Metakind is a strife specibus in the Overseer Project.

LizardLord's Science Elemental Science Laser Sci-Scithe Of Sciencey Science Edit

"This scythe, bolstered by many different kinds of science, lasers, and (again) science, bears the name of a reptile fanatic who was known to wreak havoc on the minds of everybody."

  • Code: unknown
  • Strength: unknown
  • Type/abstratus: Metakind, Scythekind, Sciencekind, Laserkind
  • Cost: unknown

The Player's Shoes Edit

Consider, for a moment, the possibility that what you perceive is not real. Consider the possibility that you are not who you think you are, but in reality, you are but a mere synthetic avatar controlled by a more sophisticated being on a higher plane of existence. Your every action, your every thought, is dictated by this being. ...wearing these shoes seems to bring that possibility to mind.

  • Code: tLWyJaD8
  • Strength: 0
  • Type/Abstratus: Footwearkind, Metakind
  • Cost: 500 Amber, 250 Amethyst, 500 Shale

Unbalancing Nuke Edit

This nuke is the polar opposite of it's similarly named companion, despite powered by a small controller, this nuke can destroy entire planets with ease.

  • Code: 800W8000
  • Strength: 0
  • Type/abstratus: metakind, explosivekind
  • 1000 of every grist type.

Ben's Server Cube Edit

A cuboid computer-like device said to run and store all of the data and processes of the universe. There doesn't seem to be any way to interact with that data if it even exists, though. Maybe you can just hit things with it instead. Surely that won't have disastrous consequences.

  • Code: dgY3!4br
  • Strength: 0
  • Aggrieve bonus: 100
  • Type/abstratus: cubekind, metakind
  • Cost: 10.000 Redstone, 10.000 Titanium, 10.000 Uranium

x2 Edit

"What... exactly is this? You didn't think you could catalogue the actual NUMBER 2. You feel nervous about using this at all..." Code: x2x2x2x2

  • Strength: 2
  • Bonuses: All +2
  • Type/abstratus: Metakind
  • Size: large (40)
  • Cost: 2 Meta

IDK Edit

this description is so shitty it causes your opponents to whither as the sheer sight of it

  • Code: ptk?!tNT
  • Strength: 6
  • Type/abstratus: Metakind
  • Size: Average (20)
  • Cost: 400 Build Grist, -13 Artifact Grist, 200 Cobalt, 500 Ruby, 500 Titanium

Error Edit

  • Code: 44444444
  • Description: You have no idea when this got here, or what it is, for that matter. Still, when you throw this at imps it seems to hurt them.
  • Base power: 10
  • Cost: 1 artifact grist, 1 meta_grist

Rough Skeletal Creepypasta Statue Edit

  • This stone statue is giving you a bad vibe... You think you should get rid of it. Hurry up now.
    • Power: 35
    • Bonuses: None
    • Code: rRZ6RTgF
    • Recipe: Unknown
    • Abstratus: Metakind, Statuekind
    • Cost: 666 Build, 666 Obsidian

Half-Life 2 Achievement: Barnacle Bowling Edit

  • 'Kill five barnacles with one barrel.' That's what it says, but... but how did you captchalogue an achievement?
    • Code: W0uuBW0W
    • Strength: 18
    • Type/abstratus: Metakind
    • This weapon can knock enemies over with powerful swings.
    • Size: Miniature (1)
    • Cost: 33 Cobalt, 34 Rust

Achievement Unlocked! Edit

Classic Achievement Hunter. Who is the Achievement Hunter this description is talking about? Considering the circumstances, you have no choice but to consider yourself the new Achievement Hunter.

  • Code: l3!zxl4y
  • Power: 22
  • Abstratus: Metakind

Commemorative Cow Trophy Edit

A mounted cow trophy. An attached plaque reads "A stuffed cow to memorialize August 8th, the Night of the Many Cows, and all those who lost their sanity in the fracas afterwards." You have no idea what this means, but you feel an odd sense of reverence for it anyways.

  • Code: 5w!CQ!cP
  • Strength: 50
  • Abuse: 100 
  • Accuse: 100 
  • Abjure: 100 
  • Abstain: 100 
  • Type/abstratus: Metakind, Statuekind
  • Size: Large (40)
  • Cost: 312 Build, 156 Blood, 104 Chalk, 78 Gold, 62 Rust

Blahsadfeguie Edit

This item is a test of Alchbuddy's stuff, if you can read this that means it worked and you can remove this item plz. If you can read this and you're a player... oh dear. (Note from the malwaredevs: We don't know how to spell Blah's name)
01053 3

Image by erisol yoai

  • Code: testTEST
  • Strength: 69
  • Type/abstratus: fancysantakind, metakind
  • Cost: 0 Build

Timestamp Pedestal Edit

  • Code: ecIuWYwf
  • This Pedestal displays the current time in a parallel universe without time travel... which is %DESCVAR_1%.
  • Abstratus: artkind, metakind
  • Power: 83
  • Cost: 1440 Build Grist, 1440 Jet, 144 Quartz

x1 Edit

  • Wait. Is this for real, or is it a bug? You didn't think you could possess the concept of quantity itself... you should probably keep this a secret.


  • Code: x1x1x1x1
    • Strength: 111
    • Bonuses: All +1
    • Type/abstratus: Metakind
    • Cost: 111 Opal, 111 Rainbow, 111 Polychromite

x3 Edit

Third time's the charm, you hope...

  • Code: x3x3x3x3
  • Power: 3
  • Bonuses: All +3
  • Type/abstratus: Metakind
  • Cost: 3 Meta

Essence of Freedom Edit

"This is literally freedom. If you equip this as a weapon, you will be beating your enemies to death with freedom. Just like America!"

  • Code: tV!vBR!J
  • strength: 140
  • Breath affinity: 10%
  • Type/abstratus: metakind
  • Cost: 7000 Build, 2000 Blood, 2000 Chalk, 4000 Cobalt.

404 Edit


  • Code: ERROR404
  • Recipe: 404 meta
  • Abstratus: Metakind
  • Power: 404 Aggrieve: +404 Aggress: +404 Assail: +404 Assault: +404 Abuse: +404 Accuse: +404 Abjure: +404 Abstain: +404

Bladekind Suspension Edit

It was once said that the mighty Overseer looked down upon his creation, and said thus: "fUCK THERE ARE SO MANY BLADES FUCK YOU NO MORE SWORDS." And thus, the holy Bladekind Suspension was born.

  • Code: z3X5VjfV
  • Recipe: 37 Meta, 8 Blood
  • Abstratus: Metakind
  • Power: 378

Forward Slasher Edit

  • You just got COMMENTED!
    • Code: x!or!kN!
    • Strength: 510
    • Accuse bonus: 30
    • Abjure bonus: 60
    • Abstain bonus: 90
    • Type/abstratus: Backscratcherkind, Metakind
    • Cost: Rose_Quartz 16.000. Uranium 70.000

Power of thawt (Snow-Sloth?)Edit

...icy what you did there.

Power of Thawt

  • Code: gelu!!!!
  • Strength: 1111
  • Type/abstratus: Metakind, Pillowkind, Glovekind, Flying
  • Sparkles Affinity: 111%
  • Size: Average (20)
  • Cost:  61 Meta, 6111111111 Mist, 6111111111 Moonstone, 6111111111 Silk, 61 Permafrost, 6111111111 Lux, 6111111111 Opal

The Pen is Mightier than the Bladekind Edit

  • Code: zBXDVjhV
  • Power: 1250
  • Abstratus: Metakind, Penkind
  • Description: And lo, though the blades tried to gain admission with all their strength, the mighty Moderators did thus summon with pen in hand the power of the legendary Suspension Flag. So thus the Pen was declared mightier than the Bladekind.
  • Cost: 100000 Chalk, 100000 Jet
  • Recipe: ?

Hands of Mod Edit

  • It is said that imps die for no apparent reason on occasion. Those who say such things have clearly never witnessed the wrath of Mod. He is our creator. He is our destroyer. It is Him. Fear His fury.
    • Code: dhx!!?t!
    • Strength: 1337
    • Bonuses: +42 all
    • Type/abstratus: Metakind
    • Cost: 69 Meta

Clarification FlagEdit

Freeze those imps in their tracks- not that you know how, but that's exactly what this yellow flag does- at least until they pause, and address their issues. Which should be quite a while, knowing imps.

  • Code: d37aIL5!
  • Strength: 2000
  • Aggrieve: 50
  • Aggress: 50
  • Abjure: 50
  • Abstain: 50
  • Type/abstratus: Flagkind, Metakind
  • Cost: 150000 Build Grist, 125000 Amber, 125000 Gold, 125000 Topaz
  • Size: Average (20)
  • Effect:  This weapon can knock enemies over with powerful swing

Apostrophe Sign "Wrath of the Overseer" Edit

This spellcard rains down a deluge of apostrophes of all the colours of the rainbow on your opposition, with side effects of mild reality warping. You get the feeling you probably shouldn't use this unless you absolutely have to.

  • Code: xkV!lt!J
  • Strength: 2000
  • Type/abstratus: Cardkind, metakind
  • Size: Average (20)
  • Cost: 111700 Artifact Grist, 279200 Opal, 279200 Polychromite, 279200 Rainbow.

Censor Bar Edit

DISCLAIMER: This is not fit for viewing by the public.

  • Code: CENSORED
  • Type/abstratus: metakind, bodygear, headgear, facegear, accessory
  • Base power: 2000
  • Cost: 202,767 Jet, 202,767 Obsidian, 202,767 Tar

Bladekind Banhammer Edit

  • During the tumultuous bladekind submission war of '14, one of the almighty Devs looked down upon the debacle and decided to end it, leaving the forging of a new almighty weapon to a young player. What they made went down in history as the strongest weapon against dumb submissions and enemies alike, and now it's within your grasp.
    • Recipe: ?
    • Cost: 312812 Build. 312812 Amber. 312812 Amethyst. 312812 Artifact. 312812 Blood. 312812 Caulk. 312812 Chalk. 312812 Cobalt. 312812 Cobalt. 312812 Copper. 312812 Diamond. 312812 Emerald. 312812 Frosting. 312812 Garnet. 312812 Gold. 312812 Iodine. 312812 Jet. 312812 Malachite. 312812 Marble. 312812 Mercury. 312812 Obsidian. 625625 Opal. 625625 Polychromite. 312812 Quartz. 625625 Rainbow. 312812 Redstone. 312812 Rock Candy. 312812 Rose Quartz. 312812 Ruby. 312812 Rust. 312812 Shale. 312812 Star Sapphire. 312812 Sulfur. 312812 Sunstone. 312812 Tar.  312812 Titanium. 312812 Topaz. 312812 Uranium.
    • Code: b3W5ViXV
    • Power: 9999
    • Type/abstratus: Metakind; Hammerkind
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