The Overseer Wiki

Brasskind is a strife specibus in The Overseer Project. 2 out of 15 items are known.

Base Items


HONK HONK! Motherfuckers. A simple horn, dude. Often carried by clowns of both the whimsical and homicidal variety.

  • Code: hOnKHoNk
  • Base power: 2
  • Bonuses: Aggrieve +2
  • Type/abstratus: brasskind
  • Cost: 4 Build Grist


A snazzy-looking trumpet. Despite its particularly shiny looks, this is still made of brass, not gold.

  • Code: 801K0W3Y
  • Base power: 3
  • Bonuses: None
  • Type/abstratus: brasskind
  • Cost: 5 Build Grist

Alchemized Items

No alchemized items for brasskind are known.