Bladekind is one of the strife specibi available in the Overseer Project.

Many items are cross-specibus (especially with Chainsawkind) It should also be noted that, the largest and most powerful of specibi, new Bladekind items being submitted to the Overseer Project are suspended on sight until further notice. This mean that currently no new Bladekind items can be made.

Base Items

Weapon: Antique Sword

Abstratus: Bladekind

Strength: 1

Description: Can anything compare to the grace and beauty of the neatly detailed golden handle? Could one imagine what the blade has been through, during the past 400 years. Imagine all the heroic brutes and their sweating hands holding it, perhaps once held by a king. It shall lead to victory!

Weapon: Shitty Sword

Abstratus: Bladekind

Strength: 2

Description: A shitty sword.

Weapon: Rapier

Abstratus: Bladekind

Strength: 2

Description: A Rapier that was used back in the 16th century. Your possession of it is either an indicator of Weird Time Shit, or you're just a huge nerd that collects this sort of stuff.

Weapon: Claymore

Abstratus: Bladekind

Strength: 8

Assault Bonus: 2

Abjure Penality: -2

Abstain Penality: -4

Description: A featherweight among greatswords. It's still bloody heavy, though!

Weapon: Practice Shinai

Abstratus: Bladekind

Strength: 8

Description: A practice kendo sword made of bamboo shafts. It makes a very satisfying noise when you whack something. It has taken years of calloused hands to wield this effectively.

Alchemized Items

Weapon: SORD..... (Picture of Hella Jeff && Shitty sword)

Cost: -1 Artifact

Abstratus: bladekind

Code: 0I0Y5nML

Strength: -5

Assault penalty: -1

Description: This thing is so unspeakably shitty you are having a hard time even holding it.

Weapon: Fake as Shit Lightsaber

Code: 8G0Y4n60

Strength: 1

Cost: 5 Build Grist, 1 Uranium

Description: This lightsaber is fake as shit. It does make real fake as shit battle sounds when you whack something with it, though.

Weapon: Aged Sword (Claymore && Bone)

Cost: 5 Build Grist, 10 Chalk

Abstratus: Bladekind

Strength: 15

Code: W225m1Py

Description: An ancient sword composed of a sharpened bone blade. So light, but so difficult to not cut your arm off.

Weapon: Portal Katana

Cost: 775 Build Grist, 500 Cobalt, 500 Sunstone, 100 Titanium, 100 Uranium

Abstratus: ninjakind, bladekind

Code: VYXzexUJ

Strength: 43 Assault bonus: 5  Abstain bonus: 5 

Weapon: Angled Bisector (Shitty Sword || Pair of Compasses)

Cost: 35 Build Grist, 29 Shale

Code: x!!pVpVN

Abstratus: Bladekind

Strength: 20

Description: Two blades stuck together at a single hilt at an adjustable angle. You guess this might be better than a single sword? Wielding it is kind of awkward, though.

Weapon: Tesla Blade (Tesla Coil && Shitty Sword)

Code: G0X260N1

Cost: ?

Abstratus: Bladekind, Sciencekind

Strength: 33

Description: A sword with lightning arcing along the blade. Good thing the hilt is made of rubber!

Weapon: Anti-Master Sword

Abstratus: Bladekind

Cost: 50000 Build Grist, 10000 Blood, 5000 Garnet, 5000 Obsidian, 1000 Opal, 10 Rose_Quartz, 7500 Ruby, 10000 Titanium

Code: !tx7!!QP

Strength: 450

Aggrieve bonus: 30

Aggress bonus: 30

Assail bonus: 30

Assault bonus: 30

Abuse bonus: 25

Accuse bonus: 25

Abjure bonus: 25

Abstain bonus: 25

Description: As you alchemize the Anti-Master Sword, you are teleported into The Surface next to your new sword: a weird guy with an asymmetrical haircut, purple eyeshadow, and a weird diamond suit, who keeps trying to lick you... I'm kidding. At least you're not in SS Link's shoes..

Weapon: Giant Blade of Gunning

Abstratus: bladekind//pistolkind

Cost: ?

Code: e3MZ21P?

Strength: 135

Assault bonus: 40

Abjure penalty: -20

Abstain penalty: -20

Description: If you look very closely you will note that there is in fact a gun somewhere in all this sword.

Weapon: Acoustic Claymore (Acoustic Guitar || Claymore)

Abstratus: Instrumentkind, Bladekind

Cost: ?

Code: lhVd!BT?

Strength: 175

Abjure Penalty: -1

Abstain Penalty: -2

Description: More killing proficiency with the same musical possibilities!

Weapon: Piercer of Heaven

Abstratus: Bladekind

Cost: ?

Code: x6tpk!N0

Strength: 260

Assault Bonus: 5

Description: A true bladesman sword. Just holding it straight up, you feel the immense energy flowing through it into your hands. Oh wait. That's lightning.

Weapon: 4 of Spades / Saber Rattle (Shitty Sword || Blackjack Deck)

Abstratus: Bladekind, Cardkind

Code: !VltN!!t

Cost: 4000 Obsidian, 40,000 Tar, 4000 Titanium

Strength: 400

Aggress Bonus: 40

Assault Bonus: 40

Abuse Bonus: 40

Description: The perfect card when you need to kill something out of rage and frustration.

Weapon: Broken Caledfwlch

Abstratus: Bladekind

Cost: ?

Code: NG36LPoS

Strength: 700

Cost: 70,000 Build Grist; 50,000 Gold; 10,000 Titanium

Description: You couldn't even pull this legendary piece of shit out of the stone. So you broke it.

Weapon: 8 of Spades / Double Edged Sword (Claymore || Blackjack Deck)

Abstratus: Bladekind, Cardkind

Code: !FVtxV!!

Strength: 800

Cost: 8,200 Obsidian, 88,000 Tar, 8,800 Titanium.

Description: A large, double-edged sword. You could kill a room with this thing!

Weapon: Alonwrite (Bottle of Ink && Sweet Bounty)

Abstratus: Bladekind, Penkind

Code: qztr!!!y

Strength: 2500

Cost: 100,000 Build_Grist, 100,000 Caulk, 100,000 Tar, 10,000 Titanium.

Aggress Bonus: 200

Abuse Bonus: 200

Description: The Tectrixcalibur's Sister Sword. While not as powerful as it's counterpart, it is still extremely deadly and turns even the basest of insults into sick burns.

Weapon: Abyssal Greatsword (Black Knight Sword && Encyclopedia of Shadow magic)

Code: W10XG08c

Abstratus: Bladekind

Strength: 3883

Cost: 180,000 Caulk, 180,000 Jet, 57,000 Polychromite

Description: Darker and edgier... literally.

Weapon: Demonsblood Sword

Abstratus: Bladekind

Strength: 9250

Cost: 1000000 Blood,  750000 Garnet, 10000 Obsidian, 800000 Ruby

Aggress: 500

Description: This sword comes from the far-off land of Ooo, where it has a history of heroic deeds all to it's own. If a demon appears asking for it's blood back, quickly say "Kee Oth Rama Pancake" before he cuts off your love handles!

Weapon: No Okami

Recipie: ?

Code: W00a00Ba

Cost: 450000 Copper, 300000 Diamond, 360000 Polychromite, 100000 Quartz, 600000 Redstone

Abstratus: Bladekind

Strength: 9999

Active Bonus: 3500 to all

Passive bonus: 3500 to all

Description: A sword fallen through the very cracks of Heaven; a sword that has no rival. The sircular hilt represents the world and all that it can destroy. This sword should only belong to the god that gives life to all. A blade worthy of being claimed by Izanagi. 

Weapon: Titanic Trionfante

Recipe: Continuum's Calando || Titanicaliber

Code: WG0W201K

Cost: 20000000 Build Grist, 5000000 Garnet, 5000000 Gold, 3500000 Obsidian, 2000000 Opal, 2000000 Polychromite, 2000000 Quartz, 4000000 Rainbow, 3500000 Redstone, 5000000 Tar

Strength: 9999

Aggrieve bonus: 9999

Aggress bonus: 9999

Assail bonus: 9999

Assault bonus: 9999

Abuse bonus: 9999

Accuse bonus: 9999

Abjure bonus: 9999

Abstain bonus: 9999

Description: This legendary sword combines the elemental fury of both fire and ice, and calls time itself into its service. Very few could stand before a blade this powerful. It seems to softly hum, although whether it's with power or melody you aren't entirely sure.

Time Affinity 10%

Weapon: Aestus Estus

Code: X0K6o1OG

Power: 546

Cost: 15,123 Garnet, 9668 Obsidian 35,000 Ruby

The ultimate instrument whose sound the muses praise. Unfortunately, the former wielder and player wasn't very good.

Weapon: Anaklusmos

Code: cJrsNJX!

Tetrixcalibur || book of mythology

Power: 9100

also penkind

Cost: 600,00 amber, 600,000 gold, 300,000 polychromite, 300,00 rainbow, 300,000 titanium

This is a pen. THIS IS A PEN.

Weapon: Ancient Draconic Blade

Code: OG08084J

Power: 16

Cost: 20 build, 40 rust

A sword from the lost ages, with faded draconic designs covering it.

Weapon: Anubis

Code: 0IGX5WY1

Unbreakable katana && JoJo's bizarre adventure Vol. 13

Aggreive +40

Agress +50

Assail +50

Assault +40

Abstain -150

Power: 800

Cost: 2,000 amber, 10,000 blood, 1000 gold, 2000 titanium

Description: For a scimitar stand that hasn't had a master in 500 years, this thing remembers the moves used against it like the day it was made.

Weapon: Astartes Chainsword

Code: e2zzmnOd

Chain-Katana && Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine

Assail +50

Assault +50

Abjure +50

Abstain +50

Power: 600

Cost: 80,000 blood, 20,000 sulfur, 80,000 tar, 14,000 titanium

also chainsawkind

Description: This ancient and holy weapon, wielded by the servants of the god emperor, is in your hands just a lump of metal for pulping imps.

Weapon: Hakurouken

  • Strength: 1500
  • Aggress penalty: -5
  • Assault bonus: 10 
  • Abuse bonus: 40 
  • Accuse bonus: 50
  • Abjure bonus: 60
  • Abstain bonus: 70 
  • Description: Shorter than its sibling Roukanken, it has the power to dispel the confusion of those it cuts. Or rather, using it on ghosts will cause them to attain enlightenment, and using it on living beings will only cause discomfort and a bit of pain. 
  • Code: WWKLY46I

Anubis' Time Shieldblade

  • Abstratus: shieldkind, bladekind
  • Strength: 1222
  • Aggrieve bonus: 50
  • Assault bonus: 50
  • Description: This blade features an oval shield instead of a hilt and gets strapped to your upper arm. You might want to be prepared for some highly unfortunate - yet amusing - mishaps that come with learning to use the odd design.
  • Code: 0IG14WW0

Tactical War Blades

  • Abstratus: bladekind, chainkind, knifekind
  • Strength: 2350
  • Aggrieve bonus: 50
  • Aggress bonus: 50
  • Accuse bonus: 100
  • Abjure bonus: 100
  • Abstain bonus: 50
  • Description: Two blades chained together that can switch between the form of a knife and sword during combat, making for excellent combat strategies. Only one with the knowledge and tactical ability of Athena can use them successfully.
  • Code: ?vFZLm!V

Soul Calibur

A legendary holy sword said to be able to change its form. You also swear there's something alive in there, but don't get caught talking to it...

  • Code: A3df0w!N
  • Strength: 1500
  • Abuse +20
  • Accuse +30
  • Abjure +40
  • Abstain +50


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