The Overseer Wiki

A strife specibus available on the Overseer Project, revolving around the beauty of clocks

Base items[]


"A digital timekeeping device worn around the wrist. Well, if you want to be boring about it and NOT headbutt some time into your enemies, anyway."

Code: P2n8AlrK

  • Strength: 2

Shared Specibus: Accessory



"A spring-driven pocket-watch."

Code: Mjv13I1r

  • Strength: 1

Shared Specibus: Accessory

Analogue clock[]

"Just like a digital clock! Except it seems to have a face, two hands and makes a really cool sound- *ticktockticktockticktockticktockticktock*"

Code: mNHpwah7

  • Strength: 2

Grandfather Clock[]

"A large clock that chimes every hour. It needs to rewound every once in a while to stay on time. Surprisingly light enough to be swung, though it's not recommended."

Code: T1CKt0ck

  • Strength: 6
  • Aggress: -1
  • Assail: -2
  • Assault: -3

Alchemized Items[]

Perfect Maid's Pocket Watch[]

"An ornate watch that allows the user to stop time briefly."

Formula: Unknown

Code: sjzLZM7t

  • Strength: 8
  • Aggrieve: +4
  • Aggress: +4
  • Assail: +4
  • Assault: +4
  • Abuse: +4
  • Accuse: +4
  • Abjure: +4
  • Abstain: +4

Cost: 5 Build Grist, 50 Blood, 1 Quartz.

Shared Specibus: Accessory

River of Time[]

"Looks like a large wristwatch with a narrow 'strap' that makes the handle. You're not sure you can row with this."


Code: !JdRot7!

  • Strength: 22

Cost: 4 Build Grist, 4 Blood, 4 Rose_Quartz.

Shared Specibus: Oarkind

Defender's Timetable[]

"This shield bears a striking resemblance to the outside of a pocket watch. It has a clock within it, but the time it tells is inaccurate. Probably because you keep letting imps bash it."


Code: M9n1320G


Timey-Wimey Wall Clock[]

"It looks like a regular wall clock, only painted green. There seems to be a field of distortion directly around it, and it tells time in a way that you don't understand. All...wibbly-wobbly."


Code: x3rPB!r?

  • Strength: 35


Clockwork Defense[]

"A compact and always timely shield that will always be there to remind enemies that they really don't have the time to hit you."


Code: !Rt!VltU

  • Strength: 36
  • Abjure: +8
  • Abstain: +8
  • Shared Specibus: Shieldkind

Cost: 50 Build Grist, 35 Amethyst, 40 Copper.

Clock Shot[]

"Cut your foes' time short. With bullets."

Formula: Rifle || Wristwatch

Code: x3xlFlrT

  • Strength: 50 (Two handed)
  • Assail: +4
  • Abjure: +4

Cost: 500 Build; 1000 Copper; 1000 Jet; 1 Quartz

Shared Specibi: Riflekind

Pocket Digiwatch[]

pocket digiwatch

"For those too cool to wear a wristwatch and too impractical to just use a cellphone."


Code: MzvjFM3r

  • Strength: 248
  • Assault: +57


Shared Specibi: Accessory


"After you turn the time-stop off, you REALLY want to ram a finger into your skull and shout "The strongest has arrived!" Try not to do that first one."


Code: s!zzd?d!

  • Strength: 275
  • Aggrieve: +21
  • Aggress: +21
  • Assail: +21
  • Assault: +21
  • Abuse: +21
  • Accuse: +21
  • Abjure: +21
  • Abstain: +21


Shared Specibi: Accessory

Timekeeper Cube[]

"Depending on how the segments of the cube are aligned, the clockwork covering it fits together in different ways, which somehow makes time flow differently for the user."


Code: C2ROP6G4

  • Strength: 1728
  • Aggress: +16
  • Assail: +64
  • Assault: +256
  • Accuse: +16
  • Abjure: +64
  • Abstain: +256
  • Time affinity: 10%


Shared Specibi: cubekind