A strife specibus available on the Overseer Project.

Base ItemsEdit

Bag of Marbles

Bag of Marbles

Don't lose these.

  • Code: ZbgM?x0q
  • Strength: 3
  • Aggrieve: 2
  • Abstratus: Gamekind
  • Cost: 3 Build Grist, 3 Marble

Chess Set

Chess Set

A board used to play chess, along with some pieces. Aside from being the source of large quantities of symbolism, it makes a pretty efficient bludgeon.

  • Code: 6MAALkrZ
  • Strength: 7
  • Abstratus: Gamekind
  • Cost: 4 Build Grist, 1 Chalk, 1 Jet



Destroy your enemy through the power of CHAIN REACTION! ...Or you could just throw them or something...

  • Code: d0M1n035
  • Strength: 2
  • Aggrieve: 1
  • Assail: 1
  • Abstratus: Gamekind
  • Cost: 6 Build Grist

Game Dice

Game Dice

A set of two hard game dice that's probably only as scary as either of its parent items. At least it hurts when enemies step on them. Or roll them and step on your Mayfair hotel.

  • Code: 00P5062k
  • Strength: 7
  • Abstratus: Dicekind, Gamekind
  • Cost: 15 Build Grist, 4 Marble



A set of knobbly metal jacks to be thrown in the air and caught. Preferably by your opponent's face.

  • Code: n0TD1c3!
  • Strength: 3
  • Assail: 1
  • Abstratus: Gamekind
  • Cost: 4 Build Grist

R.O.B. the Robot

R.O.B. the Robot

He's slow as shit, works with two games, and is loud as hell, but you can't help but love him. He helped save the gaming industry, too!

  • Code: M!DGQOlD
  • Strength: 5
  • Abstratus: Gamkind, Statuekind
  • Cost: 5 Build Grist, 1 Rust

Super Scope

Super Scope

The Super Scope, or Nintendo Scope in Europe and Australia, is the official Super Nintendo light gun. The successor to the NES Zapper, unfortunately it is powered by six AA batteries.

  • Code: fnUjgLsI
  • Strength: 4
  • Abstratus: Gamekind, Riflekind
  • Cost: 5 Build Grist, 2 Chalk, 2 Uranium

Toy Block
Fun blocks to play with. Not to step on.

  • Code: NVyzSQV7
  • Strength: 6
  • Abstratus: Gamekind, Toykind
  • Cost: 5 Build Grist

Video-Game ControllerEdit

You could um. Throw them. Or something. At least you can play some games now.

  • Code:hAFh172
  • Strength: 1
  • Abstratus: Gamekind, Controllerkind
  • Cost: 2 Build Grist

Alchemized ItemsEdit

Exploding MarblesEdit

Marbles with an explosive core that activate on contact. Seemingly useless one at a time, but lethal in large amounts.

  • Code: hlks?!Wz
  • Strength: 27
  • Assault: 3+
  • Abuse: 3+
  • Abstratus: Explosivekind, Gamekind
  • Cost: 27 Build Grist, 15 Sulfur

Item: Cybertronic R.O.B. Edit

Description: You rebuilt him. You had the technology. You made him better than he was before. Smarter. Faster. Stronger. You doubt it'd sell on today's market though.

Code: ?!lrVxlT

Type/abstratus: gamekind, statuekind

Size: large (40)

Strength: 65

Cost: 140 Build_Grist, 160 Copper, 400 Titanium

Item: B.R.O. the Brobot Edit

Description: A plastic toy robot with a hat and a skateboard. Comes programmed with cheat codes for thousands of games, but the only way to access them is to have it shout them out one character at a time in a grating, over-the-top announcer voice.

Code: ?!zoQ?!!

Combination: R.O.B. the Robot || GameBro Magazine

Type/abstratus: gamekind, statuekind

Size: large (40)

Strength: 33

Cost: 500 Gold, 250 Redstone

Candy Land

Strength: 10

Code: W00Wg23e

Description: Fight through trials and tribulations to rescue the king of this saccharine world! Or...something like that. You're pretty sure you haven't touched this since you were five.

Combination currently unknown

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