Fankind is one of the strife specibus available in the Overseer Project. It encompasses various varieties of paper fan as well as electric fans and fandoms.

Base Items

Paper Hand Fan

Strength: 1
Aggrieve bonus: 1
Abuse bonus: 1
Description: A simple hand fan used to cool off on warm days.

Portable Electric Fan

Strength: 1
Description: Pretty handy for keeping cool. Not good for much else.

Alchemized Weapons

Bladed Paper Fan (Paper Hand Fan && Throwing Knife)

Strength: 16
Aggrieve bonus: 2
Abuse bonus: 1
Description: Looks like it was a good idea to put pointy bits on your fan! It's heavier now, but that just means more air is pushed towards you. At least that's what you tell yourself.

Star Wars Fan (Paper Hand Fan || Star Wars: The Complete Saga)

Strength: 20
Aggress bonus: 10
Description: Slicing through dumb theories and fanning the flames between them and the Trekkies. Decorated with a fellow wearing a t-shirt with Yoda's face on it.

Razor Fan (Paper Hand Fan && Straight Razor)

Strength: 21
Description: Aluminum frame, extending past the paper surface to create wicked sharp razor edges.

Saigyouji Fan (Paper Hand Fan && Touhou CD)

Strength: 35
Description: A massive fan famous for being used by Yuyuko Saigjouyi. Holds great power, but is incredibly unwieldy due to it being a giant fan.

Fan Fiction (Paper Hand Fan || Shitty Novel Draft)

Strength: 50
Abuse penalty: -10
Accuse penalty: -15
Description: A fan covered in slightly-overlapping lines of amateurish erotic literature featuring copyrighted characters. If you slice up enough tar imps with it perhaps your own signature at the bottom will be rendered mercifully illegible.

Homestuck Crazy Fan (Paper Hand Fan && Troll Horn Headband)

Abstratus: fankind
Strength: 500
Aggrieve bonus: 50
Aggress bonus: 50
Assail bonus: 100
Assault bonus: 250
Description: This kind of fan would not bring chilling breeze, but frenzy! YOU READ THIS WEBCOMIC THIS INSTANT or he'll annoy the shit outta you.

La Fantome (???)

Courtesian's Guile (???)

Midnight Whisper (???)

Femme Fatale (???)

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