Strife Specibus

"In the Homestuck universe weapons can be placed into a Strife Deck, which allows the player to use


 objects to "Aggrieve" enemies. Each Strife Deck is contained with a Strife Specibus and a character with multiple Strife Specibi will store them within a Strife Portfolio. In order for an artifact to be allocated to a Strife Deck, it must be the same kind of item as the character's chosen Kind Abstratus" - Homestuck Wiki

A Strife Specibus is the type of Abstratus you assign to your player on The Overseer Project. There is a List of Strife Specibi to use ranging from the ever so cliché Bladekind to the strange and slightly disturbing Foodkind. Each Specibus has its own weapons to choose from and alchemize! So what are you waiting for?  Go on! Get busy!

Resetting your Strife Specibus

If you don't think your current Strife Specibus is for you, Hover over  "Shop" and click "Resetter"

Change 1

What should come up will look like a drop down menu with different choices.

Change 2

Click Reset it!

Select "Reset Strife Specibi" and click "Reset it"   (Please note, it cost's 10000 Boondollars to reset your Specibus)

Once that's done you can go reselect your specibus!


Challenge mode players are stuck with their intial Specibus choice.  Sorry folks.

How do i get more specibi?

Dungeon Imps.
Shale imp-1-

1% Chance of dropping a Strife Specibus card

I'm not joking.

Dungeon imps have a 1% chance of dropping a Strife Specibus card. If your luck is maxed out then you have a 5% chance. Either way this is the only way you're going to get it. So get fighting!

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