Meta kind is a strife specibus in the Overseer Project.

Power of thawt


Power of Thawt

...icy what you did there.

  • Code: gelu!!!!
  • Strength: 1111
  • Type/abstratus: Metakind, Pillowkind, Glovekind, Flying
  • Sparkles Affinity: 111%
  • Size: Average (20)
  • Cost:  Chalk  411.111, Frosting 211.111, Polychromite 211.111


this description is so shitty it causes your opponents to whither as the sheer sight of it

  • Code: ptk?!tNT
  • Strength: 6
  • Type/abstratus: Metakind
  • Size: Average (20)
  • Cost: 400 Build Grist, -13 Artifact Grist, 200 Cobalt, 500 Ruby, 500 Titanium

Forward Slasher

You just got COMMENTED!

  • Code: x!or!kN!
  • Strength: 510
  • Accuse bonus: 30
  • Abjure bonus: 60
  • Abstain bonus: 90
  • Type/abstratus: Backscratcherkind, Metakind
  • Cost: Rose_Quartz 16.000. Uranium 70.000

Clarification Flag

Freeze those imps in their tracks- not that you know how, but that's exactly what this yellow flag does- at least until they pause, and address their issues. Which should be quite a while, knowing imps.

  • Code: d37aIL5!
  • Strength: 2000
  • Aggrieve: 50
  • Aggress: 50
  • Abjure: 50
  • Abstain: 50
  • Type/abstratus: Flagkind, Metakind
  • Cost: 150000 Build Grist, 125000 Amber, 125000 Gold, 125000 Topaz
  • Size: Average (20)
  • Effect:  This weapon can knock enemies over with powerful swings.

Unbalancing Nuke

This nuke is the polar opposite of it's similarly named companion, despite powered by a small controller, this nuke can destroy entire planets with ease.

  • Code: 800W8000
  • Strength: 0
  • Type/abstratus: metakind, explosivekind




Wait. Is this for real, or is it a bug? You didn't think you could possess the concept of quantity itself... you should probably keep this a secret.

  • Code: x1x1x1x1
  • Strength: 111
  • Bonuses: All +1
  • Type/abstratus: Metakind
  • Cost: 111 Opal, 111 Rainbow, 111 Polychromite

Ben's Server Cube

A cuboid computer-like device said to run and store all of the data and processes of the universe. There doesn't seem to be any way to interact with that data if it even exists, though. Maybe you can just hit things with it instead. Surely that won't have disastrous consequences.

  • Code: dgY3!4br
  • Strength: 0
  • Aggrieve bonus: 100
  • Type/abstratus: cubekind, metakind
  • Cost: 10.000 Redstone, 10.000 Titanium, 10.000 Uranium
01053 3

Image by erisol yoai


This item is a test of Alchbuddy's stuff, if you can read this that means it worked and you can remove this item plz. If you can read this and you're a player... oh dear. (Note from the malwaredevs: We don't know how to spell Blah's name)

  • Code: testTEST
  • Strength: 69
  • Type/abstratus: fancysantakind, metakind
  • Cost: 0 Build
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