Any item that isn't a weapon, a wearable, a device, a computer, a rocket, or a consumable.Basically, they're useless except for alchemy.

Base Items Edit

Anchor Edit

A massive anchor. It's far to heavy to consider swinging.

  • Code: n4CKwpal
  • Cost: 6 build, 1 rust

Anvil Edit

It weighs a lot, you may be surprised to hear.

  • Code: 0neT0nn3
  • Cost: 25 build, 1 titanium

Assorted BIONICLE Sets Edit

Fond relics of you childhood. Or, depending on how pathetic you are, your adulthood.

  • Code: mjAyQV53
  • Cost:5 build

Battery Edit

Not included.

  • Code: GodTfeqT
  • Cost:6 build

Earwig Edit

This is one of your many microscope specimen. Even if it's not the best, it may be the most... well, unsettling.

  • Code: Zl?65432II
  • Cost: 3 build

Alchemised Items Edit

A Jumbled Mess Edit

A rocket pack with a cinderblock, violin, and a flowerpot stuck inside. this thing will probably not work

  • Code: dskjhsdk
  • Cost: 4 build,8 shale
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