Batonkind is one of the strife specibi available for use in the Overseer Project.

Base Weapons Edit

Conductor's Baton Edit

  • Code: eQalgVk4
  • Description: A conductor's baton, for directing orchestras. Surprisingly sharp.
  • Abstratus: batonkind
  • Base Power: 4
    • -4 assault
    • -2 abjure
    • -4 abstain
  • Cost: 4 Build

Alchemized Weapons Edit

Aperture Science Portal-Conducting Device Edit

  • Code: !wa!gVkN
  • Description: Have you ever been strained to carry both an Aperture Science Hand-held Portal Device and a baton whenever conducting your favorite orchestra? Of course you have, and so we have created the Aperture Science Portal-Conducting Device! With it, you can create portals without missing a beat of the Turret Anthem. 
  • Type/abstratus: batonkind
  • Size: average (20)
  • Base power: 20

Shadow Truncheon Edit

  • Code: W04d08C4
  • Description: No pep squad, or nosy detectives, can beat you as you swing around the power of the shadows themselves.
  • Type/abstratus: batonkind
  • Base power: 44
  • Cost: 260 Build, 240 Tar

John Cage\'s Second Favorite Baton

  • Code: lV!!kV!k
  • Description: Every time you take out this baton and wave it around, something different happens. With maximum amplification, of course.


power 500
aggrieve +25
aggress +18
assail +12
assault +5
abuse +34
accuse +47
abjure +61
abstain +100

Celestial Fulcrum Edit

Code: eR0bZU4K

Grist: 120000 Rainbow, 180000 Diamond, Build Grist

This conductor's baton seems to be made from a miniature, solidified constellation. Waves of the baton are accompanied by orchestral music and bright bursts of flame.

power 5000
abuse +10
accuse +10
abjure +10
abstain +100
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