Items are in this case, non-consumables. Items often don't have any effects on the game. A player can use them in Alchemy. You can also classify base weapons as item ie Ice cube, lighter, etc. Items also can be found in the Catalogue.

Catalogue Edit

.hack//GU Set Edit

It's a set of all 3 games from the .hack//GU game series.So wait, it's a video game based on an anime about video games... sounds legit.

  • Code: sNy7xPCo
  • 6 grist

3D glasses Edit

A pair of glasses with red and blue lenses. You find the multicolored lenses to be a bit strenuous on your eyesight, so you decide to wear them on your forehead

  • Code: tCDaUodB
  • Accessory
  • 6 grist
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