An example of a standard Dungeon.


A Dungeon is a special location located on a player's Land where players can encounter strong enemies, find rare loot and eventually fight a Dungeon Boss.


First of all, to enter a dungeon, the Land(with the dungeon)’s owner must have built their house up to the relevant gate.

Second, there must be a connection path between your Land and the owner of the land with a dungeon in order for you to be able to access a dungeon on their Land.

This requires access to your first gate (so you can find the second down on your Land and use it) and that their house be built up to their second gate.

If those requirements are met on your server player, you may visit their Land and access any dungeons they can reach. Then you check for THEIR server player, and so on until either you come back to yourself, or the chain breaks.

The accessible dungeons are located at the 1st, 3rd, and 5th gate of every planet, and require the house on the Land you're trying to dungeon dive on to be built up to those gates.

Each dungeon run in V1 costs 3 Encounters for the first player to enter. After the Dungeon guard has been beaten, fellow players who can access the dungeon via connected chains may enter the Dungeon to assist the main player without penalty.

Each dungeon run in V2 causes some fatigue.


Monsters are encountered randomly throughout the dungeon, and feature monsters from normal planet strifes, with the addition of Oblins, Constructs and others as normal enemies, and final dungeon bosses, which are the Kraken, Hekatonchire and Lich Queen. The other players in your session cannot assist you during the battle - You're on your own, bro.

After defeating your opponents, they drop grist as normal, in addition to some loot that ranges from items to a sizeable amount of boondollars.

Detailed information on the dungeon enemies can be found here.

Gameplay Edit

In the dungeons, places you have not yet walked are denoted by a "?", white squares signify places you have walked, or can walk; black spaces signify places you have yet to walk, or cannot go; white skulls signify enemies you've absconded from, and black skull tiles are spaces with final bosses.

You move around the dungeon by clicking the ==> in the direction you wish to travel or using your keyboard's arrow keys. Additional actions require the Enter or Spacebar keys, or using the mouse.

Objects Edit

There are multiple obstacles that can be found within Dungeons, some exclusive to V1 of the game.

Spirograph Edit

A Spirograph is the symbol for the entrance/exit. You only have the option to leave the dungeon when standing in one, and doing so will bar you from reentering the current dungeon you are in. In V1, defeating the boss of a Dungeon will spawn a Spirograph on that tile for easy escape from the dungeon.

Enemies Edit

Denoted by a white skull symbol, Enemies are encountered randomly in Dungeons, often overlapping Loot tiles, and lead to the strife page when engaged. Losing in Strife or absconding from it will return you to the tile you were just on before you engaged in combat.

Boss Edit

The Boss of a Dungeon is marked with a black skull symbol and is generally the toughest enemy one will face in that Dungeon. One should exercise caution when engaging a Dungeon Boss, as the fight cannot be absconded from until either the boss or the player is felled in battle. They typically guard rare grist in high quantities that the player will receive for beating them.

Loot Edit

Items can be found randomly, and can vary in type, from notaweapons like Brick to high level weapons such as the Chitauri Staff. They can also just be regular old boondollars. The quality of the Loot depends on level of the Dungeon.

If an enemy and Loot share the same tile, the enemy must be defeated in Strife first before the Loot can be collected.

Transportalizer (V1 only) Edit

The Transportalizer allows its user to warp between connected transportalizers in that floor of the Dungeon. Transportalizer tiles you can warp to will be denoted with its symbol and a ? mark as if they were unexplored tiles connected naturally on the map.

Stairs (V1 only) Edit

Resembling a Transportalizer with a green color scheme, the Stairs lead to the next (or previous) floor of the dungeon. Arriving at the stairs for the first time will automatically refresh 3 Encounters for the player.


There are three levels you can access.

You can access by building your house up to gates 1, 3, and 5, and can also visit the dungeons of the lands of your chain.

Gate Number Needed Build Grist*
1 100
2 1,100
3 11,100
4 111,100
5 1,111,100
6 11,111,100
7 24,000,000

There is also a secret dungeon in both versions of the game, accessible through Shenanigans.

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