A strife specibus available on the Overseer Project, there are currently 47 weapons belonging to clubkind.

Base ItemsEdit

Wooden Club Edit

Description: A medium sized piece of wood for thwacking people with.

  • Strength: 3

Wooden Plank Edit


Strength: 2

Pedestal Edit

Description: A marble pedestal made for holding a bust or small sculpture. Its heavy enough that you can barely lift it, but anything you can manage to hit with it will be in for a world of hurt.

  • Strength: 10
  • Aggress: -1
  • Assail: -4
  • Assault: -7

Golfclub Edit


  • Strength: 1

Baseball Bat Edit

Description: Commonly used to deflect small leather balls, aiming to send them sky high.

Strength: 4

Alchemized ItemsEdit

Pikacomputerbat {NEEDS THE POWER LEVEL!} Edit

Description: A bat, a computer, and a Pikachu face all in one! Now you can run around, pretending to be Volt Tackling your enemies, While listening to some hardcore beats. Fun times are ahead.

Code: zdh32w!h

Cost: 133 Amber, 133 Uranium

Nail Bat Edit

Description: A bat with several nails protruding from it. Do not try this at home, children.

Code: H0m010GH

  • Strength: 10
  • Aggrieve:5
  • Agress: 5
  • Assail: 5
  • Assault: 10

Cost: 23 Build Grist, 22 Rust

Reinforced Club (Wooden Club || Dark Souls) Edit

Description: A club with leather nailed awkwardly to the pommel. This gives it a marginally more painful hit at the cost of sturdiness.

  • Strength: 16

Cost: 16 Build Grist, 12 Blood

Juggling Club (Wooden Club && Faygo - Red Pop Flavor) Edit

Description: Usually used for juggling, but perfectly serviceable for throwing at or bludgeoning enemies.

  • Strength: 20

Ullapool Caber (Grenade && Wooden Club) Edit

Description: This may just look like a club with a grenade stuck to the end of it, but more people have lost an eye to this thing than you care to count

  • Strength: 28

Cost: 40 Build Grist, 9 Iodine

Psychic Bat (Mother 3 Cartridge || Baseball Bat) Edit

Description: A baseball bat that seemingly holds psychic powers.

Code: JYxR7!zv

  • Strength: 40

Cost: 100 Rust, 10 Rose_Quartz

Demon Bone (Bone || Dark Souls) Edit

Description: The bone of a demon. A thick, heavy club capable of doing some serious damage.

  • Strength: 66
  • Assault: +4
  • Adjure: -4
  • Abstain: -8

Cost: 750 Build Grist, 750 Obsidian

Sun On A Stick Edit

Description: A fiery ball on a stick to bash minions with. Careful its REALLY hot.

Code: s7!ck5uN

  • Strength: 150
  • Assail: +5
  • Assault: +10
  • Abjure: -15
  • Abstain: -20

Cost: 5000 Amber, 100 Iodine, 7500 Obsidian, 2000 Sulfur, 8000 Sunstone

Ace of Spades/Cast Iron Horse Hitcher (Wooden Club || Blackjack Deck) Edit

Description: Bring me a horse and I am yours forever.

  • Strength: 1500

Stunstick (Wooden Club && Pikachu Figurine) Edit

Description: This electrifying club will leave your enemies in shock and awe.

Code: 0L9W2m89

  • Strength 1700

Marker Bat (Marker && Baseball Bat) Edit

Description: A metal bat that also functions as a market. Do damage to enemies and make large art at the same time with this weapon!

Code: vbrdDN!p

  • Strength: 15

Cost: 15 Build Grist, 10 Cobalt

Magically-Enhanced Bat Edit

Description: Witches and Major-Leaguers look out! This fancy club lets even mere humans fight off terrors of all kinds.

  • Power: 538

Cost: Amber 5000, Frosting 105000, Marble 60000

Shared Specibus: Sportskind

Stun Capacitor (Stunstick && Back to the Future Complete DVD collection) Edit

Description: This curiously Y-shaped stunstick constantly pulses with a blue light, a label attached to the handle can be partially made out as "2.1 gigawatts". You have no idea what the hell a gigawatt is.

  • Strength: 8821
  • Assail: +21
  • Assault: +88
  • Abjure: +21

Green Sun on a Stick (Sun on a Stick && Magic Cueball) Edit

Description: A ball of green fire on the end of a stick. It draws its power from an unknown, yet unlimited source.

Code: s3zWc5W6

  • Strength: 9999
  • Aggrieve:+100
  • Aggress: +100
  • Assail: +100
  • Assault: +100
  • Abuse: +100
  • Accuse: +100
  • Abjure: +100
  • Abstain: +100

Cost: 999999 Opal, 999999 Polychromite, 999999 Rainbow, 999999 Uranium


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