Build Grist

One unit of build grist

Build Grist, often referred to as simply "build", is the most basic type of grist obtainable. It is dropped by nearly every enemy that can be found on a player's land and is rarely in short supply to the avid strifer.

An amount of build grist is obtained upon entry to the game equal to 20 x 10^n, where n is the number of players in the game so far (excluding yourself). Currently, the cap for build grist obtained on entry is 20,000.



Many objects cost at least some build grist to make. Almost every base item (or item without any special properties) is composed entirely of build grist, and usually an amount between 1-10, though there are exceptions. Build grist is also used as a sort of "padding" for more complex items.


A server player can also use their client's supply of build grist to improve their dwelling, making it taller or bigger and/or repairing damage. Increasing the size of a client's house will allow them to reach higher and higher gates. You can build up to the seventh gate to grant your client player the ability to face their denizen. It costs a total of twenty four million Build Grist to do so. The total amount of build grist required to build up to the seventh gate from the first is 36,345,600 build grist, or thirty-six million, three hundred forty-five thousand, six hundred build grist.

Gate Number Needed Build Grist
1 100
2 1,100
3 11,100
4 111,100
5 1,111,100
6 11,111,100
7 24,000,000
  • These numbers are according to
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