A strife specibus available on the Overseer Project. 29 out of 44 Coinkind items are known.

Base ItemsEdit



"Even if your currency was valid here, this measly nickel wouldn't buy you much of anything. You could still throw it at imps though."

  • Power: 1

Cost: 5 Build Grist

Code: ifQpTzYG

Pile of Coins Edit

"Some coins that are the staple food crop to a species of ceramic pig."

  • Power: 2
  • Aggrieve: -1
  • Aggress: -1 
  • Assault: -1

Cost: 5 Build Grist

Code: TnmD3L0a

Gold Coin Edit


"A fancy gold coin, the likes of which populate video games and Ren Faires everywhere. This one is just a novelty coin, but it was an expensive one."

  • Power: 3
  • Assault: -1

Cost: 10 Build Grist; 1 Gold

Code: S2lV5l3Z

Roll of QuartersEdit

"Not really a fist fulla dollars but keep em close and they'll be your punch's best friend."

  • Power: 4

Cost: 4 Build Grist

Code: O3a8oXmE

Alchemized ItemsEdit

hellzamonzensy cuin Edit

"A weird coin with the imprint of Hella Jeff on it."

  • Power: -4
  • Abjure -6
  • Abstain +8

Cost: -5 Artifact

Code: i!U!T!sT

Recipe: Nickel || Picture of Hella Jeff

d2 Edit

"A coin with dots on its faces instead of the usual heads and tails. Why did you make this, again?"

  • Power: 2

Cost: 2 Gold

Code: 00O10420

Recipe: Game Dice && Nickel

Shared Specibi: Dicekind

Small Plastic Cup full of Spare Change Edit

"Well.. hopefully you can throw this pretty hard because those coins aren't even valid currency here and there's not much else for you to do with it."

  • Power: 5
  • Aggrieve: +1
  • Assail: +1
  • Abuse: +1
  • Accuse: +1
  • Abstain: +1

Cost: 3 Build Grist; 3 Copper; 3 Gold; 3 Rust; 3 Titanium

Code: 49QZ1i0G

Recipe: Nickel && Plastic cup

Shared Specibi: Cupkind

Chocolate CoinEdit


"A hand-sized, golden-wrapped coin of chocolate. You can throw it at imps, just eat it before it starts to melt!"

  • Power: 10

Cost: 8 Build Grist; 16 Frosting

Code: 0eAJLf20

Recipe: Nickel && Chocolate Syrup

Shared Specibi: Consumables

Handful of Coins Edit


"A handful of coins! Instead of acting like an actual person and using it as currency, you decide to throw it at things!"

  • Power: 10
  • Assail: +4
  • Abjure: -2
  • Abstain: -4

Cost: 5 Build Grist; 5 Copper; 5 Gold

Code: C0AJ5j20

Recipe: Gold Coin && Nickel

Allfather Lloyd\'s Coin Edit

"Coin made of gold, with Allfather Lloyd and his white halo shown on its face."

  • Power: 12

Cost: 24 Gold

Code: ?Rl!V!h!

Formula: Unknown.

Prismatic Coin Edit

"A coin that bends light into a small rainbow. Cute, but not really all that useful."

  • Power: 13

Cost: 14 build; 7 Gold

Code: z?!!7!7Z

Formula: Unknown.

PokeDollar Edit

"The currency of the Pokemon world. This coin will show how devoted a fan you truly are, while packing quite the wallop."

  • Power: 20
  • Accuse: +8
  • Abjure: +8
  • Abstain: +8

Cost: 20 Build Grist; 8 Marble; 10 Shale; 1 Tar

Code: ij!tT!o!

Recipe: Nickel || Pokemon Diamond Version

Red Coin Edit

"A coin of some strange red metal from a popular series of games about an Italian guy who can jump ridiculously high."

  • Power: 28
  • Accuse: +8
  • Abjure: +8
  • Abstain: +8

Cost: 80 Build Grist; 80 Blood; 8 Gold

Code: S2F44c20

Recipe: Gold Coin && Red Paint

Barrelful of Coins Edit

"A barrel full of a wide variety of coins. You can pull individual coins out of it and hit your enemies with those, or just roll the thing into a mob of enemies."

  • Power: 29
  • Aggrieve: +5
  • Aggress: +5
  • Assail: +5
  • Assault: +5

Cost: 20 Build: 100 Gold; 5 Rust; 1 Titanium

Code: 80034e00

Recipe: Unknown.

Gold Pressed Latinum Slip Edit

"These may not be able to be replicated, but it turns out they can be alchemized."

  • Power: 30

Cost: 50 Gold; 1 Polychromite

Code: UNl!D!Vd

Recipe: Unknown.

Gold Drachma Edit


"A gold coin from way back when, used in Ancient Greece! Currency of the gods, my friends. Well, almost."

  • Power: 45
  • Abstain: +5

Cost: 1,000 Build Grist; 50 Amethyst; 200 Gold;

Code: ?3!!L!Zd

Recipe: Gold Coin || Book of Mythology

Cael Coin Edit

"A coin used in the lands of Caelondia before the Calamity hit. Now it's just a memento of days gone by."

  • Power: 68

Cost: 750 Build Grist; 300 Gold; 200 Sulfer

Code: Ux!Vl!p!

Recipe: Unknown.

Blue CoinEdit


"A coin of some strange blue metal from a popular series of games about an Italian guy who can jump ridiculously high."

  • Power: 100
  • Accuse: +10
  • Abjure: +10
  • Abstain: +10 

Cost: 1,010 Build, 1,010 Cobalt, 1,000 Gold

Code: 805C1A32

Recipe: Gold Coin && Blue Paint

Golden Pocket Dimension Openifier Edit

"This nifty device opens a portal to a land apparently filled with gold coins. You figure you could use this to bury your enemies, but not much else."

  • Power: 100
  • Aggrieve: +250
  • Abuse: +250
  • Accuse: +500
  • Abjure: +750
  • Abstain: +1000

Cost: 50,000 Chalk; 200,000 Gold; 50,000 Obsidian; 10,000 Opal

Code: AX0jDw6C

Recipe: Unknown.

Shared Specibi: Sciencekind

Charon's Wage Edit

"A mystical golden drachma."

  • Power: 200
  • Assail: +212
  • Accuse: +53

Cost: 33,048 Build Grist; 21,933 Gold; 12,428 Star Sapphire

Code: G0194322

Formula: Unknown

Mickle coin Edit

"This coin is rumored to have perfect balance, and can be balanced on any surface, regardless of how unbalanced the surface itself is."

  • Power: 300
  • Aggrieve: +20
  • Accuse: +30

Cost: 5000 Build Grist; 300 Cobalt; 3000 Copper; 7000 Rust

Code: ef2oTnYG

Formula: Unknown.

Newfriend EmblemEdit


"You must be new here."

  • Power: 300
  • Abuse: +20
  • Accuse: +15
  • Abjure: +10
  • Abstain: +5

Cost: 12000 Diamond, 24000 Gold

Code: 10!!Oxt!

Recipe: Unknown.

Dice of the Bearded Dungeon Master Edit

"A copper coin, shiny with constant use and flipping, with scraps of paper labeled "1" and "20" taped to the sides."

  • Power: 444
  • Aggrieve: +1
  • Aggress: +20
  • Assail: +1
  • Assault: +20
  • Abuse: +20
  • Accuse: +1
  • Abjure: +20
  • Abstain: +1

Cost: 10,000 Build; 62,020 Blood; 62,020 Copper

Code: uz?s!pZS

Recipe: Unknown.

Purple Coin Edit

"A coin of some strange purple metal from a popular series of games about an Italian guy who can jump ridiculously high who flies around collecting stars to save several galaxies."

  • Power: 678
  • Accuse: +20
  • Abjure: +20
  • Abstain: +20

Cost: 20,000 Build Grist; 90,000 Amethyst; 2200 Gold; 10 Titanium

Code: 80540220

Formula: Gold Coin && Purple Paint

Ace of Pentacles Edit

"The Ace of Pentacles is a sign of prosperity and wealth to come, and encourages you to introduce something new to your situation... like the powerful magic amulet it turns into!"

  • Power: 770
  • Aggrieve: +20
  • Assail: +40
  • Accuse: +20
  • Abjure: +40

Cost: 26,260 Build Grist; 10,000 Diamond; 15,000 Emerald; 25,250 Gold; 15,150 Ruby

Code: 10Bz8xtt

Formula: Unknown.

Shared Specibi: Cardkind

Heaven\'s Plumber Coin Edit

"This coin is said to contain the soul of a red garments wearing plumber who can jump really high. The plumber can unlock the inner good inside a person, by teaching them to jump ridiculously high."

  • Power: 901
  • Accuse: +20
  • Abstain: +20

Cost: 43,663 Blood; 6,986 Chalk; 8,733 Marble; 4,366 Rainbow; 43,663 Ruby

Code: S0D40220

Formula: Unknown.

Coin Of Tempest Edit

"Perpetually wet coin with a swirly pattern. You suspect that this may be used as currency by mermaids."

  • Power: 1200
  • Accuse +20

Cost: 300,000 Build; 30,000 Caulk; 40,000 Diamond; 90,000 Mercury

Code: zfwxV!kR

Formula: Nickel || Hat of Unstoppable Nautical Wrath

Star CoinEdit

"This coin shines brilliantly, especially the star on it. Perhaps you should get more of these? But no more than three."

  • Power: 3000
  • Accuse: +333
  • Abjure: +333
  • Abstain: +333

Cost: 333,000 Build Grist; 333,000 Gold; 3 Diamond; 300 Sunstone; 20 Titanium

Code: ThlV5!Zd

Recipe: Gold Coin || Starman

Green Coin of Starry Omniscience Edit

"Laying your hands on this coin gives you an absolutely massive migraine as you take in a significant piece of all the knowledge in the multiverse. It also seems to have the same effect on your enemies, and  they don't take the headaches nearly as well..."

  • Power: 4100

Cost: 400,000 Chalk, 100,000 Opal, 500,000 Uranium

Code: SZjP5VWc

Formula: Star Coin && Magic Cue Ball

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