Broomkind Specibus

Broomkind is one of the strife specibus available in the Overseer Project. There are currently 65 weapons for broomkind. 

Base Items

  • Broom:

Description: A simple broom for sweeping. The shaft is wooden, with straw bristles. Comes with a dustpan

Strength: 6

  • Hand Broom

Description: Like a broom, but smaller. You could probably clean up some small messes - or small enemies - with this.

Strength: -

  • Chimney Sweep

Description: The bristles at the end of the long black rod splay out into a circle, perfect for cleaning away the ash and soot inside a chimney.

Strength: -

Alchemized Weapons

  • Text-Eraser (Code: !?rl!!Px)

Description: "A hand-broom that, in addition to sweeping away dust and your enemies, also erases written text. Be careful when cleaning posters."

Strength: 23

Assail +5

Assault +10

  • Hidden Broomsword (Broom && Shitty Sword)

Description: "A sword that uses a broom as both a hilt and a sheathe. A perfect dual-pronged assault against any imps prototyped with dust bunnies."

Strength: 14
Assail +10
Accuse +10

Cost: 20 Build, 15 Rust, 1 Titanium

  • Hell's Janitor (Recipe Unknown)

Description: "No wonder the place is always so messy. You can hardly sweep with something that's on fire."

Code: 501W0Wa0

Strength: 25
Aggrieve +5
Aggress +5
Assault +5
Abuse +5
Assail -5
Accuse -5
Abjure -5
Abstain -5

Cost: 57 Build, 44 Amethyst, -5 Artifact

  • Acid Bristle Apocalypse (Fallout 3 Disc || Broom)

Description: "You're going to need some Rad-X after cleaning with this workplace health and safety travesty."

Strength: 20
Aggrieve +5

Cost: 10 Build, 20 Uranium

  • BROOOM..... (Picture of Hella Jeff || Broom)(Code: bt7?TpsT)

Description: "What the hell are you holding. What the HELL ARE YOU HOLDING? YUO HVAVE THE POWER BROENHEIM...."

Strength: -15

Cost: -36 Artifact

  • Nimbus 2001 (Slytherin Pin || Broom)

Description: "As the sleek ebony design is cradled in your hands, you feel oddly awful. Like you've sold out. You've got a future in cleaning up after corporate fat cats."

Strength: 45

Cost: 500 Build, 550 Malachite

  • Razorbristle (Broom || Straight Razor) (Code: !hVzTstM)

Description: "This is pretty useless for cleaning. If you don't mind scratching the floors, you could probably scrape stuff off..."

Strength: 50
Assault +2

100 Build, 40 Titanium

  • STRONG SWEEP(Painting of a Horse attacking a Football Player || Broom)

Description: "The broom throbs in your hands, entirely made out of muscle and footballer blood. You could clean an underwater ocean liner with this deity's gift."

Strength: 66
Assault +12
Abstain -6

Cost: 1,000 Build, 800 Jet, 800 Malachite

  • 6-Volt Sweep (Broom && Battery)

Description: "Send sparks - and your enemies - flying! Just be careful to not shock yourself."

Strength: 96
Aggrieve +4

Cost: 1,000 Build, 1,500 Copper, 1,300 Iodine

  • Late-Night Duster (Midnight Crew Poster || Broom) (Code: tbFlPuit)

Description: "It feels like it's perpetually 3am and this broom stinks like spilled scotch, cigarette butts and long nights. This stained black brush makes you feel tired just holding it."

Strength: 100

  • Hustler's Whisk (Broom && Pimp Hat)

Description: "A rather gaudy, bright purple broom covered in leopard and zebra print. The bristles are long, soft feathers. You kind of regret making this."

Strength: 150
Aggrieve +9

  • Great Maid's Hand Broom (Hand Broom && Perfect Maid's Pocketwatch)

Description: "A time-stopping pocketwatch that has had its entire outside covered in bristles. The question is, does making this watch a cleaning implement make you a truly better maid?"

Strength: 201
Abjure +20

  • Aperture Handheld Sweeping Device (Broom || Portal 2) (Code: NY3zvwkN)

Description: "Wonderful for shooing away those pesky birds and making some portals! On the other hand, the entire broom is made of asbestos."

Strength: 350
Aggress +25
Accuse +52

  • Gravity Beat (Touhou CD || Broom)

Code: rWVzxqcM

Description: "Basically a magical mortar in the shape of a broom. You're going to kill yourself if you fool around with stuff like this."

Strength: 700
Assault +100
Abjure +50
Abstain +50

  • Hakurei Lint-Roller (Gravity Beat && Yin-Yang Orb)

Description: ""A Ying-Yang Orb attached to a witch's broom via a metal housing and a haft through the middle of it. You can clean your floor with it, but it's just as likely to destroy your floor as it is dirt.""

Strength: 1069

  • Octet Sweeper (Fluorite Octet || Slot Sweeper)

Description: "A hand broom that comes with a fluorite-octet-themed slot machine in it that is capable of 8^3 different magical attacks based on the outcome. Legend has it that it will give you better results if you can prove your worth against the forces of grime."

Strength: 2599

  • Reactor Broomsword (Magical Reactor || Hidden Broomsword)

Description: "A broomsword with a powerful magical reactor crafted into its hilt. Aside from costing a lot more grist to make, it charges the blade with a mystic power every time you sheathe it. Great for that laido stuff"

Strength: 3856
Accuse +36
Abjure +72
Abstain +144

  • Green Lint-Roller of the Sun (Hakurei Lint-Roller || Green Sun on a Stick)

Description: "Marisa Kirisame, your youthful hijinks have doomed us all."

Strength: 9669
Aggrieve +266
Aggress +269
Assail +296
Assault +299

  • Master Spark Broom Cannon (Gravity Beat || Control Rod Arm Cannon)

Description: "Enough magical power to level a mountain combined with the full force of the subterranean sun, all packaged at the end of a very, VERY magical stick: The perfect tool for someone who appreciates a sterile surface. You'll still never be able to kill more than 99.9 percent of germs, though."

Strength: 9999
All +9999

Code: tZV!!rcN

Costs: 25,000,000 Build Grist, 1,562,500 Diamond, 3,125,000 Gold, 781,250 Polychromite, 6,250,000 Star Sapphire, 25,400,000 Sunstone, 12,800,000 Uranium

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