A strife specibus available on the Overseer Project.

Fancysantakind weapons are usually one-handed.

Currently there are 85 Fancysantakind weapons ingame.

Base ItemsEdit

Fancy Santa Edit


Fancy Santa

It is santa. It is fancy. It is glorious.
  • Code: HOhoHOho
  • Strength: 4
  • Abstratus: Fancysantakind
  • Cost: 25 Build Grist

Alchemized ItemsEdit

Crappily Painted Fancy Santa Edit

In an effort to make a Fancy Santa more attractive, you made it even uglier.

  • Code: VR!t!v!p
  • Strength: 1
  • Cost 111 Build, 11 Frosting, 2 Opal, 12 Shale, 11 Sulfur

Ore no Santa Edit

A weak-structured santa made out of various minerals, and worth about half the price of them all combined.

  • Code: 1OZ2GGA2
  • Strength: 4
  • Abuse: 3
  • Accuse: 3
  • Abjure: 3
  • Abstain: 3
  • Cost: 2 Build, 1 Diamond, 1 Gold, 1 Rust, 2 Shale, 1 Titanium

Battery-Operated Fancy Santa Edit

What's more scary/festive than a Fancy Santa? A battery operated one that moves on it's own, of course! You think this thing is a little frightening. But just a little.

  • Code: GGZG18WG
  • Strength: 9
  • Costs: 30 Build, 10 Blood, 10 Uranium

A Christmas Miracle Edit

A powerful staff that has the ability to shoot flaming Santa heads at the enemy. Defeated enemies explode into a heap of presents, which contains the grist.

  • Code: XIts1rls
  • Abstratus: fancysantakind, staffkind
  • Strength: 32
  • Cost: 2000 Build, 413 Diamond, 32 Gold, 421 Marble, 42 Rainbow, 13 Rock_Candy, 264 Star_Sapphire

Sleighandler Edit

  • Code: !x!t!Vx?
  • Cost: 30 Build Grist, 15 Ruby, 15 Uranium
  • Power: 40
  • Assail: +3
  • Assault: +3
  • Description: One of Saint Christopher's lesser blades, for smiting the only mildly naughty.
  • Additional Abstratus: Bladekind

Porky Santa Edit


Congrats, you just made it 4 times shittier. Unless you're a fan of the Pork Empire, then it's 100 times more awesome.

  • Code: JwhxN!!w
  • Type/Abstratus: Fancysantakind
  • Strength: 36
  • Aggrieve: 4
  • Aggress: 4
  • Size: Average (20)

Cost: 116 Build_Grist, 34 Blood

Blahsadfeguie Edit

Code: testTEST

This item is a test of Alchbuddy's stuff, if you can read this that means it worked and you can remove this item plz. If you can read this and you're a player... oh dear. (Note from the malwaredevs: We don't know how to spell Blah's name)

Type/abstratus: fancysantakind, metakind

Size: average (20)

Base power: 69

Holly Jolly Hustler Edit

Santa's got a few ho ho ho's to take care of.

  • Code: rw!!N!l!
  • Type/Abstratus: Fancysantakind
  • Strength: 123
  • Size: Average (20)

Cost: 14000 Garnet, 21000 Gold, 250 Opal

Scalemate Saint Edit

Reindeers got boring over the years. They don't even breathe fire!

Huge Bonus Holiday Cronus Edit

Oh cod he's giving you "the look." Get out from under the mistletoe!

  • Code: V!l!V!!x
  • Type/Abstratus: Fancysantakind
  • Strength: 612
  • Size: Average (20)

Cost: 96000 Shale, 16120 Sulfur, 26120 Topaz

Sun Charged Fancy Santa

One thousand suns are concentrated in the shape of a crystal fancy Santa.  Your enemies will see you coming hours before your arrival.

  • Code: lvZ!dSxl
  • Type/Abstratus: Fancysantakind
  • Strength: 1333
  • Size: Average (20)

Cost: 1000 Opal, 10000 Star Sapphire, 120000 Sunstone, 75000 Topaz

Ectoplasmic Fancy Santa Edit

Description: Just what you always wanted for christmas: a gaudy little santa modeled out of disgusting blue slime. You can't even really get a handle on this thing, if you even wanted to.

Code: 1G3oG89W

Size: average (20)

  • Power: 6
  • Aggrieve: -2
  • Aggress: -2
  • Assail: -2
  • Assault: -2
  • Abuse: +2
  • Accuse: +2
  • Abjure: +2
  • Abstain: +2

Ectoslimed Saint Nick

Code: xOls!!xx

Description: Someone sprayed blue gunk all over this poor santa. You didn't think it could look any uglier. Looks like it'll stick to an enemy, or your hands. That would be the worst case scenario because then you wouldn't be able to throw it away.

Type/abstratus: fancysantakind

Size: average (20)

Base power: 17

Fancy Santachu

Code: z!lpJu!x

Description: It's a chubby Pikachu with a santa hat and beard. No greater thing has happened to Pikachu in the history of Pikachu.

Type/Abstratus: Fancysantakind

Size: average (20)

Base Power: 25

Emerald-Clad Claus

Code: xR!xHVh?

Description: This felt Santa statue will be the perfect addition to your ever growing collection of tacky holiday knickknack weaponry. He's even got his own little number hat with a 25 on the top! Goddamn self inserts.

Type/abstratus: fancysantakind

Size: average (20)

Base power: 45

Highest passive bonus: 10

QB QB Santa

Code: !x!!VV!?

Description: This garish piece of sporting goods crap looks like it wants to make a contract with you. Maybe it'll get out of your sight if you do so?

Type/abstratus: fancysantakind

Size: average (20)

Base power: 280

Highest active bonus: 25

Santa on a Stick

Code: 0G9o0G80

Description: Establish your dominance over the lesser folk with a whack on the head from this tinsel-covered staff of unadulterated shittiness. Careful, it's REALLY ugly!

Type/abstratus: clubkind, fancysantakind

Size: average (20)

Base power: 90

Schrodinger's Santa

Code: xQx?vO!o

Description: Sadly, its wavefunction seems to have collapsed to the "shitty" state the moment you first laid eyes on it.

Type/abstratus: fancysantakind

Size: average (20)

Base power: 22

Skeletal Santa

Code: 1030G0AI

Description: Looks like Santa's been watching his weight. Amaze your enemies with this dynamic holiday fusion, and by amaze we mean smash them over the head repeatedly.

Type/abstratus: fancysantakind

Size: average (20)

Base power: 33

Solid Gold Santa

Code: 00BG083Y

Description: As if these things weren't gaudy enough already.

Type/abstratus: fancysantakind

Size: large (40)

Base power: 7

Highest passive bonus: 9

Stardust-Covered Santa

Code: HPhoJ?xs

Description: Ugh, gross, it'll take weeks to get this sparkly junk off your hands.

Type/abstratus: fancysantakind

Size: average (20)

Base power: 42

Highest active bonus: 9

Statue of Uncle Crimbo

Code: Vv!trQ!?

Description: This small statue portrays Uncle Crimbo, who has taken over the gift-distributing duties from his brother, the late Father Crimbo. Every year, he and his elves provide gifts and adventure to the Kingdom of Loathing, and his sack is absolutely bulging in this rendition. It's not much of a weapon, but it's a statue of a stick figure, so it's pointier then your usual Santa.

Type/abstratus: fancysantakind

Size: average (20)

Base power: 20

Sub-Zero Santa Bouncer

Code: aO3s1Lwk


This bouncy ball is frozen solid, never melts, and has a jolly looking Fancy Santa suspended in the center. Somehow it still bounces higher than ever.

Type/abstratus: fancysantakind, toykind, ballkind

Size: average (20)

Base power: 101

Highest active bonus: 8

Tanline Toutin' Santa

Code: 0Og2H81I

Description: A burly tan santa figurine wearing a disturbing banana hammock. Nobody should have to be subjected to finding this under the christmas tree.

Type/abstratus: fancysantakind

Size: average (20)

Base power: 37

Eternal Medieval Santa Claws of the Sun

Code: 202GX0mA

750000 Build, 75000 Gold, 100000 Rainbow, 75000 Redstone, 10000 Sunstone

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