Denizens are immensely powerful NPCs found in a session. Each is said to guard an immense Grist hoard, to be released upon their defeat and used for the Ultimate Alchemy, although their true purpose appears to be to offering players The Choice, which seems to vary from player to player (The Choice does not exist in current sessions).

In the game, they are very powerful monsters with a power level above 20000 that can nullify most of your effects. To fight them, you need to build to the 7th gate first with 24 million build grist, select your land on the Strife selection form and click Face Denizen.

Defeating your Denizen grants you an achievement badge and the grist hoard (which does not give you any actual grist, but is vital for completing the game in "real" sessions) and access to the Battlefield.

Types of DenizenEdit

So far there are twelve different Denizens, one for each Aspect. The known Denizens are:


The denizen of Time and Lord of the Forge (but luckily not of Time or you'd be even more screwed), Hephaestus is a massive humanoid wielding an equally massive hammer. Unfortunately, you're making a pretty tempting target for his constant, simmering anger right now. Initial power 26000, can restore his power by 2500, can reduce your power bonuses, can remove your invulnerability.


The denizen of Space, Echidna appears as a mostly human upper half (save for a set of quills running down the back of her skull and her spine), with two blue snake-like appendages for a lower half. She seems reluctant to fight you... Initial power 29000, can remove invulnerability and nullify power boosts.


The Denizen of Light, Cetus is an immense...flying...purple fish monster? Okay, you give up. It's a something, and it's trying to kill you, and that's all you really care about anyway. Initial power 21500. Reduces power bonuses by 2000 each round of battle.


The Denizen of Breath, Typheus is a massive, almost serpentine opponent with a green body, white head, razor sharp teeth, and command of both the Breeze and fire for some reason. Power 25000, can remove invulnerability, hit you with fire for what I think is an extra attack, and reduces your power bonuses.


The Denizen of Heart, Sophia is a slender, gentle-looking yet immense humanoid. She is of lower power than the other Denizens, but don't expect that to last long. Power 20000, tied with other denizens for lowest power. Can reduce your power bonuses, can remove invincibility.


The Denizen of Life, Hemera is a relatively large humanoid wearing a radiant golden scarf. You can feel the essence of all things living as she approaches you. Power of 22000, restores health by 1000 points every turn. Will occasionally deal damage to your health vial, ignoring stance mitigation and invulnerability. Will occasionally deal damage and convert that damage into health. Susceptible to status effects such as hopelessness and burning.


The denizen of Void, Nyx appears human in form, wearing what can loosely be described as a scarf made of...nothing? Her very presence feels wrong somehow, like reality was not built to support her. Power of 20000, tied with other denizens for lowest power "Nyx has naturally lower power than other denizens, but possesses abilities that lower your offensive prowess. If you can keep yourself boosted despite these, you'll likely do well. "


The Denizen of Hope, Abraxas appears as an enormous green snake with the head of a rooster. Or an enormous green rooster with the body of a snake, you guess. Power of 27000, negates the 1/3 cap for damage, capable of negating invulnerability and power reductions.


Denizen of Rage, Lyssa's form is that of a blood-red serpent with a human face. Guess which emotion features prominently on it. Power 31400, the highest of all denizens. Can Negate Invulnerability Can restore own health by 350


Denizen of Doom, Moros's form is hard to discern. He is shadowy and seems to be everywhere at once, like the omnipresent touch of Fate. Power 25000. Nigh immune to power reductions, and his damage increases as your health drops. The bonus damage can break the 1/3 cap, supposedly able to one shot a player from 50% health. Takes a lot of damage compared to most Denizens, and does very little to reduce power boosts.


The denizen of Blood, Armok is a towering, yet dwarf-like humanoid shape who wields many and varied weapons. His multiple, brutal strikes allow him to inflict far more damage than is ordinarily possible. Probably because so many of his arms are okay. Power 25000. Restores 500 health each turn and also lowers your offensive bonuses by a varrying (Possibly based on echladder rung) amount each turn. Removes Invulerability every turn before attacking, Can exceed damage cap but does not always, has 1 shot a player from 42% health.


The denizen of Mind, Metis appears as a titanic humanoid in sparse white garb. Despite her massive bearing, she appears to favour a more considered approach to combat. Power 20000, tied with other denizens for lowest power. Can remove invulnerability, remove power boost by 250, give a 2-turn power debuff of 800 (stackable), "predict your attacks" (single-turn invuln), give itself power boosts, remove your debuffs by 250 every turn, hinder attempted debuffs, and reduce damage dealt by fraymotifs.

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