Ballkind is one of the strife specibi available in the Overseer Project. 

Base ItemsEdit

Pool BallsEdit

A set of 15 billiard balls.

  • Code: ?dw!xTds!
  • Strength: 8

Ball of YarnEdit

This is just an ordinary ball of yarn. Just a boring ball of yarn.

  • Code: L0hqV2E1
  • Strength: 2

Beach BallEdit

A fun item for almost any occasion, the most obvious being the beach.

  • Code: Q6kRAKxs
  • Strength: 3
  • Assail penalty: -3


A brand new baseball you hadn't gotten around to using until just now.

  • Code: mKi30OUN
  • Strength: 2

Item: Bowling BallEdit

This could split a skull as well as it could a pin.

  • Code: a8wwVnRW

Alchemized ItemsEdit

Whiteout Marble Sphere Edit

A palm-sized glass orb with a miniature snowstorm inside it. Oddly enough, you can occasionally make out an icy marble inside said snowstorm.

  • Code: mWrbcWqm
  • Cost: 15 Mist, 16 Quartz, 15 Permafrost
  • Strength: 15
  • Abstain Penalty: -1

Tsundere B-BallEdit

Thought it may appear rather angry and dangerous, this ball is actually quite safe and good for your child.

  • Code: z!zLTzwT
  • Recipe: Basketball || Pointy Anime Shades
  • Cost: 100 Chalk, 100 Obsidian
  • Strength: 50


A sweet ball thing that captures cute creatures and makes them fight to the death for you! It doesn't work on underlings or consorts, thought, so you might not find any use out of it...

  • Code: W4K4912C
  • Recipe: Basketball && Pokemon Pearl version
  • Cost: 10 Chalk, 10 Redstone
  • Strength: 4
  • Aggrieve bonus: 4
  • Abuse bonus: 2
  • Accuse penalty: -3
  • Abjure penalty: -5
  • Abstain penalty: -7


A sparkly, mirrored ball which turns your room into a magical starscape. Dammit, now you want to dance to some ABBA.

  • Code: vzqrTF6l
  • Recipe: Basketball || Mirror
  • Cost: 10 Mercury, 1 Quartz
  • Strength: 18

Big Ball of Cash Edit

  • Code: W8QoQnO0
  • Description: A huge wad of cash formed into a ball. Use it to bludgeon your enemies to death, crush their bones, or have a night out to town with the guys. Your treat, of course. 
  • Type/abstratus: ballkind
  • Size: average (20)
  • Base power: 45
  • Highest active bonus: 4
  • Grants 100% bonus boondollars at the end of a battle.

Inert BallEdit

You tried to put just a little more power into this ball, and now it generates none. It's heavy as hell, though, and there's still a ton of latent energy in the core...

  • Code: GE!a710K
  • Strength: 5111
  • Aggrieve: -50
  • Assail: 35
  • Abuse: 20
  • Accuse: -37
  • Cost: 200000 Diamond, 300000 Iodline, 25000 Mercury, 75000 Titanium

Pyrazor BallEdit

"A razor ball that leaves a trail of flame wherever it is dribbled or thrown. Unfortunately, doing either of those things usually inflicts the wielder with burning cuts."

  • Code: zfStTac1
  • Strength: 165
  • Aggrieve: 14
  • Accuse: -5
  • Abjure: -20
  • Abstain: -80

Omniscient Orb Edit

  • Description: Gazing at this sphere too long gives you a headache. You can feel knowledge flowing from it, but so too do dark whispers. Is gazing into it's opaque and glowing portal worth the risk? Shall you bear the gauntlet of eldritch echoes for the sake of the infinite knowledge that it can offer you? 
  • Code: 0X9e0408 
  • Strength: 150
  • Light affinity: 10%
  • Void affinity: 10%
  • Passively increases luck by 5% when equipped.

Will-o'-the-Wisp Edit

  • A bouncing ball of ghostly blue flames.
  • Code: lP!?h!Tl
  • Strength: 822
  • Assail, Abuse, Accuse, Abjure, Abstain +200
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