To begin playing The Overseer project, you need an item with the "Computer" specibus. This allows you to run SBurb Server edition and connect to your Client player to deploy their devices. 

Base ItemsEdit



A basic desktop computer. It's not the best, but it gets the job done.

  • Code: l33MaPnk
  • Cost: 8 Build Grist, 1 Gold
  • Note:  Must be placed into storage for access to to SBurb Server.


A netbook computer. It runs Sburb slowly due to lower processing power, but it's a fair bit more portable.

  • Code: nDW61zaP
  • Cost: 5 Build Grist


A laptop computer. An essential basic device for running Sburb on the go.

  • Code: eLWbq4?Z
  • Cost: 10 Build Grist


An iPhone, one of the many models made by Apple. Looks pretty shiny and sleek.

  • Code: l2?uwA4G
  • Cost: 3 Build Grist; 1 Marble; 1 Obsidian; 1 Titanium

Droid RazrEdit

Smartphone that's not an iPhone. Now you can be a hipster among hipsters!

  • Code: zYyx2YtX
  • Cost: 2 Build Grist; 1 Copper; 1 Marble.


A small, handy device for pestering on the go. Wait, who even uses PDAs anymore? You do, apparently.

  • Code: yVX3bmF4
  • Cost: 15 Build Grist

Alchemized ItemsEdit

Computer HeadsetEdit

A totally mobile computer that allows you to communicate with others on the move. You could've just gotten a laptop, you know.

  • Code: !dhV?x!l
  • Recipe: Computer || Headset
  • Cost: 10 Build grist; 10 Copper; 10 Jet.

Crystaline Laptop of DarknessEdit

This laptop infused with black magic is sure to be useful in keeping up with horror terror communications... Or you could use it for playing Slender, that works too.

  • Code: eHWXq4kZ
  • Recipe:
  • Cost: 750 Obsidian; 250 Star_Sapphire

Computerized HoodieEdit

Long may you compute in comfy comfort with this fluffy hoodie with an entire computer integrated into it. Too bad it's rather bulky - But who needs to move when you havethe entire Internet at your fingertips?

  • Code: l!dtzTxl
  • Recipe: Computer || Hoodie
  • Cost: 50 Build grist; 20 Mercury 


This phone is never going to give you up, not even when you're in a tunnel or out of your phone company's service area.

  • Code: lt?!w14!
  • Recipe:
  • Cost: 25 Build Grist; 10 Gold; 25 Jet


Useful for communicating in dark and dangerous places, the Headlampset shines light in front of you to ensure you're never cut off or blind.

  • Code: 50e0AY0j
  • Recipe:
  • Cost: 10 Build Grist; 15 Sunstone


This godly hoodie grants you instantaneous access to the Olympian Cloud and the ability to communicate with any other being, mortal or otherwise, who is also connected. Which is basically a fancy way of saying it connects to the internet.

  • Code: ZzcdzDwh
  • Recipe: 
  • Cost: 40 Gold; 60 Jet

Astleytop Edit

A fancy computer featuring the unforgettably handsome Rick Astley. His hit song plays in the background seemingly all the time.

  • Code: lrWlql?l
  • Recipe:
  • Cost: 75 Build Grist, 50 Gold, 40 Mercury, 50 Sunstone

​Miracle of DeletionEdit

This computer deletes all things you would rather not see before you see them, preventing trauma that would need brain bleach to heal.

  • Code: u14aW5a6
  • Recipe:
  • Cost: 800 Build Grist; 33 Blood; 50 Polychromite; 250 Redstone; 99 Ruby

Feltputer Edit

This computer comes in a round shape, is green, and in keeping with Felt theming, has Die's number on the top of the lid.

  • Code: gNrzrN?l
  • Recipe:
  • Cost: 800 Build Grist; 214 Emerald; 167 Uranium

Cosbytop Computer Edit

This thing is probably a useless piece of shit, but making it has caused you to feel an alarming sense of satisfaction.

  • Code: C0120HnA
  • Recipe:
  • Cost 30 Build Grist; 10 Shale

Sburb Gaming Computer Edit

This computer is made to perfectly run with the game SBurb. It also has many built in bonus features for the game.

  • Code: hQJK4Hf4
  • Recipe: Alienware Computer || Sburb Game Manual
  • Cost: 100,000 Build Grist; 10 Amber; 10 Amethyst; 10 Blood; 10 Caulk; 10 Chalk; 10 Cobalt; 10 Copper; 2,500 Diamond; 10 Emerald; 10 Frosting; 10 Garnet; 10 Gold; 10 Iodine; 10 Jet; 10 Malochite; 10 Marble; 10 Mercury; 5,000 Obsidian; 10 Opal; 10 Polychomite; 10 Quart; 10 Rainbow; 4,500 Redstone; 10 Rock Candy; 10 Rose Quartz; 10 Ruby; 10 Rust; 10 Shale; 10,000 Sapphire; 10 Sulphur; 10 Sunstone; 20,000 Tar; 10,000 Titanium; 10 Topaz; 10,000 Uranium.
  • Note: Has an effect when placed into storage.
    • Effect: Advanced Session Viewer: Allows player to view session(s) in more detail, showing Land Wealth amongst other information.
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