Glovekind is one of the Strife Abstrati located on The Overseer Project. It has a wide variety of weapons available for Alchemizing. 

The first four Glovekind weapons available at the beginning of a session are the 'Fancy Gloves', the 'Gardening Gloves', the 'Boxing Gloves', and the 'Sock Puppet'. The strongest Glovekind weapon to date is the 'STRONG Ahab's Crossmare Glove' with a power of 9999 and doubles as a Riflekind. There are currently over 159 different Glovekind weapons.

Base Glovekind Weapons

Weapon: Fancy Gloves

Abstratus: glovekind

Satus: Two-handed

Strength: 1

Code: da5vwagf

Description: Soft silky formal gloves for formal people and/or corpses.

Weapon: Gardening Gloves === Abstratus: Glovekind

Status: Two-Handed


Code: ALrfw!zQ

Description: A pair of gardening gloves. The padding allows you to strike harder than you could otherwise.

Weapon: Sock Puppet

Abstratus: Puppetkind/Glovekind

Status: Single-handed

Strength: 1

Aggrieve bonus: +2

Abuse bonus: +2

Code: DwyTNbKD

Description: Its pretty much just a sock with some crummy button eyes glued on. You wish you could've picked a sock to deface that didn't smell this awful.

Alchemized Weapons

List is done in Ascending Power order, excluding the Base three Weapons.

Codes and materials are whited out, materials are next to the name of the object.

Weapon: Cheater's Gloves [[Fancy Gloves ll Blackjack Deck]]

Abstratus: Glovekind

Status: Two-handed

Strength: 6

Code: [tlF!x!?l]

Description: With these on, you'll always have an ace up your sleeve!

Required Grist: Build 2, Jet 8

Weapon: Microwave Gloves

Abstratus: Glovekind

Strength: 10

Code: ?vh!yDT?

Description: Fire microwaves out of the palms of your hands, irradiating enemies and heating them up at the same time!

Required Grist: 15 Build_Grist, 10 Rust, 1 Sunstone

Weapon: Bandaged Gloves [[Bandages && Gardening Gloves]]

Abstratus: Glovekind

Status: Two-handed

Strength: 15

Code: [00WWmk8O]

Description: Gloves made out of bandages... are you sure this will work?

Required Grist: Build 10, Blood 10

Weapon: Studded Biker Gloves [[Leather Jacket ll Gardening Gloves]]

Abstratus: Glovekind

Status: Two-handed

Strength: 32

Code: [QTzlx!!w]

Description: Studded leather gloves. An excellent reserve weapon if you can't find a tire iron or chain to hit things with.

Required Grist: 25 build, 15 Rust

Weapon: Vongola's Heirloom [[Fancy Gloves && Blowtorch]]

Abstratus: Glovekind

Status: Single-handed

Strength: 227

Code: [Xa5n2aAW]

Description: Gloves fit for the boss of the mafia. Literally, these are the boss's badass gloves.

Required Grist: 477 Build, 30,303 Blood, 30,303 Rust

Weapon: Vongola's Dreams

Code: [XcMq64du]

Strength: 500

Abuse: 25

Accuse: 25

Abjure: 25

Abstain: 25

Description: Black finger-less gloves that have a blue ring permanently attached to the sleeve for the middle finger. The back of the glove sports a dome with a large "X" mark on it. Inside the dome, one can see the outline of a creature made with pure flame. With enough willpower, one can summon the creature to aide one in battle!

Cost: 50000 Build, 50000 Blood, 50000 Rust

Weapon: Fist of Tebigong [[STRONG gloves && Book of Mythology]]

Abstratus: Glovekind

Status: Two-handed

Strength: 760

Assault: +40

Accuse: -10

Abjure: -20

Abstain: -40

Code: [01a4GH1Y]

Description: One of Master Dashi's ancient artifacts of power. Great at cracking the earth. Not so great at cracking equally mystical tunics.

Required Grist: 100,000 Build, 121,000 Gold, 40,000 Redstone

Weapon: Golden Drilling Gauntlets

Type/abstratus: glovekind, diggerkind

Strength: 2500

Abuse: 240

Code: [yARK4ixt]

Description: Some truly opulent drilling gauntlets. Pity you can't use them without getting dirty with all the ore, dirt, and/or blood.

Cost: 350000 Blood, 250000 Gold, 75000 Obsidian, 25000 opal, 50000 titanium

Weapon: Gold-Fingered Gauntlets of the Crimson King

Code: 010W0408

Type/abstratus: glovekind

Strength: 3666

Cost: 180000 Emerald, 260000 Gold, 220000 Ruby

Description: What was once part of the armor of a legendary king of scarlet has been imbued with Midas' magic: they now turn whatever they touch into solid gold. They also shoot golden bullets when you make a finger gun, which earns you both style points and a sizable fortune in the gold market.

Weapon: Frost Mage's Gloves of White Defense

  • Strength: 1111
  • Description: These strange, silvery-white gloves are studded with ever-frozen ice crystals. They seem to be capable of creating a shield whilst healing you.
  • Code: 004WW028
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