Prospit and Derse, collectively known as Dream Moons, are 2 planets where the players' dream selves live. When a waking self falls asleep, the dream self wakes up and vice versa.


Either Prospit or Derse can be chosen during pre-entry. If no dream moon is selected, the player's status is "unawakened", and either Prospit or Derse can be chosen from the Player Overview page later on. Once a dream moon is chosen it cannot be changed. After the dream moon is chosen, you can go to sleep/wake up at any time by pressing the Z button on the interface.


Dream selves cannot equip any weapons, wearables or recieve sprite assistance, making your power entirely determined by echeladder rung. You cannot use consumables, but you can use fraymotifs and aspect patterns, and roletechs will work normally if conditions allow.

The waking self and dream self have seperate health and aspect vials. Spending an encounter on the dream moon will recover a percentage of the waking self's vials. The opposite is true for strifing in your land or battlefield.

So far there are 5 types enemies available to strife with, defeating them will earn you boondollars. You will still climb the echeladder and earn boondollars like normal strifing.

  • 1 power: Walk Dog/Carapace Ant, ~ 400 boondollars
  • 20 power: Community Service/Dersite Mugger, ~4000 boondollars
  • 150 power: Paper Route/Dersite Hired Muscle, ~25000 boondollars
  • 300 power: Mail Delivery/Dersite Agent , ~40,000 boondollars
  • 550 power: Construct new building/Royal Assassin ~400,000 boondollars
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