EDIT: This page is outdated and these features no longer exist in the current build of the game!

The Battlefield is a location where the players fight the dersite army and eventually the black king. Reaching it requires beating your Denizen. You'll need to defeat 400,000 power worth of enemies, multiplied by the amount of players in your session, before you can fight the Black King.

HOWEVER, the Black King hasn't been implemented yet in the current version of the game, so right now the Battlefield can only be used as a challenge location to test you and your session mates' abilities.


The enemies of the battlefield are extremely challenging and require the mastery of most of the game's features to beat. None of these enemies drop grist and cannot have their power multiplied by a grist type like regular enemies. Because of their strength, it is recommended that players take down these enemies in groups using assists rather than taking them down alone.

Dersite Pawn (1)Edit

The pawns of Derse's war machine, this little fellow seems completely uninterested in fighting you. Attacking would be rather mean, all things considered, especially since he might play a pivotal role in being rallied against the Dersite leadership by...oh, let's say a Wilful Vanquisher. But yeah, you should probably just leave him alone and try taking out more important and more ruthless targets.

Dersite Rook (50)Edit

A horribly mutated pawn, probably stemming from some of Derse's attempts to use military technology to "induce promotion", whatever that means.

Dersite Arch Deaconstructor (40,000)Edit

A giant mecha vaguely're not entirely sure, but you want to say some sort of holy figure for some reason. It appears to have a huge laser cannon mounted on one arm. You should probably watch out for it.

Dersite Siege Titan (45,000)Edit

A living castle, in effect, the Siege Titan is an immense stone construct. Pawns live and fight in it, peppering you with arrows even as it swings massive arms made of masonry in a macelike manner to make mincemeat of your...mullet? Better mull over that last bit of alliteration some more. But preferably not while you fight it.

Dersite Armonstrosity (50,000)Edit

A giant beast wearing a suit of armor and sporting multiple prototypings. Looks vicious.

Dersite Battleship (100,000)Edit

A massive flying war vessel, well-armed and well-armored. You're not taking this thing on alone, are you?

Royal Dersite Battleship (200,000)Edit

Armed with many weapons of varying purpose and self-repairing infrastructure, the Royal Battleships are used primarily for transporting or protecting royalty. Taking on even one of these behemoths is a monumental task, but since each one is a potent asset in the war AND contains a chest overflowing with riches, it is well worth it.

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