EDIT: Music Easter Eggs do not work in the current build of the game! (the items can still be alchemized however. Just don't expect them to play any sound.)

Some items, when previewed on the holopad or having them in the inventory, will play music because there are tiny 1x1 pixel YouTube video embeddments hidden in the descriptions. These items are mostly created as easter eggs, and usually have no other use except as alchemizing ingredients.

They tend to either cost either no grist or a ridiculous amount of grist, but since the music can be heard just by previewing it, it's not nessesary to alchemize them to hear the music.

Having multiple music playing items will in fact play the music all at once. Sadly the music does not loop, and the page must be refreshed to enjoy the music again.

Items aren't the only things capable of playing music, so can some fraymotifs such as Doom III. For a short period of time, inspecting the HomestuckGeneral session (session name: hsg) would play Rick Astley's "Never Gonna Give You Up", in true 4chan spirit. Some people claim that it currently plays the Super Mario Brothers Overworld Theme, though this has not always been the case.

Known Items that will play musicEdit

Item Name

Captchalogue Code Song played
Miracle M1R4CL35 (secret) Miracles- Insane Clown Posseh
MiRaClE MiRaClEs (secret) MiRaClEs- Toby "Radiation" Fox
Loki's Suicide Note 3RdR31CH (secret) Hitler's Suicide Note- Rucka Rucka Ali
Bangarang CD 5KR1LL3X (secret) Bangarang- Skrillex
Shrek DVD nQrOw!4p (base)

All Star- Smashmouth

Good Ol' Fashioned Scissoring l3sB14n5 (secret) Still Gettin It- Foreign Beggars ft. Skrillex
Free Blimp Ride For 3 0n48L1mP (secret) I'm On A Blimp- YGOTAS
Glowstick gl0W57iX

The Raver- Ayah Marar

The Canadian Classic INFORMER Informer - Snow
Mmm Whatcha Sei f15hpun5 Jason Derulo - Whatcha Say (What Did You Say)
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