A strife specibus using birds of any kind (fake, frozen, ect.) to attack foes.

Basic itemsEdit

Advanced ItemsEdit

Pinkfeather PummelerEdit

Now you've finally got something to deal with those pesky flamingo thieves!

  • Code: FzTw!nPT
  • Strength: 17
  • Assault bonus: 3
  • Abuse bonus: 1
  • Abstain penalty: -5
  • Abstratus: Birdkind, Clubkind

Bosscrow Edit

You had to do it, you just had to make this pun a reality. You can fire fake crows at your enemies from this crossbow, though.

  • Code: lke!C4w!
  • Strength: 100
  • Cost: 350 Build Grist, 375 Jet, 375 Obsidian, 325 Tar
  • Code: lke!C4w!
  • Abstratus: Birdkind, Bowkind, Propkind

Electric FlamingoEdit

you mind think that Randomizer Corp is just throwing a battery on anything it can find, you're right. But you'll alchemize this anyways because c'mon, it's a humming electrified flamingo. There are even sparks coming out of its beak!*

  • Code: DvyjpGrL
  • Strength: 275
  • stratus: birdkind

Shining Psychedelic Flamingo Edit

You have no idea why anyone would want something so ridiculous, and yet, you can't stop looking at it.

  • Code: 5e48JG0K
  • Strength: 75
  • Grist: 100 build grist, 35 polychromite, 25 rainbow

Old Crowsword Edit

A blade that vaguely represents a crow, decorated by black feathers, as well as a talon-shaped handle holding a tiny aluminum can.

  • Code: 0aWl84oJ
  • Power: 35
  • Assault: +5
  • Abuse: +5
  • Grist: 35 build grist, 35 amethyst, 35 rust

Bird Slingshot Edit

You're pretty sure the birds are angry about this, but it's just too much fun!

  • Code: l!htRKlV
  • Abstratus: birdkind, toykind
power 57
aggress +6
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