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Knifekind is one of the strife specibi available in the Overseer Project. They can be one or two handed weapons, and are often cross-specibus.

Base Items[]

Throwing Knife[]

Description: A cheap throwing knife. Where'd you get this, the internet?

Code: C5M9g!pq

  • Power: 3

Butcher Knife[]

Description:A simple butcher's knife. Tried and tested for cutting flesh!


  • Power: 3

Meat Cleaver[]

Description:A king-sized knife made for chopping up thick organic matter. Oh hey, that's just what imps are made out of! What convenience.

Code: rKWDP0LQ

  • Power: 3

Trusty Knife[]

Description: An old makeshift knife fashioned from one of those mailbox arm flappy things.

Code: nBmwqcrO

  • Power: 1
  • Aggrieve: +1

Swiss Army Knife[]

Description:A Pocket Knife / Multitool that can be quite useful in a multitude of situations.

Code: GId6BuPI.

  • Power:3
  • Assail: +1
  • Abuse: +1

Shared Specibus: Tool Kind

Dual Knives[]

Description:A pair of sharp knives, well-balanced for relentless dual wielding.


  • Power: 6
  • Assail: +1


Description: A small, sharp tool typically used for surgical procedures.


  • Power: 1
  • Aggrieve: +3
  • Abuse: +2


Trusty Knife[]

Description: An old makeshift knife fashioned from one of those mailbox arm flappy things.

Code: nBmwqcrO

  • Power: 1
  • Aggrieve: +1

Alchemized Weapons[]

Name Code Strength Description Cost Extra abstratus Recipe
Dagger of Time tKnlT1NR 15

Assail: +3

An ancient Persian dagger, with the power of altering the flow of time to some extent. Powers like these are dime a dozen in the realm of SBURB though.
  • 24 Rust
  • 6 Sandstone
Dual Flaming Knives f130G0A0 20

Abuse: +4

Knives. That are on fire. Excalibur, eat your heart out.
  • 25 Build Grist
  • 20 Amber
  • 4 Sunstone
NIFE -20

Aggrieve: +10
Aggress: -20
Assail: -20
Assault: -20
Abuse: +10
Accuse: -20
Abjure: -20
Abstain: -20

This incredibly shitty knife is probably the worst thing you've ever had

a hand in creating. How HIGH were you when you had the idea to make this? It emanates j-peg artifacts...

Butcher Knife && Picture of Hella Jeff
Ravetastic Knife xlmwrdzv 4

Aggrieve: +2

A trusty blade forged from a broken off mailbox danglybit and a whole

lot of cheap glowsticks. It emits a radioactive glow and is no doubt bad for you, but totally fun at parties. Knife parties.

Trusty Knife || Glowsticks
Ravetastic Neckknife RDW2XYrG Power: 12 When not in use, you can hang this flashing knife around your neck by the length of rope it bears.
Magic Throwing Knife TlM!w!pq 5 It's a knife which holds a magic aura. It contain a power of amulet.
  • 6 Build Grist
  • 5 Copper
Throwing Knife || Amulet
Twin Blades !V!7!TFs 8 Huh, this doesn't seem much different than the knives you used? Yet they

feel more comfortable and give you a strange compulsion to wear red and run with them behind you.

  • 10 Copper
Dual Knives || .hack//GU Set
Dull Bread Cutters 12

Abstain: +3

Look at these pieces of crap. They look like bad manga ripoffs. Dual Knives && Shitty Sword
Switchblade 16
Assault: +4
Abuse: +4
Now it's safe, Now it's not!
  • 8 Build Grist
  • 18 Jet
Tesla Knives 01M8Y0p0 20 These knives have built in tesla coils that discharge shocking amounts of electricity upon impact.
  • 26 Build Grist
  • 20 Copper
Throwing Knife && Tesla Coil
More Throwing Knives jTND!!xs 22

Assail: +22

"And what do we throw apart from throwing knives?"
  • 22 build grist
  • 22 copper
Throwing Knife || Dual Knives
Dual Cleavers vVNdt7R? 22 When one cleaver won't do, get two! Handy for all the chopping you'll have to do to get past these Imps!
  • 31 Build Grist
  • 19 Blood
Dual Knives || Meat Cleaver
Lighter Knives 24 A pair of flame-patterned knives that spit out flames from their edges. Just click the handles and instant flames! Lighter || Dual Knives
Kunai 24

Assail: +2

A basic ninja tool which has gained increased public attention from the animes. Ninjakind Throwing Knife || Pointy Anime Shades
Double Shrek Blades XO10o40o 27

Aggress: +4

When you just want everyone to stay out of your swamp, nothing gets the message across like these bright green stabs. Dual Knives && Shrek DVD
Pointy Anime Knives 30

Assail: +5

For some reason, wielding these makes you want to shout heartfelt rants

at your opponents before you dramatically fight them. Or at least before you dramatically pose at them.

Dual Knives && Pointy Anime Shades
Dual Knifelights 1024d01q 30
Assault: +10
Abuse: +10
Now you can make a totally sweet ass light show while you slash and stab stuff!
  • 28 Build Grist
  • 37 Cobalt
Dual Knives && Flashlight
Apple Annihilator !M?zxALQ 32 A sharp object meant for you hold up to your ear. What could go wrong?

Unfortunately the signal gets jammed when the blade is covered in gore.

  • 40 Build Grist
  • 40 Chalk
  • 40 Frosting
Butcher's Knife || iPhone
Gunblades 32

Aggrieve: +2

Assail: +4

Abuse: +2

Abjure: +4

Two guns, two blades. Portable. Deadly. Symmetrical.
  • 80 Build Grist
  • 32 Gold
  • 64 Rust
Pistolkind Pistol || Dual Knives
Measuring Spear 33 You immediately craft a MEASURING SPEAR through possibly the most

advanced form of alchemy employed thusfar. This is obviously the most important thing to do first.

Spearkind Trusty Knife && Yardstick
Jackknife z5VDh!p! 35 A jackknife for the real badass dudes. Put on your Leather Jacket and your Sunglasses to be the REAL 50's Greaser that you really are. Rock the world man!
  • 30 Build Grist
  • 50 Copper
  • 5 Jet
  • 1 Tar
  • 10 Titanium
Jacks || Throwing Knives
Ecto Knife Chucks AG30uF0W 38 Like nunchucks, but with knives. Unfortunately, they heal everything they cut.
Requires 10 enemy health for every target to function. (not yet implemented)
  • 83 Build Grist
  • 73 Cobalt
  • 78 Iodine
Dual Chainknives lP7Dtb!? 38
Assail: +10
Assault: +10
Abuse: -5
Accuse: -10
Abjure: -15
Abstain: -20
Resembles two miniature chainsaws with convenient handles. It looks unnecessarily dangerous.
  • 100 Build Grist
  • 501 Tar
Chainsawkind Dual Knives || Chainsaw
Deuce Daggerlances fP3l!N!? 45

Assail: +10

These are too short to joust with. You probably alchemized these to exploit the strife specibus system. Lancekind Jousting Lance || Dual Knives
Abracadagger 50

Aggrieve: -1

Assail: +1

Assault: +3

Abuse: -1

Abjure: +4

A magical dagger, covered in whimsy and wonder. And also, you suspect, some dried blood and bits of organ. Charming. Wandkind Simple Wand && Butcher Knife
Dual Lacrosse Knives 8121Y43q 55 Two short lacrosse sticks sharpened at the ends like knives.
  • 200 Build grist
  • 1500 Mercury
  • 200 Tar
Sportskind Throwing Knife && Dual knives
Tangle Stabbies 55

Aggrieve: +4

Assail: +2

Accuse: +2

Abstain: +4

Two brightly colored knives covered in Squiddle decals. An invisible force seems to pull them together.
  • 2400 Build Grist
  • 22 Emerald
  • 22 Rose quartz
  • 4800 Tar
  • 22 Topaz
Dual Knives && Squiddles Lunchbox
Dual Meat Slicing Blades 58 Two sharp butcher knives excellent for cutting enemies' flesh. Dueal Knives || Meat Cleaver
Timestabbing Thorn 81K90NWa Power: 65

assault: +1
abjure: -1

A flashy green knife. When thrown, it travels backwards through time and hits an enemy before the battle even started. Good luck finding it if you miss though!

Abstratus: knifekind

  • 515 Build Grist
  • 155 Malachite
  • 215 Uranium
Slick's Hook q405H042 70

Aggress: +4

Because nothing says "hello" like a friendly stab!
  • 600 Build Grist
  • 400 Jet
  • 500 Obsidian
Butcher Knife && Midnight Crew Poster
Russian Ratscrews 71

Abstain: +7

Knives with revolving gun barrels as blades. Or maybe they're guns that

look and feel like knives? Either way, with these holstered at your side, you won't have much to worry about. Comrade.

Pistolkind Dull Bread Cutters || Hard-Boiled Pistol
Kamaitachi 88 Makes you feel like doing the bird run, but that's probably a bad idea. Handheld Sickle && Dual Knives
Ghost Blades 90

Assail: +8

Oh boy, just what you needed - some high quality fishing lures! ...wait, these are knives. What a scam! More Throwing Knifes || Dark Souls
Blades of Rage hP7r!Mh! 112

Aggrieve: +13

Aggress: +13

Abjure: +7

Abstain: +7

So-called because of the rage wielding this weapon instills when a monster fails to defeat you.
  • 15000 Build Grist
  • 12000 Blood
  • 6000 Obsidian
  • 200 Titanium
Dark Souls || Dual Knives
Diatomic Partners 153

Assail: +7

Assault: +8

Abjure: -7

Abstain: -8

Democritus and Dalton have nothing on these. Chemistry Set || Dual Knives
Ice Shards WP3414Ac 194

Aggress: -10
Assail: +5
Assault: -10
Abuse: -10
Accuse: -5
Abjure: +10
Abstain: +20

A pair of sharpened icicles for stabbing and slashing your opponents.

Conveniently, they never dull. Or melt. Even if you were on the Land of Heat and Clockwork. Yeah, fantasy weapons are a bit dumb at times.

  • 1000 Build Grist
  • 250 Diamond
  • 250 Quartz
  • 250 Star_Sapphire
Dual Knives && Ice Sculpture
Blades of Drunken Rage !TN!!Mx! 200

Aggress: +18

Abjure: -10

Abstain: -10

Few enemies can withstand the fury of a warrior who is both enraged and totally hammered.
  • 20000 Build Grist
  • 25000 Blood
  • 18000 Mercury
  • 8000 Titanium
Blades of Rage || Bottle Of Vodka
Beam Cutters e100K40c 289

Assault: +30

Two blades of concentrated light. Great at parties and weddings!
  • 9999 Diamond
  • 2999 Opal
  • 999 Rainbow
Laserkind Dual Knives && Laser Pointer
Sweeney's Revenge 650

Aggrieve: +25

Aggress: +30

These razors give off an intense aura of violence, vengeance, and.....singing?! Razorkind Butcher Shop Duet || Straight Razor
7 of Spades / Bait and Switchblade tVl!RV!! 700 Treat your enemies to a bit of the old BAIT AND SWITCHBLADE.
  • 37777 Obsidian
  • 77777 Tar
  • 7777 Titanium
Cardkind Butcher Knife || Blackjack Deck
Black Cleaver WM2302Hc 735

Abuse: +10

Accuse: +30

An ideal weapon for the king to get his hands dirty.
  • 50000 Build Grist
  • 35000 Obsidian
  • 35000 Tar
  • 25000 Titanium
J. Geil no Danha! 825 It's simple, really: The more glass The Emperor breaks, the more reflections The Hanged Man can bounce between. What baffles you is why there's always glass above your opponent. Pistolkind The Hanged Man || The Emperor v1.1
Jolly Jugulator rSh!PO!w 1250 Bring a healthy dose of holiday cheer, one wound at a time.
  • 250000 Blood
  • 40000 Diamond
  • 90000 Malachite


Butcher's Knife || Fancy Santa
Farmer's Market Negotiators zTVD!!x! 1340

Aggrieve: +15

Aggress: +30

Assault: -20

Abuse: -10

Abstain: +15

When you need a good deal on something, popping these into somebody's hand will surely lower the price.
  • 120000 Build grist
  • 240000 Blood
  • 100000 Marble
  • 40000 Polychromite
Dual Knives II Jackknife
Blades of Athena 1600

Assail: +30

Assault: +60

Abjure: +15

Accuse: -30

Powerful blades blessed by the goddess Athena. Don't go trying to kill any gods with them though. You're not Kratos. Sweeny's Revenge && God of War Disk
Ahab's Hooks 2000 Salty hooks for only the oceans most desperate of fishers. The knives

are actually not real fishing hooks, though they are hooked on the tip, fishing with them is not highly advised.

Ahab's Crosshairs || Dual Knives
Mehrune's Razor ee4L0440 3000

Abuse: +200

It is unknown whether the Daedric Prince of Destruction used this weapon

to cut short his facial hair, but in your hands you can be certain it is the lives of your enemies that will be cut short. Or your facial hair if you want, I guess. Who's going to argue when you've got this thing?

  • 100000 Blood
  • 50000 Diamond
  • 100000 Obsidian
  • 70000 Titanium
Straight Razor && Skyrim: Collector's Edition
Heaven's Mirror Knife Inferno Launchers fJLb4bdl 9999

Aggrieve: +6666
Aggress: +7777
Assail: +8888
Assault: +9999
Abuse: +8888
Accuse: +7777
Abjure: +6666



You didn't know fire could be reflective like that. Or that the knives

in the fire were reflective too. Really, this boils down to a gun that shoots infinity mirrors where each reflection gets torched and stabbed.

  • 22000000 Build Grist
  • 10195910 Copper
  • 7192530 Garnet
  • 9998490 Mercury
  • 2434970 Polychromite
  • 4701040 Ruby
  • 8236810 Rust
  • 3795620 Sulfur
  • 3376720 Titanium

Flamthrowerkind, Knifekind, Mirrorkind

J. Geil no Danha! || Sodom and Gommorah
Galaxial Green Sun Dragonshaver e84L0400 9999

















This blade releases faint green energy which hums when you whip it through the air. Legends tell that it has the power to cleave whole galaxies in twain and pierce the hardest dragon scales.
  • 20000000 Build Grist
  • 3800000 Obsidian
  • 2000000 Opal
  • 2000000 Polychromite
  • 1875000 Rainbow
  • 3500000 Titanium
  • 4000000 Uranium
Schrodingers Throadslipper 80I8e8nG 367

Assail: +40,

Abuse: +40

When nobody looks for it, it is jammed in everyone.
7 of Spades / Bait and Switchblade tVl!RV!! 700

aggrieve: +70

Treat your enemies to a bit of the old BAIT AND SWITCHBLADE. Cardkind
Dark Matter Time Cleaver WI2100Hc 1130

Time affinity: 10%

Pulverize the very fabric of space time using this incredibly dangerous Dark Matter Time Cleaver. Just be careful not to open up any black holes. Or paradoxes. Perhaps this weapon is best left to time players.