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Note: some of these are inaccessible in the current version of the game.

There are a variety of monsters in The Overseer project. Among these, in order from weakest to strongest are:

  • Imps. "A small, vaguely threatening enemy."
  • Ogres. "A large, bulky biped with giant tusks and a perpetually angry expression."
  • Basilisks. "A giant lizard that seems to be constantly grinning and sticking it's tongue out at you. Fortunately it is not capable of turning you to stone."
  • Liches. "This thing appears to be some sort of undead spirit. So why is it made of grist?"
  • Giclops. "Several times as big again as an ogre, the Giclops possesses one eye and a row of spikes along the back of an oversized, slightly oddly-shaped head."
  • Titachnids. "A giant bug-like enemy, the Titachnid oddly enough still only possesses two eyes. Not that this makes it any less of a threat."
  • Acherons. "The strongest of the "basic" enemies, the Acheron is an enormous opponent with a skull-like head, four eyes, arms several times thicker than tree trunks, and viciously pointed teeth."

Dungeon enemies:

  • Oblins. "A large, humanoid monster with a horn and two almost tusk-like bottom teeth."
  • Golems "A 10-foot tall living statue composed of a single type of grist and one central, piercing red eye."
  • Constructs "A 20-foot tall misshapen collection of thick plates, gears and mechanisms, all made out of a single type of grist. It has the same piercing eye as its Golem relatives."
  • Wyvern "A truly enormous, quadrupedal creature with a body structure similar to that of a reptile. Thick wings are attached to its long forearms."

Quest Enemies:

  • Autoturret "A floor-mounted machine with two wicked chain guns attached, programmed to shoot down anything organic that crosses its path. That means you."
  • Metamorpher "A malicious robot that can shapeshift between the form of a sturdy, humanoid mech armed with chainsaws, and a speedy miniature jet plane equipped with lasers. This thing is more than meets the eye."
  • Animated Blade "A hovering sword that has some kind of a vendetta against SBURB players. This one appears to be [INSERT BLADE NAME HERE]."
  • Consort "One of the quirky reptilian villagers that live on the various lands of the Medium. This one appears to be a civilian consort."
  • Skeletal Consort "The long-dead corpse of a once harmless consort, now reanimated and hell-bent on terrorizing the living. Or at least annoying them."
  • Consort Necromancer "A consort who has given in to the temptations of the Horrorterrors, and has access to powerful death magic as a result."

Dungeon bosses:

  • Imp King. "Taller than most imps, yet still not as tall as you, wearing a crudely-fashioned crown and wielding a not-very-kingly scepter made of... is that celery? Okay, it's actually just a particularly long celery stalk." Found in the Imp Den (quest dungeon)
  • Krakens. "Before you stands -er, swims a giant, vicious sea monster. Luckily it looks like it can't exit the water. Unluckily the water seems to take up the entire room!" Found on Gate 1.
  • Hekatonchires. "A gigantic monster with four musclebound arms, three glowing eyes, two spikes on elbows, and a mouth full of razor-sharp teeth." Found on Gate 3.
  • Lich Queens. "An immense Lich with an elegant, crown-like head, two black wings, and a large round stone embedded in it's chest. Probably a phylactery, you think to yourself." Found on Gate 5.
  • Hydras. "A giant, scaly creature with a varying amount of heads. The foolish adventurer might find themselves facing more heads than most..." Found on Gate 3 dungeons with three levels. Spawns with various Hydra Head enemies:
    • Aural Hydra Head. "A faint glow seems to follow this head's movements. It would be inspiring if the colours weren't so dark and its sneer so menacing."
    • Threatening Hydra Head. "A creepy grin crosses it's face, as if it knows exactly what you're going to do and say, and it's ready to counter you and put you in your place."
    • Bleeding Hydra Head. "Someone hit this one pretty hard in the nose, because blood pours from it. For that matter, its eyes too."
    • Faceless Hydra Head. "This one doesn't have a face. How does it breathe? Or see? Or even hear? How does it know where you are? You'd ask Bill Nye, but he's dead now."
    • Diseased Hydra Head. "Ew. Boils and scabs cover this head. When it lunges at you you can smell... death."
    • Healthy Hydra Head. "This head looks like it's been eating it's veggies. You go, Hydra Head. Five a day and all that. You just hope you're not one of them."
    • Blurred Hydra Head. "This head of the hydra appears blurred, as if someone took a photo of it while they were driving past. Or it was driving past. But hydras can't drive, that's just silly."
    • Vented Hydra Head. "'This head looks like it has a wider mouth than the others, and a few extra holes on top of that. Debris nearby seems as if it's being blown away."
    • Shining Hydra Head. "'A bright glow emanates from this head's orifices, as if there's a sun shining in its head."
    • Screaming Hydra Head. "'This one can't keep it's mouth shut. It lets out a primal scream every few seconds, and you can't help but shiver at it."
    • High Hydra Head. "This one's eyelids are drooped slightly and its eyes slightly greener than the others. It seems as if it's pretty chill, but with an air of menace about it still."
    • Cosmic Hydra Head. "'Looking at this head gives you a terrible feeling of emptiness. Like the vacuum of space is surrounding you, and your pursed lips are all that stop the air in your lungs from being ripped out of you."
  • True Hekatonchires. "It vaguely resembles a Hekatonchire...except for the minor detail of possessing a hundred hands and fifty heads." Found on Gate 5 dungeons with five levels.
  • Progenitor "A construct that has achieved self-awareness long ago, granting it the ability to augment itself with increased armor and weapons. It is also capable of self-replication and can even build fully functional robots in the middle of strife. There's certainly no shortage of parts laying around, as many machines as you've destroyed getting to this point." Found in the Factory (Quest Dungeon)
  • Blade Clouds. "A sentient, angry tornado filled with blades and swords of every variety imaginable, some flimsy, some ultra-powerful. You might say it contains every kind of blade in the universe." Randomly spawn when alchemizing Bladekind items, and is found in the Blade Temple (Quest Dungeon)
  • The Bugs. Found in the Unknown Gate. "A gigantic amalgamation of pixels and spindly legs. You must have trespassed on some seriously hidden code to piss this thing off.

Dungeon enemies are only encountered in dungeons or as part of a quest. Quest enemies are only encountered as part of a quest. Dungeon bosses are special enemies that can only be found in a dungeon. Each dungeon has a single dungeon boss that guard the exit and some special loot.

Some enemies, usually dungeon bosses, have special abilities.

Power Levels[]

Canon Acheron appearance. Has prototyping from Harlequin Doll.

The base power levels for monsters is as follows:

  • Animated Blade: Depends
  • Imps: 1
  • Consort: 10
  • Ogres: 30
  • Basiliks: 150
  • Skeletal Consort: 200
  • Liches: 450
  • Consort Necromancer: 600
  • Oblin: 575
  • Giclopses: 700
  • Golems: ~800
  • Titachnid: 1000
  • Metamorpher: ~1250
  • Constructs: ~1500
  • Acherons: 2000
  • Metamorpher: ~2100
  • Wyvern: ~2700

Dungeon bosses:

  • Imp King: ~210
  • Krakens: 1200
  • Hekatonchires: 9001
  • Hydra: 10000
  • Hydra Heads: 5000 (plus one prototyping)
  • Progenitor: 15000
  • Lich Queen: 16666
  • True Hekatonchire: 21000
  • The Bug: 100000 (Possibility of changing unknown atm)
  • Blade Cloud: ~200000 (Depending on the total power of all bladekind items in the game)

This number will be multiplied by the power of the grist the monster is made from (maximum 9), and added to the power of the prototypings the monster takes after ("It has appearance aspects from:..."). The number of prototypings a monster has is random, usually between 2 and 6.

No matter how strong a single monster is, it will not be able to take off more than 33% of your health in one hit. However, this damage threshhold applies to each individual underling, so you can lose more than 33% health per round when strifing multiple enemies far more powerful than you. There's no damage threshhold that applies to the player, allowing you to one hit kill enemies if you're strong enough to do so.

It seems like each of the Hydra Heads is associated with one of the Aspects.

  • Aural seems to be associated with Hope
  • Threatening seems to be associated with Mind or Heart, it isn't really clear
  • Bleeding seems to be associated with Blood
  • Faceless seems to be associated with Void
  • Diseased seems to be associated with Doom
  • Healthy seems to be associated with Life
  • Blurred seems to be associated with Time
  • Vented seems to be associated with Breath
  • Shining seems to be associated with Light
  • Screaming seems to be associated with Rage
  • High could be associated with Mind, because of the green eyes? (also Drugs are "Mind Expanding")
  • Cosmic seems to be associated with Space

Grist Dropped[]

The stronger the enemy, the more grist achieved. In addition, the stronger said enemy is on the race tier (not the type (Shale, Gold, etc.) tier), the higher the chance of obtaining upper levels of grist. 

I.e.:For Calcite:  A Chalk Ogre drops chalk and CAN drop marble, and even a little cobalt!

This is NOT true for Golems, Constructs and Turrets though, who ONLY drop the grist they are "made" from. Metamorpher drop their own tier and the next higher one.