All information will be from the Rebuild Streams! Join the Discord to know when the streams will be! if you wanna be a part of the project join the discord and talk to them about it!

FIRST STREAM: <-basic info and questions!

SECOND STREAM: <-DC and skulls/the head honcho! Skulls talked abt the moons!

Base Game Information Edit


New Stuff:

  1. You get to Build a house, Based on a Tile System and explore it!
  2. Going outside!
  3. Guardian Strife's!
  4. Items are Slightly Different: Special Attacks, Item Traits.
  5. Every Strife Specibus should work!
  6. Unique Entry Machines
  7. Special Item Abilities: EX: Pogo hammer increases dodge.
  8. QIC is more refined/Less unstable codes.
  9. Alchimiter upgrades.
  10. Grist determines monsters.
  11. Perma-death (optional)
  12. No more strife menu.
  13. Legit Exploring.
  14. Land Generation.
  15. 7 rings, 7th ring takes you to the palace.
  16. Transportizers
  17. Adding Character Bios and Stuff.
  18. EctoBiology.
  19. (Planned) Transferring Sessions.
  20. if they bring back messaging they'd put text limits on it
  21. Every Classpect will have special abilities.

Same Stuff:

  1. Base Grist List/Types: ie: Cold, Black, Weath ect.
  2. UI is the same but there is an EX bar and a navigation bar for moving around.


New stuff:


  1. Prospit is about a neurotic botanist and series of double agents
  2. seditionist on both moons (skulls said it as "Spy vs Spy kinda")
  3. Prospit botanist has to solve the seditionist destroying Prospit's food supply
  4. Derse "Gang of bakers" 'Every cake on derse comes with a tool to break out of prison" "A dersites bakers dozen is 11"
  5. Moon storylines!
  6. Mini games?
  7. trying to make it like an adventurer game
  8. You can have items special to your session and suggesting items is gonna have to go through filters. (bc some of u want to be lewd/pervy >:T)
  9. Item skeleton

Post-Release Information Edit

  1. Implementing Troll and Charubs
    • Includes adding Muse and Lord roles
  2. (planned) Sprite interactions.
  3. Cross Session Lab in Veils.
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