Entertainmentkind is one of the available strife specibus. It relates to things that are seen as entertainment, but do not fall under the Gamekind or Toykind groups.

There are currently 34 unique weapons for this type.


A Playstation 1, captchalogued


This list goes in order of weakest weapon to strongest weapon, power-wise, with all of the base items listed first.

Base Items:Edit

Playstation 1

  •  Power Level: 6
  • No Bonuses
  • One Handed
  • Description: Because new things are overrated.
  • Code: 1IqUQtUj

Playstation 1 Controller

  • Power Level: 4
  • Abuse Bonus: 2
  • One Handed
  • Desciption: Well, you'd definitely feel silly if you didn't have this! Who would own a PlayStation and have no controller? Nobody, that's who!
  • Code: unrjImUK

Alchemized Items:Edit

The Happy Box

  • Power Level: 80
  • Abuse Bonus: 10
  • Aggrieve Bonus: 10
  • Two Handed
  • Description: A very boxy TV... Monitor.. Aquarium? Whatever It is, looking at the flashing lights inside makes you feel... H a p p y...
  • Code: J0890lme
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