• AlienatedEdgelord


    June 13, 2019 by AlienatedEdgelord

    How do I find overseer v1?

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  • Katto The Bratto


    April 28, 2019 by Katto The Bratto

    Hey guys! while I am not an admin on the site I just want to say i will be attempting to organize the pages!  alot of them are messy, missing things or even missing basic things like the grist it needs. the strife specibus pages will be organized to the least powerful to the most powerful (also in a way it's based on the grist because more power is more grist) I want this wiki to feel welcoming and great :D

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  • Scremdotpng


    May 3, 2016 by Scremdotpng



    i want to join one on the project site....

    but im new

    i need help!

    please tell me the basics of it all 

    thanks! >_< /)

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  • Aradia Megido(apocalypseArisen)

    I kinda wish the game hadn't was bad...everyone died. We'll never be the same, I doubt we'll be able to ever be whole again! I mean look at Terezi! She's blind now! I...I hurt Vriska and my own flushcrush killed me I mean really...we didn't fight Jack or Lord English...we fought each other. That's why we lost it seems. So it only makes since that we are all messed up...right? At least we're going back to normal now...we can tease eachother and flirt and all of that stuff. Maybe one day, we'll all get to be just like we were before the game...I hope that'll happen....

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