -2000

Accuse penalty: -1050

Abjure penalty: -1500

Abstain penalty: -2000

Description: Are you next?

Code: WH6W53IC

Cost: -200 Artifact

Weapon: Double Devilfuckers (The Colt && The Twin Hells: Fire and Brimstone)

Abstratus: Pistolkind

Strength: 9999

Aggrieve Bonus: 616

Aggress Bonus: 666

Assail Bonus: 919

Assault Bonus: 999

Description: Two burnished black peacemakers containing the full powers of darkness yet designed for slaying demons. Fight fire with fire, that sort of thing. You try not to think about how little sense that makes since you're probably not going to be going up against anything particularly demonic.

Code: jJHWWXRp

Cost: 9999999 Obsidian, 6161616 Rainbow, 6666666 Rust, 6666666 Sulfur, 6666666 Titanium

Weapon: Goldfinger

Strength: 1700

Code: 0H1W0LOA

Grist: 377777 Build Grist, 277777 Amber, 177777 Gold

Weapon: Golden Gun (Goldeneye && Hard-Boiled Revolver)
Abstratus: Pistolkind

Strength: 700

All Passive + Active Bonus: 7

Description: You're not Agent 007, but with this powerful gun, you're well on your way to following in his footsteps.

Code: jxtW5VRk

Cost: 70007 Build Grist, 117000 Gold, Titanium 22700

Weapon: Gunblade (Shitty Sword || Hard-Boiled Revolver)

Abstratus: Pistolkind, Bladekind

Strength: 66

Assail Bonus: 6

Description: It's a sword whose blade is also a gun. Or a gun whose barrel is also a sword. Either way, it's kind of tricky to use.

Code: yxtZ7!V!

Cost: 50 Build Grist, 50 Titanium

Weapon: Gunnade (Pistol || Grenade)

Abstratus: Pistolkind, Explosivekind

Strength: 45

Description: Running out of ammo is the equivalent of pulling the pin, so you better throw this sucker when you hear a click!

Code: xBkr?lnv

Cost: 900 Build Grist, 900 Amber, 80 Sulfur

Weapon: Gunblades (Pistol || Dual Knives)

Abstratus: Knifekind, Pistolkind

Strength: 32

Aggrieve Bonus: 2

Assail Bonus: 4

Abuse Bonus: 2 Abjure Bonus: 4

Description: Two guns, two blades. Portable. Deadly. Symmetrical.

Code: xRZLtax?

Cost: 80 Build Grist, 32 Gold, 64 Rust

Weapon: Gun of Souls (Gunblade || Blue ecto-slime)

Abstratus: Pistolkind, Bladekind

Strength: 82

Description: This swordgun fires bullets formed of the souls reaped by the blade. Watch those imps suffer as they are killed by what's left of their friends.

Code: eG7Y6lPf

Cost: 500 Build Grist, 1500 Blood, 8500 Tar

Weapon: GyroJet (Rocket Wings || Pistol)

Abstratus: Pistolkind

Strength: 2

Assault Penalty: -10

Abstain Penalty: -10

Description: Literally lightyears ahead of it's time.

Code: xVWTyyvv

Cost: 4 Build Grist, 3 Jet

Weapon: Hard Light Holo-Pistol (Hard-light Holographic Projector || Pistol)

Abstratus: Pistolkind

Strength: 170

Aggrieve Bonus: 15

Description: Now you can have a concealed weapon that's stylish, powerful, and impossible to see until you bring it out! Considering the lack of recoil and weight, you could probably fire all day- provided that you keep the power supply charged.

Code: xNmrqbz?

Cost: 31000 Build Grist, 11000 Redstone, 21000 Sunstone

Weapon: Heaven's Mirror Knife Inferno Launchers (J. Geil no Danha! || Sodom and Gommorah )

Abstratus: Knifekind, Pistolkind, Flamethrowerkind

Strength: 9999

Aggrieve Bonus: 6666

Aggress Bonus: 7777

Assail Bonus: 8888

Assault Bonus: 9999

Abuse Bonus: 8888

Accuse Bonus: 7777

Abjure Bonus: 6666

Description: You didn't know fire could be reflective like that. Or that the knives in the fire were reflective too. Really, this boils down to a gun that shoots infinity mirrors where each reflection gets torched and stabbed.

Code: fJLb4bdl

Cost: 22000000 Build Grist,  10195910 Copper, 7192530 Garnet, 9998490 Mercury, 2434970 Polychromite, 4701040 Ruby, 8296810 Rust, 3795620 Sulfur,  3795620 Titanium

Weapon: Holy Handgun (Golden Gun || Technomancer's Tome)

Abstratus: Pistolkind

Code: j!ta5!R!

Cost: 100000 Build Grist, 200000 Gold, 46000 Redstone, Titanium 42000

Strength: 1500

Assault Bonus: 125

Abstain Bonus: 125

Description: With bullets made of searing holy majyyks, you couldn't possibly lose! Smite those pesky liches with ease.

Weapon: Holy Handgunnade (Gunnade || Holy Handgun)

Abstratus: Pistolkind

Strength: 2135

Assault Bonus: 125

Abstain Bonus: 125

Description: You decided to play God and improve upon the weaponry he bestowed upon his crusaders to smite those naughty in his sight. Look what you've wrought.

Code: !!!r!!x!

Cost: 30000 Amethyst, 20000 Gold, 25000 Rose Quartz, 15000 Star Sapphire, 30000 Sulfur, 15000 Topaz

Weapon: Itchy Trigger Finger (Pistol && Felt Poster)

Abstratus: Pistolkind

Strength: 100

Description: Click the (strangely yellow) trigger once and the whole magazine has been run through.

Code: Y30H04We

Cost: 750 Emerald, 1500 Gold, 2500 Uranium

Weapon: J. Geil no Danha! (The Hanged Man || The Emperor v1.1)

Abstratus: Knifekind, Pistolkind

Strength: 825

Description: It's simple, really: The more glass The Emperor breaks, the more reflections The Hanged Man can bounce between. What baffles you is why there's always glass above your opponent.

Code: eIGX4bcj

Cost: 25000 Caulk, 150000 Chalk, 150000 Jet, 35000 Obsidian

Weapon: Mega Pistol (Pistol && D-Arts Megaman)

Abstratus: Pistolkind

Strength: 40

Description: While its shots bear a striking resemblance to lemons, this handgun shouldn't be underestimated. No, you can't take the power of your enemies with it.

Code: Y005G4mG

Cost: 2000 Cobalt

Weapon: Nail Gun (Pistol || Nails)

Abstratus: Pistolkind, Toolkind

Strength: 100

Abuse Bonus: 25

Description: A basic nail gun with the safety removed, good for placing 2 by 4's and holes in imp's heads.

Code: x3nLzipz

Cost: 33000 Iodine, 12000 Mercury, 14000 Rust

Weapon: Pistol of the Cleric (Holy Handgun || Flourite Octet)

Abstratus: Pistolkind

Strength: 3888

All Passive Skills Bonus: 888

Description: Roll to hit just took on a whole new meaning.

Code: j!!rF!V!

Cost: 88888 Build Grist, 88888 Cobalt, 88888 Star Sapphire, 88888 Titanium

Weapon: Russian Ratscrews (Dull Bread Cutters || Hard-Boiled Pistol)

Abstratus: Knifekind, Pistolkind

Strength: 71

Abstain Bonus: 7

Description: Knives with revolving gun barrels as blades. Or maybe they're guns that look and feel like knives? Either way, with these holstered at your side, you won't have much to worry about. Comrade.

Code: ivNX7FR?

Cost: 600 Build Grist, 600 Rust, 40 Titanium

Weapon: Sinai's Standardbred (Holy Handgun && Blazing Stallion)

Abstratus: Pistolkind

Strength: 4200

All Skills Bonus: +37

Description: Deliver unto your enemies fires not quite as good at racing full-speed as those of the Mount's thoroughbred, but still plenty capable of wrapping your enemies in smoke from the flames descending upon them.

Code: XtL40dB?

Cost: 191800 Garnet, 191800 Obsidian, 191800 Redstone, 191800 Sulfur,  373737 Sunstone

Weapon: Sodom and Gommorah (Sinai's Standardbred && MegaMan Zero cartridge)

Abstratus: Pistolkind

Strength: 7788

Aggrieve bonus: 25

Aggress bonus: 50

Assail bonus: 75

Assault bonus: 100

Abuse bonus: 100

Accuse bonus: 50

Abjure penalty: -50

Abstain penalty: -100

Description:Two of the Ten Shining Weapons have landed in your possession: the twin arm cannons of Fighting Fefnir.

Code: 1354053E

Cost: 1000000 Copper, 250000 Garnet, 333333 Redstone, 750000 Ruby, 800000 Sunstone

Weapon: The Emperor (JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Vol. 13 && Pistol)

Abstratus: Pistolkind

Strength: 80

Description: The fearsome stand of Hol Horse, now in a form that can actually be seen by people without a stand.

Code: 02014WWe

Cost: 12000 Jet

Weapon: The Emperor v1.1 (The Emperor || Hard-light Holographic Projector)

Abstratus: pistolkind

Strength: 450

Aggrieve bonus: 10

Aggress bonus: 15

Accuse bonus: 10

Description: Half of the Emperor's power was its near inability to be detected until it had fired and its lack of recoil. Both of those issues have been addressed.

Code: e2G14bai

Cost: 75000 Build Grist, 15000 Caulk, 65000 Jet

Weapon: The Colt

Abstratus: pistolkind

Strength: 9998

Description: Back in 1835, when Halley's Comet was overhead, same night those men died at the Alamo, they say Samuel Colt made a gun. A special gun. He made it for a hunter.

Code: j!taj!R!

Cost: 500000 Build Grist, 13 Copper, 800000 Obsidian, 400000 Rainbow, 400000 Titanium

Weapon: Thousand Lies

Combination: Plasma Pumper (1g04Me0q) && Sleuthtop Computer (0KWWW4KW) = 0000000W

Code: 0000000W

Abstratus: pistolkind

Strength: 9999

Size: large

Aggrieve: 9999

Aggress: 9999

Assail: 9999

Assault: 9999

Abuse: 9999

Accuse: 9999

Abjure: 9999

Abstain: 9999

Cost: 30000000 Build_Grist, 20000000 Copper, 8000000 Jet, 6250000 Quartz, 4000000 Redstone, 3125000 Rust, 7000000 Star_Sapphire

Description: "I am thou, and thou art I... From the sea of thy soul, I come... I grant upon thee the power to cloud the judgement of thine enemies... And bring forth the fog that shall shroud the truth."


Codes are whited out. Adagio Pistolina -  pRWrqk!! Laser Pistol -   x3mVqrr!



Laser Pistol


Adagio Pistolina


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