Macekind is one of the strife specibi available in the Overseer Project. The "mace" in the name apparently means the bludgeoning weapon and the spray. Interestingly, most items are cross-specibus. There are currently 62 weapons of this abstratus, many of them undiscovered

Base Items

Medieval Mace
Abstratus: Macekind
Strength: 4
Description: A long, flanged blunt weapon from times of early warfare. This replica weapon isn't as impressive as the real thing, but it's a lump of metal on a stick at the very worst so you can still brain some imps with it.

Alchemized Items


This mace is made of solid ice. It's also quite delicious, but if you're going to lick it, mind the spikes...

  • Code: Z2HHX8G8
  • Power: 12
  • Abstratus: Macekind
  • Cost: 9 Build Grist, 11 Frosting


Couch Potato Masher

After having its revenge, the potato decided to settle down and watch some TV for a while. Don't worry, it was already a vegetable.

  • Code: tHfPDlsl
  • Base Power: 40
    • Assault: -15
    • Abstain: +15
  • Abstratus: macekind
  • Cost: 100 Build Grist, 70 Copper, 60 Iodine


A Grazing Mace

(Medieval Mace || Horse Poster)
Abstratus: Macekind

Code: hNzLzVVk
Strength: 23
Description: It's an average looking mace, except for the majestic metal horse head at the end. You TOTALLY won't pretend to ride it any time in the near future. Nope.

Prospit Globe

  • Code: SAVMHiZZ
  • Base power: 27
  • Size: average (20)
  • Type/abstratus: macekind
  • Description: Although designed for ornamental purposes, the massive amount of spires and pointy towers on this thing makes it a fairly respectable weapon.

Double-Ended Dice Flail

  • (ACME Weighted Rear-View Mirror Dice || Medieval Mace)
    Abstratus: Macekind, Dicekind
    Strength: 236
    Description: Heavy, tethered dice blocks with spikes coming out of each side corresponding to the dots. Sure to spice up any game of D&D.

Green Sun on a Stick

(Sun on a Stick && Magic Cue Ball)

Code: s3zWc5W6

Cost: 999999 Opal, 999999 Polychromite, 999999 Rainbow, 999999 Uranium
Abstratus: Macekind, Clubkind
Strength: 9999
All Active + Passive Bonus: 100
Description: A ball of green fire on the end of a stick. It draws its power from an unknown, yet unlimited source.

Flamin' Mace

(Medieval Mace || Lighter)
Abstratus: Macekind
Strength: 22
Description: It's a mace on fire! Not very much fire, but every bit helps!

Medieval Flail

(Medieval Mace && Chain)

Code: Y001X0Ke

Abstratus: Macekind, Chainkind
Strength: 18
Description: It is a flail. A spiked ball and chain. Stabby-stabby smashy-smashy.

Prospit Globe

(Globe || Gold Brick)
Abstratus: Macekind
Strength: 27
Description: Although designed for ornamental purposes, the massive amount of spires and pointy towers on this thing makes it a fairly respectable weapon.

Skull on a Stick (Staff || Skull)
Abstratus: Macekind, Staffkind
Strength: 35
Description: If you need a description for this, your IMAGINATION stat is too low.

Spiked Chandelier Flail (Chandelier && Medieval Mace)
Abstratus: Macekind, Chainkind, Lanternkind
Strength: 250
Aggress Bonus: 10
Assail Bonus: 12
Assault Bonus: 16
Description: An ornate chandelier covered in more spikes than your average Gothic mansion. The flaming candles just add insult to injury for whoever you smash it into.

Steel Skull on a Stick (Skull on a Stick && Steel Bar)
Abstratus: Macekind, Staffkind
Strength: 85
Assault Bonus: 2
Abuse Bonus: 2
Accuse Bonus: 2
Description: Now with 100% more METALLIC ACTION!!!

Black Sheep Blackjack

  • Abstratus: Macekind
  • Code: tU7LPRz?
  • Strength: 1313
  • Assault: +75
  • Abuse: +75
  • Cost: 115,000 Jet, 55,000 Tar, 30,000 Obsidian, 50 Chalk

Description: This bludgeon is composed of spikes as sharp as knives between a coat of black wool that camouflages with the night. Black sheep, black sheep, have you any wool? No, but I've got three bodybags full of stiffs. Now shut the hell up or you'll make four.

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