The Medium is a mysterious realm that serves as the main location of Sburb. Players must build up their houses to reach seven gates and defeat their denizen, thus winning the game.

How to Enter the Medium Edit

Entering the medium is a rather challenging task, despite it being one of the first things you have to do. Many players back out here do to its confusing requirements and lack of instructions on how to enter.

Step 1: Choose a strife specibus Edit

This is important as we will need to come back here later, but getting this part taken care of now will save us some time. Click the strife tab (The angry red man) and select Portfolio. From there you will choose your strife specibus (choose wisely, your choice will be permanent.) and then you may proceed to the next step.

Step 2: Captchalogue your necessary items Edit

Now what you want to do is click on the items tab (what looks like a bunch of rainbow desktop files) and select "Item Catalogue. Go through the drop down menu until you find the Computer (laptop also works). Once you have it selected, captchalogue it. Now go to the second drop down menu (weapons tab) and select a weapon that correlates with the strife specibus you selected earlier. captchalogue that too. (if the specibus you chose has multiple items associated with it, you may captchalogue all of them if you wish.)

Step 3: Equip your weapon Edit

Now go back to the Strife Portfolio from earlier. Scroll to the bottom and there should be an option to add your weapon to your strife deck. once you do so, scroll back up and "equip as main weapon." Once you do so you are ready for the next step!

Step 4: drop your computer Edit

Click on the inventory tab (Looks like one red file with a minecraft cube) and select inventory. From there you want to select your computer from the dropdown tab and then "drop" it on "nobody in particular." Now you can access the sburb tab.

Step 5: Deploy your stuff Edit

(This walkthrough assumes that you are your own server player. If someone else is your server player, they need to perform this step instead.)

Click the Sburb tab (green spirograph) and select SBURB Server. From here you have the option to deploy machines in your client's house. Deploy all of the machines as well as a captchalogue card.

Step 6: Pop the lid Edit

Now under the same tab click SBURB Client. From there there is an option to pop the lid off of your cruxtruder. Normally if you try to do this you will fail to do so because you tried with your puny hands. However, because we went ahead and assigned a strife specibus and equipped a weapon, we successfully pop open the lid and now you can prototype your sprite! Go ahead and do so now under the profile tab (yellow smiling man) although prototyping is not required to enter the medium.

(Step 7 can be skipped if you copy the code from the pre-punched card and use it in the alchemy tab[found under inventory])

Step 7: Now it gets complicated. Edit

Now we want to look at the cruxtruder menu and produce one dowel. Now this is where a LOT of people get stuck because there is actually a glitch in this part. Go back to the inventory tab and captchalogue the cruxite dowel you just made. Now drop it again. This seems pointless and like a waste of time, but it is the only way the system can register that you have a dowel on you. Go back to the SBURB client page and look at the totem lathe menu. Select the captchalogue card your server player gave you (if you dont have it, you skipped step 5!) as your first card and carve your totem! Now go back to your inventory and captchalogue the carved totem. Go back to the SBURB Client and scan the Cruxite totem using the alchemiter menu at the bottom.

Step 8: Enter the Medium! Edit

Now all that's left to do is go to your inventory and captchalogue your artifact. Use it on nobody in particular and you are ready to enter the medium!

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