A strife specibus available on the Overseer Project. Not very expanded/strong yet! If you come across some in game, comment their codes please!

A lot of these are also accessories.

Base ItemsEdit

Plain Pins
A small handful of generic pins of no particular interest. You're not sure why you weaponised them, but you guess you can throw them real hard.

  • Code: bPOU7pcX
  • Strength: 5
  • Abstratus: Pinkind
  • Cost: 3 Build Grist

Slytherin Pin

A decorative pin bearing the emblem of Slytherin house. It has no practical use. Magic isn't real, after all.


Slytherin Pin

  • Code: APBm2sQK
  • Strength: 1
  • Abstratus: Pinkind
  • Cost: 1 Build Grist

Alchemized ItemsEdit

Plain Paper Badge

Apparently there were so many badges in Paper Mario that the laws of alchemy couldn't decide on a specific one for these plain pins to create when combined. Oh well! Maybe you can combine it with something else?

  • Code: t!S!7tdj
  • Strength: 7
  • Abstratus: Pinkind
  • Cost: 15 Build Grist

Red Skull Pin A red pin with a black skull on it, looking almost exactly like the Skull Pin. Be wary, this pin may open you up to mind control!

  • Code: FRO4KYc0
  • Strength: 37 Power, -15 Aggress, -15 Assail, -15 Assault
  • Abstatus: Pinkind, Accessory
  • Cost: 500 Build Grist, 100 Blood, 200 Copper, 400 Tar

Black Uranus

Impale your enemies with icicles of dark energy. The pin says: "When six darklit planets align..."

Black Uranus
  • Code: WP04102a
  • Strength: 250
  • Abstratus: Pinkind, Accessory
  • Cost: 5980 Obsidian, 6669 Quartz
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