A variety of Status Effects can be caused by the player or their enemies. The following is a list of all possible effects and their, erm, effects.

Applied EffectsEdit

The following list of effects can be applied on a target.


A timestopped strifer will be unable to move for two turns (including the turn it was inflicted). Associated with the Time aspect.

Watery GelEdit

A strifer with Waterygel will take 10% increased damage per hit. Associated with the Life aspect.


The poison will take away Y% of the strifer's health each turn. Associated with the Doom aspect.


A shrunken strifer will deal less damage per round. Associated with the Space aspect.


A strifer that is bleeding will lose 1% of their health and power every turn. Associated with the Blood aspect.


A hopeless strifer has a 50% chance to not attack. The status has a chance of lifting (equal to the percentage dealt to the enemy times 2, up to 66%) when the strifer inflicts damage successfully. Associated with the Hope aspect.


A disoriented strifer will be unable to fight with its allies effectively, nullifying the boost it would normally get from being in a group with other strifers as well as its effect on the boost of other strifers. Associated with the Mind aspect.


The strifer is distracted for one round, losing a turn. Associated with the Mind aspect.


While enraged, the strifer defends poorly and damage dealt to it is increased by 10% of its current power level. Associated with the Rage aspect. Cancelled out by Mellow.


While mellowed, the strifer cares less about the battle and damage it deals is reduced by 10% of its current power level. Associated with the Rage aspect. Cancelled out by Enraged.


The enemy has a chance to fail to attack each round. Associated with the Void aspect.


The fire of Burning deals static damage every round until it is put out. It also has a (relatively small) chance to inflict Distracted, depending on how much damage it is doing. Associated with the Rage aspect. Cancelled out by Freezing.


The strifer switches sides. Associated with the Heart aspect.

Resistance ModifierEdit

This status applies additional resistance to a strifer.

Weapon EffectsEdit


Format is AFFINITY:X:Y. A weapon with this tag has Y% increased elemental effectiveness of aspect X. If the user's aspect matches the item's affinity, the effectiveness is further increased. Some strifers resist specific aspects. The aspect does not have to be a selectable one; an obscure affinity cannot be resisted by strifers, but it cannot be boosted by players. Affinity can be placed on WEARABLES to produce resistance to aspect-related effects as well.

Life StealEdit

Format is LIFESTEAL:X:Y. The weapon has a X% chance to heal the user by Y% of the damage dealt to a strifer. The amount healed is reduced if the strifer has Blood resistance, and strifers with greater than 100% Blood resistance will damage the player with this effect instead.


Format is RANDAMAGE:X. The weapon's damage output will vary by +/- X%. Used for luck-based or inconsistent weapons.


Format is KNOCKDOWN:X. The weapon has a chance to knock strifers down and make them skip a turn. The chance is equal to four times the percentage of the strifer's max health that the attack did, multiplied by X.

Apply Status EffectEdit

This effect has a change to apply a specific Applied Status Effect on the target.

Passive/Non-Strife EffectsEdit

Some items have effects that have nothing to do with strife, as they may be passive or involve special properties.

Storage EffectEdit

Format is STORAGE:X. When placed in storage, this item provides certain effects based on X keyword(s). Storage effects will be listed elsewhere eventually.


Format is CODEHOLDER. Used for Captcha Cards and Cruxite Dowels, which can hold a code.


Format is DEPLOYABLE[:X:Y]. This item can be deployed by a server into their client's storage. This includes the canon alchemy machinery (Cruxtruder, Punch Designix, etc). X/Y are optional parameters that can determine cost from the Deploy menu, or maximum allowed in storage.


Format is OBSCURED. This item's code cannot be read by the naked eye, and requires an Intellibeam Laserstation to add the code to the Atheneum or use in alchemy.

Ghost Image CreatorEdit

Format is GHOSTER. When in the inventory, the holder will automatically create a ghost image of any item they encounter but cannot captchalogue. This ghost image contains the code of the item, but cannot be physically used or stored.


Format is GRANT:(status). While equipped, you are treated as having the given status effect(s). Any form of status can be granted in this way, including temporary roletechs and imbuements of other effects.


Format is READ:(X). Allows the player to read the item from their Inventory.

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