Percussionkind is one of the strife specibi available in the Overseer Project.

Base Items[edit | edit source]

Marimba Mallets[edit | edit source]

"Mallets used for playing keyboard instruments, such as marimba, vibraphone, or xylophone. You can play a little ditty on that imp's skull with these."

  • Strength: 3 (Two handed)
  • Assail bonus: +2
  • Abstrabus: percussionkind

Boombox w/ Detachable Speakers[edit | edit source]

"This large stereo can handle any music or antagonistic creature you throw at it, provided it's either on CD or cassette."

  • Code: v!vUbwv8
  • Strength: 3 (One handed)
  • Aggrieve Bonus: +2
  • Aggress Bonus: +1
  • Abuse bonus: +1
  • Abstratus: percussionkind, soundkind

Cymbals[edit | edit source]

"CRASH! Wear them on your hands with straps and hit imps over the head with the side."

  • Code: XeRrDlgp
  • Strength: 8 (Two handed)
  • Assail bonus: -3
  • Assault bonus: -6
  • Abjure bonus: -1
  • Abstain bonus: -2

Drum Sticks[edit | edit source]

"Your tools for rhythm and beating - as in beating imps, perhaps."

  • Code: IGUdltR3
  • Strength: 4 (Two handed)
  • Abstratus: percussionkind

Keyboard[edit | edit source]

"The smaller, lighter version of a piano. Now you can create beautiful music and smash the skulls of your enemies!"

  • Code: k3Y80aRd
  • Strength: 8
  • Abstratus: keykind, percussionkind

Advanced Items[edit | edit source]

Flaming Finish Piano Grande[edit | edit source]

" A weapon of hot sonic riffs, this keyboard's smooth black exterior glows with a finish of moving flames that don't actually leave its surface until damaging an enemy. Playing refrains or actually hitting the enemies will singe them to dust, leaving a blazing trail in its wake."

  • Code:l7c!0aVd
  • Strength: 118
  • Assault bonus: 6
  • Abstratus: percussionkind, flamethrowerkind, kind(?)

Screech-Sticks[edit | edit source]

"These drum-sticks practically crackle with METAL energy, knocking them together elicits a sound so great, you will either break out into a drum-solo or break your enemies' wills."

  • Code: 1WlZveHa
  • Strength: 666
  • Accuse bonus: 6
  • Abjure bonus: 6
  • Abstain bonus: 6
  • Abstratus: needlekind, percussionkind

Prepare for Death Metal[edit | edit source]

"Every twitch of these sticks draws forth a burst of dark, gorgeous symphonic death metal, fit only to accompany the most kick-ass occurrences ever, such as a dueling a giant wolf wielding a tremendous sword or fighting a spider-demon made of fire, hate, and lava."

  • Code: Xu!pzerd
  • Strength: 900
  • Aggrieve bonus: 50
  • Aggress bonus: 50
  • Assail bonus: 50
  • Assault bonus: 50
  • Abuse bonus: 25
  • Accuse bonus: 25
  • Abjure bonus: 25
  • Abstain bonus: 25
  • Abstratus: percussionkind, wandkind
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